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Nero 2016 Classic Review

Nero 2016 Classic Review

by October 1, 2015

Nero 2016 Classic Review.

Nero 2016 Classic is an advanced and all-in-one powerful application which consists of several products that give you a maximum of multimedia capabilities. The program includes a video editor, media organizer and player, excellent software for burning disks, reliable backup tool and a lot of other special tools for enhancing music, videos and photos.

Nero 2016 Classic can be downloaded from the official Nero website. The developer offers an online installer, so you need an active Internet connection to download and install all applications of this media suite.

The installation procedure is somewhat long but after installing the program all advanced multimedia tools will be at your disposal.

Installation 2

Installation 3

The main Features of the Program

Nero 2016 Classic is an all-in-one advanced program which allows you to perform various actions with media files. With the help of this program you can manage and play media files, edit and convert audios and videos, rip and burn disks, create disk covers, back up media content by uploading it to the Nero storage website, listen to more than 90,000 radio stations, search for audios and videos in the Internet, download special mobile apps for Android and iOS, record audio and digitize vinyl records or music tapes.

Nero 2016 classic includes the following applications which are divided into five categories:

Manage and Play- it includes two applications- Nero MediaHome 2016 and Nero MediaBrowser.

Edit and Convert- it includes two applications- Nero Video 2016 and Nero Recode 2016.

Rip and Burn- it includes four applications- Nero Burning ROM 2016, Nero Express 2016, Nero Disk to Device and Nero Cover Designer 2016.

Backup and Rescue- it includes two applications- Nero BackIt UP 2016 and Nero Rescue Agent.

Extras- this category includes Stashimi music recorder, Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and two free Nero tools- Nero Wave Editor and Nero SoundTrax.


Nero MediaHome 2016- this application offers a very convenient and easy way to manage and play all your media files.

With the help of the program you can add photos, videos and music to the library from any device connected to the computer without opening them and searching for their content. The application will do that itself and display it in the window. In addition, you have the possibility to add any external drive to the Media library and get some additional info about it, for example, name, capacity, used capacity, a number of photo, video and music files, and so on.

In the Photos and Videos section you can manage all your photos and videos, i.e. add them to the timeline; switch on a special feature called Faces which allows you to check for faces and automatically add them to the library; share your multimedia files with friends and relatives using Nero SendIt tool, and so on.

Music section of Nero MediaHome 2016 allows you to manage all your audio files; you can sort them out by albums, artists, genres and titles, upload to Nero BackIt UP, etc.

In the Slideshow section you can create slideshows from your photos.

The last section Online Backup allows you to upload multimedia files online using a special application Nero BackIt UP.

Nero MediaHome 2016 is a very useful application; with the help of it you can add media files from the external drives; organize, play and share your videos, photos and music; create amazing slideshows and upload files online.



Slideshow 2

Online Storage

Photos and videos 3

Nero MediaBrowser 2016- with the help of this simple application you can browse for your photos, videos and music on the one hand and add the media content into the application window using drag-and-drop feature on the other hand.

Nero MediaBrowser 2016

Nero Recode 2016 contains tools for recoding disks and converting media files.

Nero Recode 2016 allows you to import DVD disks and convert them to any video format supported by the program on the one hand and to any other devices, for example, tablets, smartphones and video game consoles.

Nero Recode 2016 offers advanced possibilities to convert video, audio and online video files to other formats.

With the help of this application you can convert videos to a lot of different formats, for example, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, etc. on the one hand and convert a video file to audio files, for example, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. on the other hand.

Nero Recode 2016 also supports the conversion to different devices, for example, tablets (iPad, Kindle, Samsung, Sony, and so on), smartphones (HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Windows 8 Phone, and so on), Video game consoles (Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox 360) and Audio players (i.e. iPod classic or touch).

In addition, the program allows you to configure Video Settings (i.e. codec, encoding method, aspect ratio, resolution, frame rate, resizing method and deinterlace) and Encoding Settings (i.e. encoding precision, maximum reference frames, etc.).

Nero Recode 2016 also offers some basic video editing options, for example, you can crop, trim and rotate videos on the one hand and add titles and audio on the other hand.

In the Options menu you have the possibility to configure some General options (for example, media playback, notifications, and so on), Import and Output settings, Profiles, Performance and Disk options.

The program also supports the conversion of audio files; with the help of Nero Recode 2016 you can easily convert from one audio format to another. Among supported formats we can mention AIFF, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, and a lot of others.

In addition, you can also trim audio files by specifying their duration from the start to the end, select the desired output bitrate from 96 to 256 kbit /s, sampling rate, audio channels (mono or stereo) and change volume.

Nero Recode 2016 allows you to convert online videos, too. All you need is to play videos in your web browser to the end and after that it will be available in the program for the conversion to any supported by the program formats.

Main iunterface

Convert Audio Files

Edit Video

Trim Audio

Nero Burning Rom and Nero Express- Nero 2016 Classic, of course, includes a legendary application called Nero Burning Rom. It was and it is still considered the program of high standard. This application is of high use for both advanced and unexperienced users, and respectively it is available in two different modes- Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom.

