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Nitro Pro 10 Review

Nitro Pro 10 Review

by August 31, 2015

Nitro Pro 10 Review.

PDF files are rightly considered as the most popular and generally used electronic document format in the digital world. That is why, nearly everybody has got a program for viewing PDF documents.

If you need a versatile program which is packed out with a lot of advanced features, it is recommended for you to pay attention to Nitro PDF Pro 10.

With the help of this program you can do practically anything; it allows you to convert any files to PDF, create PDFs from more than 300 file formats, edit text, fill out forms, protect PDFs with a strong password, and so on. Simply saying, it includes a huge range of tools from simple PDF viewing to comprehensive and thorough editing.

Download and Installation

You can download the program from the official Nitro website; it is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions (they are 76 and 96 MB respectively). Nitro PDF Pro 10 is multilingual and currently supports about ten languages including English, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

The trial version is fully functional and it can be tested for two weeks without any restrictions and limitations.

The installation procedure of the program is very easy and takes seconds to complete; all you need is to accept the terms of the license agreement and select your preferred options to install (for example, install Nitro plugin for Internet Explorer or Nitro toolbar for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

The interface of the program has not changed much as compared with the previous version 9; it is still of high quality and easy to use and for convenience’s sake all icons are provided with tooltips. As before, all features and tools are conveniently divided and grouped into tabs; so it is very easy to navigate. For example, if you want to edit any PDF document, you should open Edit Tab and find appropriate tools to make some changes, etc.

At the top of the program there is a Quick Access Toolbar which by default offers the most frequently used commands, such as open, save, print, etc., but Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to customize the toolbar, i.e. you have the possibility to remove all unnecessary commands and add those ones which you use more frequently than others.

A little below there is a File Menu drop-down button for accessing common and frequent commands, for example, for creating or opening PDF documents, attaching or optimizing files, etc., and seven different tabs for performing various actions with PDF files. They are as follows:

Home– it is divided into four categories- View (it contains tools for adjusting some viewing parameters to the text, for example, you can zoom or rotate page, maximize fit width, etc.), Tools (it includes tools for copying text and graphics from PDF, adding text to the document, etc., Create (in this category are collected tools for creating or combining PDF documents from different file types), Convert (the program allows you to convert PDF files to fully editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the one hand and to images, rich and plain texts on the other hand).

Home Tab

Edit– this tab is divided into four categories and contains tools for editing PDF documents- Text and Images (it allows you to edit text, images and scanned documents), Pages (it contains different tools for inserting, deleting, cropping and rotating pages), Page Marks (with the help of this section you can add headers and footers, insert page numbers and apply watermarks to PDFs) and Navigation (it lets you add bookmarks and links to PDF documents).

Edit Tab

Review tab is also divided into four categories- Comment (in this section you have the possibility to add notes, annotate the text, use different predefined shapes, attach files to the PDF document, and so on), Comments (it contains tools for importing and exporting comments to or from the document, etc.), Online (this tool is used to share PDF documents with others via online Nitro cloud service) and Advanced (it includes some advanced and very useful tools for comparing two documents and view the differences between them, removing information from the document and automatic levelling scanned images).

Review Tab

Forms– this tab is divided into four categories- Fields (for editing different types of form and text fields, creating radio buttons, etc.), Setup (for adding and modifying JavaScript, etc.), Form Data (it is used to import data into the document or, on the contrary, export data from it) and Grid (for displaying a customizable grid in order to align any object in the document).

Forms Tab

Protect includes four different categories- Reduction (it allows you to find, mark or remove sensitive info from the document), Secure Document (with the help of this section you have the possibility to protect PDF files with passwords or certificate), Digital IDs (it is used for applying digital IDs to the document) and Signatures (for applying digital signatures to the PDF file).


Protect Tab 1


Cloud includes three categories- Workflow (it contains tools for sharing documents via Nitro cloud service), Account (it allows you to manage your Nitro account).


Cloud Tab 2


Help– it provides you with some additional information about Nitro Pro and contains help files.


Help Tab 2


The main window of the program is used to display PDF documents. On the left there is a Sidebar Navigation Pane which helps you to search PDF documents, view bookmarks and signatures, etc.

