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Mozilla Firefox 64-bit stable version delayed due to NPAPI sandbox bug

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit stable version delayed due to NPAPI sandbox bug

by AshwinAugust 31, 2015

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user with a 64-bit Windows computer, you better brace yourself for some disappointing news.


The browser maker has revealed that the stable version release of Mozilla Firefox 64-bit has been delayed due to NPAPI sandbox bug.
Firefox 64-bit has been a hit-and-miss so far. Mozilla began working on the browser way back in 2010, in Nightly builds. What was thought to be an exciting project soon began collecting dust, before eventually being killed off in 2012.

Two years later, Mozilla surprised users by announcing the return of the 64-bit Firefox. Of course the stable version was not made ready yet, and once again the project continued to evolve through the Nightly Channel, before it made its way to the Beta and Developer channels.

These channels, just like Chrome’s release channels, are not meant for the general public, as they could contain bugs, which could complicate the user’s experience with the browser. So, Firefox users with a 64-bit CPU and Windows version, have had to wait patiently for the more secure version to arrive.

And this moment has been postponed, as reported by Ghacks. This apparently, isn’t the first time Firefox 64-bit has been delayed this year. Mozilla intended to release Firefox 39 with support for 64-bit, but unfortunately it had to defer it to Firefox 41, which was supposed to be released in the fourth week of September (22nd).

But even that has been delayed, as a bug with the NPAPI process sandbox, has been reported in 64-bit Firefox.

This is what the bug tracker reports:

 The sandbox regressions only affect 64-bit Firefox users. We won’t ship 64-bit Firefox until the sandbox works, so we won’t be shipping 64-bit with Firefox 41 anyways.

There is no ETA, as to when Firefox 64-bit will be released.  And what’s worse is that, the bug is marked for a fix only in Firefox 43, which is scheduled to hit the Developer Channel on September 22nd,and the stable version of which, is only expected to roll out in December. This throws the odds against the possibility that Firefox 64-bit will be released this year.

Well, who would have thought Chrome 64-bit was the only browser with sandbox issues. I recently did try Chrome, and gave it a week’s worth of my time, including using it for blogging, and general browsing. But I’m back to Firefox, which has been my goto browser on desktop for the past decade, and on my mobile for the past few years.