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Nitro Pro 13 Review

Nitro Pro 13 Review

by June 12, 2018

Here’s our full Nitro Pro 13 Review. Nitro Pro 13 is our got-to PDF viewer/editor, because of the incredible amount of features, which the company has managed to pack in a user friendly way.

During the installation process, Nitro Pro 13 allows you to choose the folder to install in. You will also be allowed to select whether the application should be set as the default handler for PDF files, so when you double click on a PDF it will open in Nitro Pro 13 . You also have options to install the Nitro Pro Plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and the Nitro toolbar for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, which allow you to quickly manage any PDF. When Nitro Pro 13 starts, you will see a welcome screen. This has the Let’s get productive option, which gives you a quick tour of the features in Nitro Pro 13.  You can access the help screen anytime you want to.

The Quick Access toolbar on the top left of the Nitro Pro 13 interface allows you to open an existing PDF, save the currently open document, Print the PDF, undo or redo the last action, or to switch between the mouse mode and touch mode. You can click on the drop-down menu icon, to customize the shortcuts and include completely different ones instead.

There is a large ribbon interface, which houses the primary functions of Nitro Pro 13. Right off the bat, you may notice that the application has a user-friendly GUI, which has a lot of elements in common with Microsoft Office applications. This similarity makes it easy to learn the program’s options.


This tab can be used to view the information of the currently opened document, including the details of the file name, size, PDF version, and other properties. You can use this to add more information such as the title, author name, subject, keywords and a base URL to the PDF.

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The Info tab has a couple of useful tools. You can configure the “Document View” (also called Initial View), which is basically the view settings used when a document is opened. You can set it to zoom automatically, resize to fit the window or screen, or full-screen mode, and even select the page view and navigation settings.

The other option, is the Protect Document which lets you select the Security level of the PDF you selected. You can choose between Password or Certificate based security and even select what kind of access is allowed for users such as Printing, Change document, Document Assembly, Content copying or extraction, Page extraction, Commenting, Fill Form Fields, Digital Signatures, Creation of Template Pages.

You can create a new PDF, open an existing one and recently viewed documents, save the one you are working on (as a Standard PDF or a Flattened PDF), on to your computer or to the Nitro Cloud Storage service, from the File tab. Nitro Pro 13 allows you to save your content on to Alfresco, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 365 and SharePoint 2013.

The File tab also has the Print option which allows you to either print the PDF using your Printer, Fax or digitally as a document which you can share online. The printing options include page scaling, page range selection, and lets you select the number of copies you want to print. You can use the Fill Form, Add Signature, Review & Markup and Read options here, to add additional content to the document, proof-read it before printing, or authenticate a document digitally.

You can attach files, optimize the PDF, batch process or print the documents, and access the preferences menu where you can change the settings of the program, from the same tab.

Universal tools:

There are three tools which are available in every ribbon in the user interface. The Hand tool is used for spanning (moving around) the PDF’s pages by clicking and dragging the mouse. The Edit option allows you to add, delete and edit any text or image which is in the PDF. The Zoom tool can be used to set the zoom/fit levels per your requirements.

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This ribbon is the primary one, as you will be working here the most. The Select tool allows you to click on text or images, and select them for copying, editing, etc. The Snapshot option can be used to take a screenshot of the content which you are viewing. You can add content to the PDF using the Type Text tool which has customization options for the font type, formatting, color, size, etc. The QuickSign and Request Signature options can be used to verify the authenticity of PDFs digitally.

So, how do you create PDFs from other documents? Easy, you click on the PDF option in the Create tab, which will allow you to pick a file, or scan a document or image, or paste content which has been copied to the clipboard. The Combine option is very useful to create documents, because you can add multiple document files (PDF, DOC,DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, VSD, PUB, WPD, HTML, HTM, TXT) or image formats like BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, WMF, to create a single PDF file.

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Sometimes you have do the opposite, i.e., create documents from PDFs. This can be for editing, or creating templates, etc. You can use the convert option in Nitro Pro 13 which can be used for converting the PDF to Word or Excel supported formats. You can batch convert PDFs and even select the page layout customization (rotate pages, character spacing, editable with layout, etc).

The Highlight tool can be useful for reviewing a document (and later for annotations). The Page layout tools are handy for Inserting blank pages, clipboard content, document or picture from your scanner, or even add files as new pages. You can rotate the entire PDF or delete specific content, or extract selected pages for editing.  The Add Tools may be our favorite feature in Nitro Pro 13 . You can use it to pin your most used tools to the Home ribbon for quick access.


This ribbon in Nitro Pro 13, has more options that the Convert tab in the Home ribbon. You can use it to convert PDFs to PowePoint, PDF/A (1a, 1b, 2u), and also to choose between rich text and plain text. You can extract images from PDFs or even convert the PDF to an image (PNG, JPG, TIFF). The program also lets you create a Portfolio from multiple PDFs.


This ribbon is useful for proof-reading your PDF. You can highlight content, add text boxes, call outs, notes, etc. You can cross out unwanted text or underline important lines. The Review tools include options to add a stamp, draw using a pencil, or add geometric shapes, images, or to attach files to the PDF as an annotation. The measure tool can be used to calculate the length or area in a document.

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The OCR (optical character recognition) tool scans pictures and extracts the text from it, which you can use for editing the document in a word processor program. The compare tool is invaluable if you want to see the differences between two versions of the same PDF. You can use the Comments tools to add/hide comments to your document, for collaborative editing with other authors.

Page Layout:

You can add, rotate, delete pages using the tools here, which also let you crop the page, extract content, replace or split a page too. The Page Marks tools can be used for bates numbering, add and manage headers. You can protect the PDFs with watermarks (which can include background images too). The Navigation tools in Nitro Pro 13 can be used for adding bookmarks to specific chapter or pages, which can be useful to create an index. Web URLs can also be added as links to your document’s text content. The Auto De-skew option can be used to level scanned images correctly.


PDF documents can be used to create digital forms, which users can fill up. You can create a Form PDF using Nitro Pro 13 with select and text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, list boxes, barcodes, etc. If you are a skilled coder, you may use Javascript in your documents too. All form fields can be imported or exported to your computer.


Documents that you create can be sent over email or using cloud storage services using the built in Nitro-Cloud options.


You can whiteout or redact selected content in PDFs, to mask sensitive information. The search and redact, and mark pages tools make the task even easier. If you wish to remove the metadata from documents, to protect the privacy of the author, you can do it with Nitro Pro 13.


This ribbon also has redacting tools, but in addition also houses options to add Password and Certificate Security profiles, which you can use to sign and certify documents. You can create Digital IDs and manage trusted contacts from the same tab.

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Note: Nitro Pro 13 is now part of Nitro Productivity Suite and cannot be purchased separately. For more information read the Nitro Productivity Suite Review.

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