At the bottom of the program you can see a Lower Navigation Pane (on the left, it displays attachments, JavaScript, etc.), Paging Control (in the center, it displays the pages of currently viewed document and allows you to navigate it) and Zoom Control / Page View (for zooming the PDF document and choosing one of six display options, for example, single page, full screen, etc.

The Main Features of the Program

Create PDF– do you work with PDF documents on a daily basis? If it so, you can create high-quality PDFs from any text and graphic file that support printing. Nitro PDF Pro 10 can handle over 300 different file types. With the help of a special virtual printer which is installed together with the program, you are able to create PDFs from any application simply by accessing Print section. Among the files types which the program supports, it is enough to mention the following- Microsoft Office, Corel word Perfect, HTML, BMP, JPEG and many others. More than that, you have the possibility to apply some output settings before creating PDFs, for example, size (A4, A3, etc.), orientation (portrait or landscape), compression (ZIP, JPEG, etc.) and some others.

In addition, Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to create PDF files directly from your scanner using OCR technology and from Clipboard.

If you have got several different files and want to convert and join them together at the same time in order to create one PDF document, you can take full advantage of Combine tool; by means of it you can easily put together multiple files and create one big PDF file.

Nitro PDF Pro 10 boasts of a new feature called PDF Portfolio which allows you to gather together several different file types, for example, text documents, email messages, multimedia, etc. Each file which is included in this portfolio can be opened, edited and formatted independently. This feature is very useful for those who want to share various documents as one PDF file.



Convert PDF– the program allows you to convert PDFs to highly editable Microsoft Office formats, i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Currently Nitro PDF Pro 10 supports all Microsoft Office suites from 2003 through 2013. The program also integrates itself with Microsoft Outlook, so, with the help of a special plugin you can convert your emails into PDF.

In addition, Nitro PDF Pro 10 installs add-ins into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; you can manage and create PDF documents directly within these applications.

Nitro PDF Pro 10 also supports conversion PDFs to images (supported formats are PNG, JPEG and TIFF), rich and plain texts on the one hand and image extraction from PDFs on the other hand.

The developers of Nitro PDF Pro 10 have added a new conversion feature to version 10. Now you can convert PDF documents to PDF / A files, i.e. to those formats which are commonly used for long-term storage and archiving electronic documents.

Convert 1

Edit PDF– Nitro PDF Pro 10 offers a lot of advanced editing tools which allow you to edit everything in the PDF document easily and comfortably. You have the possibility to insert extra pages from your computer, scanner or clipboard and whole PDF documents; crop or resize the page precisely by adjusting the desired size, page range, width and height, etc.; rotate the page which includes, for example, images, 90% clockwise on the left or right; extract some unnecessary pages; replace specific pages with the pages from another PDF file; split the pages by groups, bookmarks or range page.

Header and Footer– with the help of Nitro PDF Pro 10 you can add headers and footers to one or all PDF pages that can contain, for example, the date or time of creation, title, subject, author, page numbers, etc. The program allows you to add company info, page numbers, website footer on the one hand or specific text, image and PDF file on the other hand.

After creating a new profile and adding text, image or PDF file as headers or footers, you can edit them; the program lets you to select the desired font type, style and size, preferred color, etc. You can apply headers / footers on all pages or only on the first page, etc. by specifying the page range and determining the layout of them (for example, horizontal, rotation, etc.) and a lot of others.


Header 1

Bates Number– this function of the program is mainly used in the legal and business practice to identify each page by specifying and assigning specific increasing numbers for easy management of huge document collections. With the help of the program you can select the desired prefix and suffix, change font style, size and color, rotate numbers, apply opacity, choose preferred layout, etc.

Bates Numbers

Watermark– watermarks are mainly used to protect documents from unauthorized copying, distributing, etc. By means of Nitro PDF Pro 10 you can protect your PDFs by adding to them text, image or text watermarks.


Bookmark– bookmarks greatly simplify the navigation in PDF documents because they provide a user with quick access to specific pages; more than that, you have the possibility to provide bookmarks with links to another PDF document, webpage, etc. In addition, the program allows you to generate bookmarks automatically by using bookmark levels and specifying some additional options.


