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Mozilla Firefox 43 adds support for search suggestions in the address bar, new Block list in Private Browsing and more

Mozilla Firefox 43 adds support for search suggestions in the address bar, new Block list in Private Browsing and more

by AshwinDecember 15, 2015

Mozilla has uploaded version 43 of its popular browser, Firefox, for the masses.

Mozilla Firefox 43
Today, December 15th, marks the release of the new version, according to the company’s calendar schedule.

And these are the changes hidden under the hood.

Search Suggestions in the Address Bar (Awesome Bar):

The Awesome Bar, is actually just a fancy name that Mozilla uses for its Address Bar, aka the URL Bar. It is indeed quite awesome thanks to the fact that it has the ability to allow you to search your history, bookmarks, and also allows you to search the web directly, without visiting a search engine’s homepage. But not everyone are aware of the feature and often end up using the little search box next to the address bar, because of the fact that it offers auto-complete suggestions while you enter a search term.

Now users will find that the Address Bar is equally impressive, as beginning with Firefox 43, the browser will now prompt the user to offer search suggestions from the Awesome Bar. This is indeed an “Awesome” addition.

Blocklist in Private Browsing:

The new mode of PRivate Browsing, called Tracking Protection, which prevents tracking cookies fromads and other web content has been beefed up with an important feature, Block list. Users will be able to select a 2nd block list for improved protection from trackers.

On-Screen Keyboard:

Mozilla’s browser will now display a virtual keyboard when selecting an input field, but only on the devices which run on Windows 8 or above.

Miscellaneous changes:

Version 43 of the browser now has better API support for m4v video playback, the format which was developed by Apple for its iTunes Store for playing movies.

WebRTC streaming is now supported in multiple monitor environments, something which a lot of people use nowadays.

The Big5 Chinese language character coding implemented in the browser, has been improved to better support Hong Kong supplementary characters (HKSCS) on Windows XP machines.

Download Firefox 43:

The new version hasn’t shipped out yet, but it is already available for download. It should be released as an update for Firefox 42 users soon. But if you cannot wait for the update to arrive, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Download Mozilla Firefox 43 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the official FTP servers.

As we have reported previously, Mozilla does offer a 64-bit stable version of Firefox, but it is not featured on the main downloads page. But you can still get the stable version of 64-bit Firefox 43.0, from the above link.