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Nitro PDF Pro 9 Review

Nitro PDF Pro 9 Review

by January 22, 2015

Nitro PDF Pro 9 Review

PDF (Portable Document format) is very popular nowadays. It is used almost everywhere, for example, creating technical documentation or legal documents and more. The range of use is so wide that it is basically a requirement for most users to have an application for reading and editing PDF documents. There are plenty of PDF programs, free and paid, on the software market that offer a wide range of different tools. Nitro PDF Pro 9 is one of them. This program literally amazes with an abundance of capabilities. It includes a huge range of tools from simple PDF viewing to comprehensive and thorough editing.

The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The system requirements are as follows:

1. Windows XP- Windows 8/8.1

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later

3. Intel Pentium 4 processor or newer

4. 512 MB of RAM

5. 200 MB of hard disk space for the program installation.

Currently it supports nine languages- English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Brazilian and Portuguese. Nitro PDF Pro costs $139 but you may use the trial for two weeks as a fully functional version during this period.

The program has a so-called ribbon interface, i.e. all functions are grouped into tabs for easy and quick access. It consists of seven ribbon tabs: Home, Edit, Review, Forms, Protect, Cloud and Help.

Home– This tab is divided into four groups: 1. View (includes basic tools for page viewing)-a) Hand tool (it allows you to scroll the pages up and down), b) Zoom tool (it allows you to increase or decrease the scale of the page from 25% to 1600%), c) Fit Width tool– (it allows you to view the page by maximizing its width), d) Fit Page tool (it allows you to view the whole page), e) Rotate View tool (it allows you to rotate the PDF page by up to 90%); Additionally, in the lower right side of the program, you can find six view modes. With the help of these view modes you can easily change the display options. The program offers the following view modes- 1. Single Page (it allows you to view only the current page of the PDF document), 2. Continuous (it allows you to scroll pages continuously in a row), 3. Facing Pages (it allows you to view two pages at the same time), 4. Continuous Facing (it allows you to scroll two pages simultaneously in a continuous row), 5. Full Screen (it allows you to view a page in a full screen), 6. Full Screen Facing (it is the same as Full Screen view but you can view two pages at the same time).  In the Preferences Menu you can configure the default page view and zoom.  2. Tools– It consists of six tools: Select tool (it helps you to select text and graphics in the PDF document and then perform various operations- copy, highlight, underline, cross out, replace the text, add notes and bookmarks to the text, create links or take a snapshot and copy it to the clipboard as an image); Type Text tool (it allows you to add text to the PDF document or fill in various form fields); Quick Sign tool (it allows you to secure PDF with a digital signature.) Nitro PDF Pro offers three different methods of creating signatures- 1. From Webcam- just capture it using your webcam-, 2. Handwritten- Type the desired name in the offered field; Nitro will automatically create a handwritten signature-, and from File- Browse for the desired image file and use it as your signature. The program supports all popular formats- BMP (Bitmap Picture), JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group), JPEG and PNG (Portable Network Graphics). You can even use your smartphone and scanner for capturing signatures. Additionally you can protect your signature with a password). Request Signature tool (this service is only available for registered users. With the help of this tool you can upload PDF documents to the Nitro Cloud service and request signatures from the other users); Share tool (share your documents with others via the Nitro Cloud service); Collaborate tool (exchange your documents with others via the Nitro Cloud). The last three tools are of use only for business clients. 3. The Create Tool consists of two tools- PDF (create PDF documents from more than three hundred file formats; create directly from a file, scanners or even the clipboard. In addition Nitro PDF installs a special ‘virtual printer’ which helps you to convert, for example, a webpage into a PDF, etc.) and Combine (merge multiple files into one and save it as a single PDF).  Convert tool– This tool allows you to convert PDF documents to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point); all versions from Microsoft Office 2003 up to 2013 are supported. Nitro Pro integrates itself into Microsoft Outlook. With the help of a special plugin you can easily convert your emails into a PDF. Additionally the program installs add-ons into Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can then manage and create PDF documents directly within these programs. With the help of Nitro PDF Pro you can also convert PDF files into images or extract them from an existing PDF. Supported image files are PNG, BMP, JPEG and TIFF, RTF (i.e. Rich Text Format) and Plain text. You can even perform batch conversion, i.e. convert multiple files at the same time. Unfortunately Nitro PDF does not support conversion of eBooks, for example, ePUB or Mobi. I hope that the developer will add this function to the program soon.