With the help of the program you can perform the following actions:

It supports any kind of currently available disk types- CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays; it allows you to burn any disk format, namely Data CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks (in UDF and ISO formats, i.e. all types of files, for example, pictures, text documents, audio or video files, etc.), Audio CDs (i.e. music compilation for playing on CD players; the program supports a lot of different audio formats, for example, AIFF, FLAC, AAC, MP3, OGG, WAVE, etc.), Mixed Mode CDs (i.e. data and audio files are created in a single session), CD Extras (i.e. data and audio files are created in two sessions and stored separately), CD and DVD Copy disks (i.e. a source disk is copied to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks), CD-ROM or DVD-ROM bootable disks; CD, DVD or Blu-Ray ISO disks; CD, DVD or Blu-Ray Secure disks (i.e. such kind of disks which can be protected from unauthorized access by setting up a password or entering a digital signature); DVD Video disks (i.e. disks which can be played on video players; the supported file types are BUP, VOB and IFO); AVCHD video disks (i.e. disks which can be played on video or Blu-Ray players) and BDMV Video disks (i.e. disks which can be played on Blu-Ray players).

Among other features of this application, it should be noted the following: you can rip an Audio CD (i.e. extract audio tracks from it), encode audio files (i.e. convert an audio file into another format, for example, AC3, MP3, WAV, etc.), split files and burn them to multiple disks using Nero DiskSpan technology, erase a rewritable disk, etc.

Burning ROM 1

Burning ROM 2

Burning ROM 3

Nero Rip to Device application offers an easy and convenient way to rip Audio CDs and Video disks and with just three clicks of the mouse send the disk content to any device connected to the computer (for example, USB stick), iTunes, your PC or online storage. Everything is very easy; all you need is to insert Audio CD or Video disk, select the destination for exporting all the files (for example, USB flash drive or any computer folder), and, finally, import the content of the disk there.



Nero Cover Designer 2016- you can not only burn any types of disks with the help of Nero Classic 2016 but also create amazing and eye-catching covers for your disks, write descriptions, add fields and notes, and so on.

The program allows you to create a cover from a picture (the following graphic formats are supported- JPG, JPEG, JIF, PBM, PCX, PNG, PPM, TGA, BMP, DIB, WMF and GIF), Nero Media Browser on the one hand or export it from Nero AAC on the other hand. You can also create a new cover using options offered by the program. You have the possibility to select the desired case (for example, DVD, Mini-CD, etc.), Design (for example, Standard and Modern, or create a new template from the scratch).

Using various tools of the program, you can add texts and images, insert lines, rectangles, ellipses, fields, select the desired color, apply hue, saturation and brightness, use Lightscribe for adding notes to the disk, and a lot of others.

CD cover 1

Cd cover 2

Nero BackItUP- this application provides an easy way to back up your photos, videos, music and documents with just three steps.

In the first step the program will search your computer for multimedia files and documents and give you the selection of all files to be backed up; anyway, you have the possibility to select any files for backing up manually by specifying the desired ones.

In the second step you can choose the backup target, i.e. the place where you want to store your files; you have got several options, for example, local drive, external drive, optical disk, network or online storage.

In the third step you should start the backup process; you can start the backup manually or choose one of four options to schedule it, i.e. monthly, weekly, daily or continuously on the one hand and specify some settings, i.e. compression level and encryption.

Back up 1

Back up 2

Back up 3

back up 4

back up 5

Nero RescueAgent- with the help of this application you can recover files from damaged disks and drives. All you need is to select the desired drive or media and specify the Scan level- Fast or Deep. After searching the program will display all found files; just select files to recover and specify the recovery destination and they will be immediately recovered.

rescue Agent 1

rescue Agent 2

Extras- Nero 2016 Classic includes some extra applications; they are as follows:

Stashimi Music Recorder- it is a full-featured and advanced music player which allows you to search for more than 90.000 radio stations and listen your favourite songs, perform a music search in the Internet for artists, albums or songs, download and store found media files on the computer or any external device connected to the computer, for example, mobile phones, smartphones, external hard disks, music players, USB sticks, and so on.


Stashimi 1

Nero Mobile Apps- these free apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Just visit Google Store or App Store, download the application and enjoy p[laying photos, videos and music on your mobile devices.

Nero Wave Editor 2016- with the help of this free application you can record audio with your audio card. Before starting recording you should select a sample rate (for example, 44.100 Hz, 22.050 Hz, etc.) and Bit depth (for example, 8 bit, 32 bit, etc.). After recording the program allows you to edit audio file; you have the possibility to insert an audio file to the recorded audio, convert selected settings, normalize and change volume, add different effects (for example, loudness, low fidelity, and so on) and enhancements (for example, declipper, and so on), etc.


Nero SoundTrax 2016- this application allows you to create your own mix CDs, edit and mix several tracks, transfer your LP or Tape recordings to CDs, record audio, import tracks from audio CDs, etc.



System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

GHz AMD or Intel processor

1 GB of RAM

5 GB of free hard disk space


Nero 2016 Classic is an application for those who want to get the most of multimedia files. It includes practically everything to manage, play, organize and edit music, photos and videos. Thanks to its great features, you have the possibility to organize your media collection, edit your audio and video files, convert videos and audios to different formats, burn CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks, create amazing CD od DVD covers, back up important multimedia files, and so on.


1. All-in-one application for managing any types of multimedia files.
2. You have the possibility to organize, edit, burn, back up your media collection.
And a lot of others.


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