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$419 OFF Nessus Professional Discount Coupon

$419 OFF Nessus Professional Discount Coupon

by FileCriticJune 18, 2019

Up to $419 OFF Tenable Nessus Professional Coupons & Promo Codes.

Securing your business from digital threats is vital these days. The number of malware attacks that we come across is truly astonishing. All it takes for a data collapse is a single phishing mail, and you wouldn’t believe how many professionals have fallen victims to it.

We recommend using Nessus Professional, because of the proven security and the ability to tailor the system to match your needs. You can try Nessus for free for 7 days, before you arrive at a conclusion on whether to buy it or not.

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Let’s tell you why you should upgrade to the Pro version. And hopefully our Nessus Professional Coupon will be of use to you. Most systems including workstations are vulnerable to many issues. Some of these are usually patched as soon as they are discovered, while others are patched over time. It really depends on what kind of issue it is, how severe it is, and how common it is.

While we wait for a security patch to arrive, hackers, malware, and other threats don’t wait for it. They exploit it as soon as it is discovered, so they can cause damage or steal data or make profit out of someone’s misery.

The wiser thing to do, would be to plug down the vulnerabilities. It is better to disable some system level features or services, than having them prone to attacks. I’m sure you would agree with that.

Tenable Nessus Professional is a tool, which can be used to discover whether the terminals on your network are secure. More importantly it checks for vulnerabilities, and pin-points them for your scrutiny.

It has an easy to use interface for the dashboard, and it is rich with customizations. Nessus offers over 450 templates for you to choose from, and you can select any of those that you think is best suited to your environment. You can also edit any option in the scan any time, to accommodate for some changes.

The grouped view allows you to address the issues that are critical. This works with scans where all similar vulnerabilities are displayed. You can use the handy search filter, to quickly pull up a specific report.

Nessus offers live results after every plugin update, which allows it to scan for vulnerabilities even when you are offline. This is done automatically, with no need for human intervention. It uses data which it has already gathered, to accelerate the speed of the scans. You should set up scans at frequent intervals, to avoid exposing your machines to vulnerabilities.

The Live Scan option can even tell you the scan results, even before you have chosen to run it. This is kind of like a preview of any issues that are present. A scan result will also include the name of the scan, its status, policy, type of scanner and the timestamp to show when the scan was run. A pie chart is displayed with a legend alongside, for a graphical representation of the scan results. It allows you to quickly understand how many vulnerabilities there are, and whether if any of them need your immediate attention.

All of these high-quality features are available to you at a very affordable price, thanks to our Nessus Promo Code. You can create your own policies with Nessus, and specifiy rules for the plugins, to make your scans as efficient as possible.

The Advanced Scan option allows you to customize the scans to suit your preferences. If you want to modify the scans and templates, you can do so easily right from the main screen. Each template and setting can be assigned a name, a description, and custom targets, for example: a specific machine in the network. And you can optionally use Nessus Professional to create branded reports in a variety of formats.

Nessus has dedicated scan templates for critical vulnerabilities which are wide-spread such as Spectre and Meltdown. So, you can use it to instantly find which of your systems in your network are impacted, and take the necessary action.

Tenable Nessus Professional has a detailed report system, which labels each issue that has been discovered by the scanner, according to the severity of the issue. For instance, the most important issues have a red label which reads, Critical. This is to serve as an indication of the priority level of the issue. If different issues have been discovered, and they all differ in terms of the levels of priority, you will see a mixed set of labels, else all will have the same type of label.

Speaking of scans, you can set one to run on a specific schedule, at a time and date of your choosing. Vulnerabilities discovered by a scan, can be optionally snoozed if required, so it isn’t reported again by a scan. You can define how long a vulnerability is to be snoozed. This can be especially useful, if you want to skip some of the low level vulnerabilities, and focus only on the important ones that needs to be addressed at the moment.

You can set up Nessus Professional to even scan mobile devices using Microsoft Exchange, MDM, for vulnerabilities. Is your business required to be audited externally by PCI standards? Nessus lets you create quarterly PCI scans easily.

The scan history option in Nessus Pro is a very useful tool, which lets you check the time when the previous scan was run, and the time that has passed since the previous scan and the most recent one.

Reports from the completed scans can be saved into the format that you choose, for example, HTML or CSV, which can be used by your IT team for analysis. You can set the reports to be automatically delivered to specific addresses, when a scan has been completed.

You can choose between a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year license. The longer the license term is, the bigger the savings will be.

Our Nessus Professional discount can’t be matched by others. So, rest assured, you’re getting the best deal here.