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Nasa is sending a new spacecraft to Mars, and you can have your name sent to the Red Planet

Nasa is sending a new spacecraft to Mars, and you can have your name sent to the Red Planet

by AshwinAugust 27, 2015


How cool would it be to have your name on a spacecraft, and land it on the Red Planet?


Now that I have got you intrigued, lets see how this is even possible.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency, aka NASA, is going to send a new spacecraft named InSight, to Mars, in March 2016. You can see a depiction of it in the image featured above.

And NASA has announced that similar to the the Orion spacecraft, which was launched last year, the new spacecraft, will also be carrying the names of people from around the world, inside a chip embedded in it.


For example, the Orion spacecraft, has a microchip, which is just 0.8 cm-square, which has 1.3 million names inscribed in it.

Of course standard procedure applies here, you can just send random stuff in as your name, NASA will be reviewing the list of names before it is sent out to space.

Sure it is not going to be like “I was here”, it may take decades for mankind to claim a planet as our home, but still, sending your name on a spacecraft it gives you the feeling, “My name was here”, and that surely is a very special thought. This is not the first time NASA has announced such a promotion, it previously did so with the Mars Science Lab, MAVEN, Mars Exploration Rovers missions.

How to send your name to NASA, for engraving it on the InSight Mars lander

  1. Visit the official Insight send your name page, to submit your name and email address at the New Flyer section.
  2. Click on the “Send my name on InSight” button to submit your application. This entitles you to get Frequent Flyer points.
  3. And you will get your own boarding pass, with a message which reads “Your name will fly on INSIGHT Misson to Mars”.


You can also invite your family members and friends to sign up to send their names to Mars as well. The last  day to register for the InSight’s “Send your name to Mars” campaign is September 8, 2015 (11:59 p.m. ET).

Though NASA will not publish the final list of the names being sent to Mars, it will post a photo of the chip which will be put on InSight, on its official website, which is linked above.

While you are at it, I recommend reading more about the InSight Mars lander at the official website.

Bon Voyage fellow Martian.

Image credits: NASA