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Mozilla posts a video tutorial on how to keep Firefox as the default browser when upgrading to Windows 10

Mozilla posts a video tutorial on how to keep Firefox as the default browser when upgrading to Windows 10

by AshwinSeptember 3, 2015

While Windows 10 has been impressing users since its launch, there are a few minor flaws in the operating system.


Nobody’s perfect! Right? That applies to software to I suppose.

Well, I’m not going to discuss the biggest pain in Windows 10, forced Windows Updates. The issue I’m looking at today, is how Windows 10 may confuse the average user. When a user upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, to the new operating system replaces all existing default apps and replaces them with Microsoft’s list of recommended ones.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing, as an app may not work in Windows 10, and a built in replacement would come in handy. But it does have some major side-effects. Users who aren’t familiar with the operating system, may find it difficult to find how to change the default apps in Windows 10. Of course, we do have a user friendly guide for that right here, which should simplify the task considerably.

The bigger problem, is for app developers, whose apps have been replaced by built-in apps. The developers may lose their users permanently. One such affected party, is none other than the popular browser maker, Mozilla. The CEO of the non-profit organization was furious with how Windows 10 changes the default browser to Microsoft Edge. He wrote an open letter to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, requesting the Redmond Company to not change the default apps when users upgraded to Windows 10, and that by doing so it will allow the user to choose the default browser of his/her choice.

Mozilla is not wrong in demanding Microsoft to make it easier for users to change the default app, as the current method requires the user to navigate through quite a few menus. It wasn’t the case with previous versions of Windows, where users could change default apps easily. And since Microsoft is not paying attention to Mozilla’s plea, the latter has posted a video on YouTube which instructs the user on how to keep Firefox as the default browser when upgrading to Windows 10.

Mozilla sits in an uncomfortable third place behind Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, in the browser wars. And with over 75 Million users who have upgraded to Windows 10, Mozilla is likely to have lost a large chunk of its user base, to the new kid on the block, Microsoft Edge.

Here is the video from Mozilla:

I came across this report at Softpedia, which also says it is unconventional for a browser maker, to go out of its way, to make a video about how to keep the default settings during a Windows 10 upgrade.


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