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Nero Burning ROM 2016 Review

Nero Burning ROM 2016 Review

by October 5, 2015

Nero Burning ROM 2016 Review.

What are the first words that come into your mind when you want to burn any types of optical disks; I am more than sure that these words are Nero Burning ROM. I think that nothing strange can be found in this statement because this software application is rightly considered as the high-quality standard for performing any actions with the optical media. With the help of the program you can create perfect CD, DVD or Blu-Ray data disks, Audio CDs, DVD-Videos, and so on.

Nero Burning ROM 2016 is an application which belongs to a must-have software category and it is essential, more than that, extremely necessary for those computer users that want to create and use high-quality and reliable disks.

The program can be downloaded from the official Nero website. It is an online installer; so you need an active Internet connection to download the entire program and install it on the computer.

It should be noted that Nero Burning ROM 2016 is available as a stand-alone application or as a part of Nero 2016 Classic or Nero 2016 Platinum. It is up to you to select which version you need. If you just want to burn and create disks, the stand-alone version is more than enough for you; but if you want to have all great Nero applications in one multimedia suite- Nero 2016 Platinum or Nero 2016 Classic is a good choice.

The Interface of the Program

The interface of the program is available in two different modes- Nero Express and Nero Burning ROM.

The Nero Express mode is of use for novice users because it offers simplified and easy to use options for working with disks. It is divided into two parts- on the left side there is a list of formats for burning disks, namely, Data, Music, Videos and Image, Project, Copy; and on the right side there are options available for each formats, for example, Data CD, DVD-Video, etc.

It is very easy to create and burn a new disk in the Express mode; all you need is to select desired options (for example, Data CD), add files to the project window, and, finally, choose a recorder, name the disk, specify the number of copies, and some others.

Express Mode 1

Nero Express 2

Nero Express 3

The interface of Nero Burning ROM 2016 is more complicate and it offers more options and possibilities.

At the top of the main window there is a Menu Bar which consists of seven buttons with drop-down menus, i.e. File (it includes some common commands for creating a new project, opening an existing one, etc.), Edit (it is used for editing the project, for example, you can copy or cut files, create folders, etc.), View (it includes commands for customizing toolbars, keyboard, menu items, etc.), Recorder (in this menu you can select the desired recorder, copy disk, erase rewritable disk, etc.), Extras (some extra tools are available in this menu, for example, for encoding audio files, etc.), Window (it provides you with options to change the main window of the program, for example, arrange it horizontally or vertically) and Help (it gives you some additional info about the program).

A little below there is a Toolbar which displays some frequently used commands ant tools, for example, Open, Close, Burn, Copy, and so on. The toolbar is highly customizable; you have the possibility to remove some unnecessary options, or, on the contrary, add new ones.

The main window of the program is divided into two parts- Disc Content (it includes all files selected by you for burning them to the disk) and File Browser (with the help of it you can select files and folders and add them to the project).

Nero Burning Interface

The Main Features of the Program

Nero Burning ROM 2016 supports all currently available optical disks; with the help of the program you can burn the following disk types- CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R DL, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL, BD-R TL, BD-RE TL, BD-R QL, BD-RE QL.

With the help of the program you can create UDF (i.e. Universal Disk Format) CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks, Audio CD, Mixed Mode CD, CD Extra, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disk copy, CD and DVD boot disks, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray ISO disks, CD and DVD UDF / ISO disks, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray secure disk, DVD and Blu-Ray video disks, AVCHD DVD and Blu-Ray video disks.

CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray UDF and ISO disks- Nero Burning ROM 2016 allows you to burn CD, DVD or Blu-Ray data disks in UDF (short for Universal Disk Format) and ISO file formats, i.e. disks which contain all types of files, for example, audios, videos, photos, documents, and so on. It is very easy to create a new data disk; all you need is to add all desired files to be burnt using a drag-and-drop method and then specify some burning settings.

The program offers a lot of various options which are conveniently sorted out into several tabs, namely,

Info (in this tab you can get thorough info about user data to be written, space needed for directory information, total data to be written, and so on).

Info Tab

Multisession (this feature of the program is very useful because it gives you the opportunity to add some data to the disk later if the files to be burnt are smaller than the size of the disk; so, in other words, the valuable disk space will not be wasted in vain and you will be able to continue the multisession disk at any time).

Multisession Tab

Nero DiscSpan (this is another great feature of the program because it allows you to split files and burn them to multiple disks. It is very useful when your files exceed the disk space and they cannot be burnt to a single disk. Nero Burning ROM 2016 offers three options, i.e. you can manually define the desired split size; simply burn the files without splitting and rearranging to multiple disks- the program will arrange the files by itself according to their size; and, finally, enable SmartFit feature- I.e. the program will arrange all files dynamically among several disks in order to minimize the amount of required disks. All files will be automatically merged again with the help of created file catalog).

DiscSpan Tab

Autorun (in this tab you can specify autorun options by specifying the autorun file and icon file).

UDF (the program allows you to specify file system options; you can select recommended automatic settings or manually set up UDF partition type, for example, physical, virtual or sparable partition; and File System Version, for example, UDF 1.02, UDF 2.60, and so on; in addition, you can also enable Xbox compability mode),

Label (in this tab you have the possibility to name a disk on the one hand and add date and counter on the other hand).

Dates- here you can define the volume creation and modification date and time, and so on.

Burn- this is the last step in the data disk creation; here you can add some additional burning parameters, for example, disk finalization, write speed and method, and some others.