Links– the program allows you to provide PDF files with links which significantly simplify navigation in the document; you have the possibility to create, for example, the table of contents or index.

In addition, with the help of a link tool you can scan PDF document for URLs and create webpage links.

OCR– thanks to OCR (i.e. Optical Character Recognition) technology used by the program, you can scan text images and transform them into editable and searchable text and convert to Microsoft Word or Excel. Currently Nitro PDF Pro 10 recognizes more than ten languages including Dutch, English, Spanish, etc.


Review PDF– Nitro PDF Pro 10 offers powerful tools for adding and editing comments anywhere in the PDF documents. With the help of the program you can add so called sticky notes to any pages, annotate the text (using special markup tools which allows you to highlight, crossout, underline or replace text and type a comment), use special predefined stamps to indicate the status of the document (the program includes different standard stamps, for example, Completed, Urgent, Received, and so on, but you have the possibility to create your own stamps and specify the desired parameters and settings), draw various shapes (for example, arrow, rectangle, oval, polygon, etc.), add a freehand drawing using a special pencil tool or text boxes and callouts.

In addition, Nitro PDF Pro 10 lets you attach any file to the PDF document, for example, a text file or photo and provide a reader with additional info.

Among advanced features which the program offers, it should be noted the following ones- Compare– it allows you to compare two identical documents and view changes between them; Whiteout– it permanently removes any personal or other info from the PDF document; and Auto Deskew– this tool of use for those who often work with scanned documents and want to optimize them by deskewing or straightening pages in scanned PDFs.


Auto Deskew

Forms– this tab is divided into four groups- Fields, Setup, Form Data and Grid. They include a variety of extra tools that facilitate navigation and presentation of the PDF document, namely, Text Field (it adds a text box to the PDF document for collecting various information); Checkbox (is used to add to the PDF document checkboxes for selecting items in PDF form. You may create multiple checkboxes if it is required for selecting several items); Barcode Field (this tool is used for creating barcodes, i.e. it converts input data into a visual pattern); Radio Button (it is used to add radio buttons to PDF). Combo Box (or drop down menu. The PDF document displays only one item in the list but after clicking on it the user sees a list entirely); List Box (in contrast with Combo Box this list is displayed in full); Button (it is used to add interactive elements, i.e. buttons to the PDF document); Digital Signature (it is used to create a field for digital signature). It is worth mentioning that the program supports JavaScript adding to the PDF page.

Protect PDF– with Nitro PDF Pro 10 you have the possibility to protect your created PDF documents and restrict their unauthorized distributing, copying, printing and editing. The program offers several ways to secure all your documents reliably, i.e. Password Protect (just create an unbreakable and strong password and restrict some permissions to open and use some specific functions, for example, printing and editing), Certificate Security (using specially created certificates) and Digital Signature.

In addition, the program allows you to encrypt PDF documents using the most advanced and reliable security algorithms- 40-bit ARC 4, 128-bit ARC 4, 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES.

Password Security

Share PDF– Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to share your PDF documents with others using secure Nitro cloud service.

In addition, you can upload your signatures and PDF files from the computer or via such online services as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. Nitro PDF Pro 10 offers different subscription plans- Free (but it is very limited) and paid ones, for example, Professional ($ 10 per month), etc.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

Intel Pentium 4 processor or newer

512 MB of RAM

200 MB of free hard disk space

Active Internet connection for using Nitro Cloud service

What is new in Nitro PDF Pro 10

Batch processing

PDF Portfolio

PDF/A conversion

Drag and Drop

OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox support

RMS integration


Nitro PDF Pro 10 is a powerful application for working with PDF documents. Thanks to a lot of advanced functions you can easily create, convert, edit and protect PDF files; more than that, the program gives you full control over PDF documents and helps you to create high-quality digital documents like a professional.


Nitro Pro 10 Review and Giveaway (3 x Pro Licenses)


1. It supports conversion into more than 300 file formats
2. You can edit, create, protect PDF documents
3. Familiar and comfortable ribbon interface
4. Built-in OCR technology
And many others


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