PDF Creation







Edit– This tab is divided into four groups- 1)Text and Images which includes three tools- Edit (it allows you to select text and images and then edit them), OCR (i.e. Optical Character Recognition; it makes text searchable and editable and prepares your document for conversion to Word or Excel) and Add Image (it adds images to the text from file or clipboard). The program offers various tools for text and image editing. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the selected image (change color; replace, extract, flip, rotate and crop, etc.); align text vertically or horizontally, on the left or right, etc. You may also choose the size (height and width), decrease or increase spacing, etc. 2. Pages– This tool allows you to perform various operations with PDF pages- insert, delete, extract, replace, split and rotate pages. 3. Page Marks– Here you can add a header or footer, page number and add watermarks to the text. The program offers a great number of advanced editing tools; you can change font, size and color, adjust layouts, etc. 4. Navigation allows you to add bookmarks and links to the text.




Review– This tab is divided into four groups- Annotations, Online, Comments and Advanced. 1. Annotations– In this group you can add notes to the text; highlight, cross-out and underline the text; draw various shapes (arrow, rectangle, oval, polygon, etc.); draw or erase freehand shapes using special tools- pencil and pencil eraser; choose between and add different stamps offered by Nitro PDF or create your own; measure distances in the document and attach files. Online– This tool has already been described above, so I will pass over it here. 3. Comments– The program allows you to summarize all your comments which can then be viewed together with the document content. In the settings you can configure some general settings, i.e. change font, text size, page margins, width and height. You are able to export, import or hide the comments and edit information concerning your identity. 4. Advanced contains two useful tools- Compare (with the help of it you can compare two PDF documents at the same time and view differences between them) and Whiteout which allows you permanently remove information from the PDF document.


Forms– This tab is divided into four groups- Fields, Setup, Form Data and Grid. They include a variety of extra tools that facilitate navigation and presentation of the PDF document, namely, Text Field (it adds a text box to the PDF document for adding information); Checkbox (is used to add checkboxes to the PDF document in the specified areas of the PDF form. You may create multiple checkboxes if it is required for several items); Barcode Field (this tool is used for creating barcodes, i.e. it converts input data into a visual pattern); Radio Button (it is used to add radio buttons to PDF). Combo Box (or drop down menu. The PDF document displays only one item in the list but after clicking on it the user sees the entire list); List Box (in contrast with Combo Box this list is displayed in full); Button (it is used to add interactive elements, i.e. buttons to the PDF document); Digital Signature (it is used to create a field for a digital signature). It is worth mentioning that the program supports adding JavaScript to the PDF page.


The fifth tab “Protect” provides various tools for enabling PDF security. You can protect your documents with a password (i.e. restrict access and permissions, for example, printing, copying and editing the PDF document) or add certificate security (i.e. display certificate). You can also encrypt the PDF. The program offers three different security algorithms- 128 bit AES, 256 bit AES and 128 bit ARC 4. In addition you can also secure documents with a digital ID and signature.



Password security

The sixth tab “Cloud” is devoted to the Nitro Cloud service. You can upload your PDF files and share them with other users. Nitro offers three different plans- Basic (it is free but you can only upload five documents monthly), Premium (it costs $15 a month) and Business (only for business clients).


The last tab, “Help,” includes information about Nitro PDF, a link to the Knowledge base and User Guide for the program.




1. Conversion into more than 300 file types
2. Batch mode for conversion to PDF
3. Text and image editing including fonts, colors, size, etc.
4. PDF editing- insert, delete, rotate, crop, etc.
5. Creation of bookmarks and links
And many others


The program does not support PDF conversion from eBooks

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As a matter of fact, Nitro PDF Pro is an advanced program with rich functionality which provides a variety of useful tools. It is a good alternative to Adobe PDF and it is really worth the price.

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