Burn Tab

Audio CD- if you are a music lover, you can take full advantage of this feature of Nero Burning ROM 2016. The program allows you to burn Audio CDs which can be played on any CD player. After adding music files to the Disk Content window, the program will display the title of each track, their duration, pause between the tracks, filters, etc. You have the possibility to play, edit and change some properties before burning the disk, for example, you can edit the track using free Nero application- Nero Wave Editor (it is available on the official Nero website), apply some audio track properties, for example, different filters (fade in, fade out, karaoke, and so on), normalization methods, etc.

In the Settings window which is divided into four tabs, you can get info about the number of tracks and the size and duration of the disk, specify some additional options, for example, add the title and artist, write copyright info, the date of compilation and comments, and so on.

Audio CD tab

Audio Track Properties 1

Audio Track Properties 2

Mixed Mode CD and CD Extra- these two burning modes allow you to burn data and audio to one disk, i.e. create such a disk which contains both audio and data files. Mixed mode contains the data and audio files in one session while CD Extra contains audio files in the first session and the data files in the second one. The settings are identical for both compilations, i.e. you have the possibility to specify data mode (for example, mode 1 or mode 2/XA), file system (you have got three options- ISO 9660 only, ISO 9660 + Joliet or ISO 9660 : 1999). In addition, you can add data and counter, define some options, for example, read speed, write speed, and so on.

Mixed Mode 1

Mixed Mode 2

CD, DVD or Blu-Ray Copy- very often it is necessary for you to copy one disk to another. Of course, you can simply copy the disk contents, transfer to the computer hard drive and then burn to the new disk. But this process is too boring and time-consuming. With the help of Nero Burning ROM 2016 you have the possibility to simplify the copying process and make it as easy as possible.

The program offers two different methods for copying the disk- On the fly and Copy over image. The first method is of use for those who have got more than one optical drives and it allows them to copy and record disks simultaneously without saving an image to the hard drive. The second method is designed for those who have got only one optical drive. The source disk contents will be saved as an image file NRG (the default image format of the program) in the temporary folder and then after inserting a new blank disk into the recorder will be burnt.

Nero Burning ROM 2016 allows you to define some additional options before copying the disk, i.e. you can specify the desired read speed (the program offers five options- maximum, 48x, 32x, 16x and 4x) and make a selection for the disk profile (i.e. user defined, data CD, audio CD, data DVD, DVD-Video, etc.).

In addition, you have the possibility to determine maximum speed, finalize the disk, verify the written data and enable SecureDisc Surface Scan on the one hand and specify some writing settings (i.e. write speed- 48x, etc., write method- disc/session-at-once or disc-at-once/96) on the other hand.

Disk Copy 1

Disk Copy 2

CD-ROM and DVD-ROM-Boot- it is very important to have a bootable disk at hand in the event of the system crash when the operating system and the hard drive is not accessible because you will be able to boot the system and repair it. With the help of Nero Burning ROM 2016 you can create such kind of disks, i.e. bootable CD or DVD disk. All you need is to browse for bootable image file, specify boot locale language, emulation type (for example, floppy emulation, hard drive emulation, etc.), autorun and icon file and file system, etc.

DVD-Video, AVCHD Video, BDMV-Video- Nero Burning ROM 2016 allows you to create amazing video disks which can be played on DVD or Blu-ray players from prepared audio and video TS folders.

CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray SecureDisc- you want to burn sensitive and confidential info on the disk and you do not know how to protect it from unauthorized access and use? Do not worry! You can easily do that using a special Nero feature called SecureDisc. With the help of this tool you have the possibility to protect your disk with a strong password or digital signature.

Extras- Nero Burning ROM 2016 includes some extra tools; they are as follows:

Encode Files- – it allows you to convert audio files from one format to another, for instance, MP3 to WMA, etc. Encoding process is very fast and easy.

Encode Files 1

Save Audio Tracks to Hard Drive- i.e. extract audio tracks from audio CD. Simply insert CD into the CD or DVD drive, Nero will automatically detect the contents of CD and give you detailed information about title, artist, length and copy status. You have got the opportunity to listen to tracks with the help of built-in audio player, name an album, select genre and add cover to the album (all popular image files are supported). Additionally the program allows you to configure some output options- Output directory and Playlist Format, i.e. the format for storing audio playlist (M3U, M3U8 or PLS), select output file format (WAV, MP3, etc.) and audio quality (from 64 through 320 kbps). Extracting process is very fast. The program extracted twelve tracks from my audio CD in less than three minutes. You can also save data tracks and even view them.

Erase rewritable disk- use your rewritable disks as many times as you wish. Nero will help you to erase all the data from it quickly and safely. The program offers two erasing methods- Quick and Full erase. Additionally you can specify erase speed.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

2 GHz AMD or Intel processor

1 GB of RAM

500 MB of free hard disk space.


Nero Burning ROM 2016 is one of the most popular and best programs for recording any types of optical disk. But the main advantage of the program is that it is not just a simple application for burning disks; its capabilities are much more. It includes a wide variety of different features and tools that can satisfy all the needs of even the choosiest computer users.

With the help of the program you have the possibility to split large files to multiple disks using Nero DiscSpan technology, create multisession disks, protect disk with a password or digital signature, copy audio tracks from audio CDs and convert audio files, and a lot of others.

Nero Burning ROM 2016 is a real burning machine which will never fail you. It always will be at your disposal when you will need its assistance.


1. It supports all types of optical disks- CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays.
2. It allows you to create different disks- data disks, audio CDs, DVD videos, etc.
3. It offers a lot of different settings and tools.



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