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Netflix releases Universal App for Windows 10 with a new UI, Live Tiles and more

Netflix releases Universal App for Windows 10 with a new UI, Live Tiles and more

by AshwinDecember 16, 2015

Netflix has released a Universal App for Windows 10.

Netflix Universal App for Windows 10

The reasoning behind the launch isn’t remotely surprising.

The video streaming service is incredibly popular in the Countries it is available in, thanks to the plethora of TV Shows, Movies it offers. The company’s library includes collections from yesteryear including classic films, and older TV soaps and sitcoms.

Naturally, when Netflix released its app for Windows 10, it became one of the most downloaded apps on the Windows Store.

The new update to the Netflix app focuses on Windows 10 centric features, like the option to pin the app to the Start Menu or the Task bar, support for Live Tiles which includes notifications as well.

The app has gained a very useful ability, in that it now users to scroll vertically through the categories. And because Netflix has large thumbnail posters for each listing, each one eats a chunk of screen space, making this move a welcome one. You can scroll through items in a category horizontally.

The app’s new Details view has cinematic artwork for the content of each listing. This allows the user to view details about the show including information about episodes, while the details view for movies shows other relevant content.

It also enables support for Cortana searching, which can now let you serach for movies or shows, and this includes support for Voice Commands.

The app’s Universal functions include auto optimizing according to the size of the screen of the device it is running on. Touch input devices will find that the app includes gesture scrolling support, while regular PC users can navigate through the content using the onscreen navigation arrow buttons, with a mouse. Trackpads also support gestures for navigating through the app.

Download the new Netflix Universal app for Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

Netflix is what YouTube should have been, and it is in fact what YouTube is trying to be and compete with. The recent introduction of YouTube Red, the first premium subscription from Google is a clear indication of the move.

Windows Store popularity rising thanks to Windows 10:

On a sidenote, Microsoft says its Windows Store Reaches 2.5 Billion Visits, since the new operating system was launched. Those are big numbers, but the Redmond company did not reveal how many visits/day. Instead it says that 75% of users bought their first app during this year’s Black Friday promotions, when the company hosted sales for apps,games and music albums for just 10 cents each.