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Nero Video 2016 Review

Nero Video 2016 Review

by October 21, 2015

Nero Video 2016 Review.

Until recently, the advanced video editing was largely the personal privilege of professionals. Fortunately, today the situation has changed significantly; now nearly everyone has got video cameras and they can perform both simple and advanced editing of videos and create real video masterpieces thanks to a wide choice of cheap and easy to use video editors. Currently the video software market abounds with various high-quality video editor programs; so any user, whether an amateur or a professional can choose the most suitable program for himself. One of those programs is Nero Video 2016.

Nero Video 2016 is a full-featured video editor which can satisfy the needs of both home users and professionals. The program provides you with a wide variety of advanced video editing tools and allows you to edit any video file.

You can download the program from the official Nero website; it is available as a standalone application or as a part of Nero 2016 Classic and Platinum. You can test all amazing features of Nero Video 2016 for 15 days. It is fully functional during this period.

Nero Video 2016 opens with a Home window which is divided into several sections. At the top of the program there is a Header bar which includes three buttons with drop-down menus- Tools (it contains various tools for erasing disks, making covers and labels, etc.), Options (in this menu you can specify some application settings and recording format options) and Help (it provides you with info and tutorials and allows you to download additional content from the Nero website).

The main window is divided into three sections- a Drag and Drop section (it allows you to add files to the program for editing, exporting and burning), a Selection area and a List of recently used projects.

The Selection area is divided into three parts- Capture and Import (it allows you to import videos from cameras, computer, etc., capture videos from cameras or TV and record video to disk); Edit and Export File (it allows you to make slideshows and movies or open video projects) and create Disk (it allows you to create DVD or Blu-Ray disks or save the created projects).

Interface 1

At the first glance the interface of Nero Video 2016 is very familiar for those computer users who have worked previously with similar video editors. It has got everything you need for editing video projects and includes a lot of different tools.

The main interface includes a Preview area on the upper left part of the screen (it is used for viewing imported or captured videos) and a Media area and Effect palettes on the upper right side of the interface (it displays different videos and pictures added to the program on the one hand and various effects which can be applied to the edited videos.

In the center there is a Toolbar which separates the Media area and the Timeline. The toolbar contains different editing tools, namely, Nero Rhythm snap, Nero PiP (i.e. Picture in Picture tool), Themes, Fit music, Record audio, duration and Movie Detection.

On the lower part of Nero Video 2016 there is a timeline which allows you to perform the main operations with the videos, i.e. you can add music, narration, different effects, and so on.

Interface 2

It is very easy to work with the program thanks to the intuitive working environment. All you need is to capture or import files, edit or export files and create a disk.

Capture and Import- the first step you need to start editing videos is file importing from different devices. Nero Video 2016 allows you to import files from the local computer, Nero media browser (a free Nero application for organizing your videos, photos and audios; you can download it from the Nero official website), optical disks, cameras, hard drives and from standard TWAIN interfaces such as scanners or digital cameras. In addition, you can also import Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Nero Video 2016 also can capture videos from digital cameras or TV on the one hand and record the created videos directly to disk (all you need is to insert a blank disk into your optical drive) on the other hand. During the capture you can specify Capture templates (i.e. AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4), Profiles (i.e. DVD-Video compatible, Blu-Ray compatible, and so on).

Before starting a new video project you have the possibility to specify editing and saving settings, i.e. the duration of picture, text or master effects and video and audio transitions; default paths for temporary files and imported video files and desired formats for pictures, for example, PNG, BMP, and so on.

Application Settings

Application Settings 2

Nero Video 2016 also allows you to configure recording format options for Super video CD, DVD video, Blu-Ray video, and so on. You can specify Video mode (i.e. PAL or NTSC), Smart encoding, video format (for example, MPEG-2), Aspect ratio (automatic, 4:3 or 16:9), Sample format (for example, progressive or interlace), Quality settings (for example, long play, high quality, etc.), and so on.

Recording Format options

Edit and Export File- it goes without saying that this step is the most important in the program because it allows you to edit captured and imported files on the one hand and then export them on the other hand. With the help of Nero Video 2016 you can create stunning video slideshows or movies using two different editing modes- Express or Advanced. Both modes offer similar functions, but the Express mode is suitable for unexperienced users who have never edited videos before because it provides them with more convenient interface and tools. The Advanced mode is specially created and designed for experienced users who know how to work with videos.

In addition, you have the possibility to open Windows live movie maker project and effectively edit it using the most advanced and powerful functions of Nero Video 2016.

Before starting a new video project you can configure some movie options, namely, Resolution (for example, TV widescreen, HD TV, Full HD, and so on), Frame rate (PAL or NTSC) and Audio channel (i.e. mono, stereo or surround 5.1.)

Movie options

With the help of Nero Video 2016 you can create amazing video slideshows (the program supports all popular graphic formats- BMP, DIB, GIF, ICO, JFIF, JPEG, JPG, JPE, PCX, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, TIF, WMF and PBM). Nero Video 2016 allows you to add various Video effects to the slideshow (for example, blur, brightness, old film, and so on; the program includes a lot of different effects; after applying the desired video effect, you can specify Scale (for example, fit to screen, original size, etc.; rotate the image 45, 90 and 180 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise and adjust the desired length and duration); Audio effects (for example, Bass, Reverb, Treble, and so on); Text effects (the program contains a lot of text effects to select and use, for example, Blur, Dance, Rotation, etc.; after applying the text effect, you can select the desired font, letter size and style, shadow and color), Transition effects (for example, arrow wave, gradient, blur, and a lot of others; Nero Video 2016 allows you to set the desired transition duration in seconds) and different color Backgrounds.

Video effects

Audio Effects 1

Text Effects 1

Text effects 2

Backgrounds 1

With the help of Nero Video 2016 you can also add music to your slideshow project, automatically adjust to music rhythm using Nero Rhythm Snap, use so called Picture in Picture effects and different themes, fit music to slideshow project and record audio by selecting the desired audio device and audio compressor.

Picture in Picture effects

Record audio

In addition you can download tons of different effects from the Nero official website and use them.

As for movies, you have the possibility to use various video, text, audio effects add transitions and backgrounds and take full advantage of all those tools which are available for creating slideshows.

After creating video slideshows and movies, you can export your projects. Nero Video 2016 allows you to export the project as a File (i.e. for playback on your computer; you can select the desired format, for example, flash video, AVC, etc., and profile, for example, portable device, DVD quality, etc. If you want to apply the more advanced setting, just click on the Configure button; in the opened window, you have the possibility to configure aspect ratio, frame rate, sample format, bitrate, encoding method, video and audio format); as Audio file (i.e. you can export an audio track only; just specify the desired audio format- WAV, WMA or OGG, audio channel, frequency and bits per sample); export the project directly to digital camera; upload to Web or send it by email as an attachment (by specifying the size and format).

Export 1

Export 2

Create Disk- after completing your projects you can create a disk and record your created didoes to it. Nero Video 2016 allows you to record to DVDs and miniDVDS, Blu-Rays, CDs on the one hand or transfer them to the hard drive folder, memory stick or SD card.

Nero Video 2016 allows you to add chapters or cut videos while creating the disk; use templates and menus, etc.

You have the possibility to customize your disks by adding background intro video, audio or transitions; thumbnail, text-only or navigation buttons; objects or clip arts and applying some disk settings, for example, title menu, number of guides, and so on.

After completing all settings, you can burn the create project to the selected disk type and enjoy stunning videos and slideshows.

Customize 1

Customize 2

Customize 3

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

2 GHz AMD or Intel processor

1 GB of RAM

500 MB of free hard disk space.


Nero Video 2016 is a professional video editor application designed for capturing, editing and recording movies and slideshows. The program is intended for those computer users who want to create from your home-made videos real masterpieces. Fortunately, Nero Video 2016 includes everything what is needed for achieving these goals. Thanks to a lot of advanced features, you have the possibility, to import videos from any device, capture videos from cameras, add various effects and create high-quality disks.


1. Video editing by using multiple tracks.
2. Different amazing effects and transitions for enhancing video projects.
3. User-friendly interface which is suitable for both unexperienced and advanced users.
4. The possibility to create disks with menus, buttons, etc.
5. And a number of other capabilities and features.


It requires a lot of computer resources

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