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25% OFF Nitro Productivity Suite Discount Coupon

25% OFF Nitro Productivity Suite Discount Coupon

by FileCriticJune 19, 2019

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For many years, Nitro Productivity Suite has been a staple at providing low-cost, full-fledged PDF-editing functionality, and the latest version, Nitro Productivity Suite, features even better ways to handle all things PDF. With the ability to seamlessly view, edit, create, convert, and sign PDFs, Nitro Productivity Suite gives you access to numerous cutting-edge toolsets that allow for complete flexibility.

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Whether you want to collaborate on a document with your peers, re-arrange and remove certain unwanted pages, or change a file to an alternate document-based format, that’s just scratching the surface with Nitro Productivity Suite. Bring into the equation a completely streamlined and intuitive user interface, and you’ve a PDF editor like never seen before. Best Adobe Acrobat alternative with even better features.

Technical Specifications

Nitro Productivity Suite’s streamlined and optimized approach to PDF editing also results in the application featuring the option to run on as many devices as possible. On the software-side of things, the PDF editor features complete support for Windows 7 and newer versions, with extended support for Windows Server 2008 and up as well. Nitro Productivity Suite features both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, where the latter version should provide significant performance boosts if you’ve access to an x64 operating system and device.

Moving onto hardware, and you’ve really nothing to concern yourself too much about. With a minimum micro-processing requirement of 1.5GHz, which is significantly below the norm, you’re pretty much assured of the running Nitro Productivity Suite right from the get-go. The amount of system memory required is also trivial — 1GB of RAM. Available hard drive space, however, can be steep at 4.5GB, while having access to a dedicated video card with hardware acceleration does improve overall performance.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Nitro Productivity Suite features a super-intuitive user interface that’s simply incredible to use — if you’re familiar with ribbon-based applications, you’ll be immediately at ease with this PDF editor. Ribbon items such as Home, Convert, Review, Forms, Share, and Erase intelligently categorizes all available content under labeled groups, allowing you to find the options that you want to access much quicker. Nitro also provides much needed ability to view, create, or edit multiple documents at once thanks to its tabbed interface.

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Viewing PDFs

One of Nitro’s main core functionalities lie in its ability to provide a seamless PDF viewing experience, and it does a terrific job at just that. In addition to letting you open PDF files located in local storage devices, Nitro Productivity Suite features full-on integration with cloud-based services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box, giving you the option to directly access documents stored in the cloud as well — you can also choose to add new locations and cloud-storages for quicker access.

Getting into the actual task of viewing PDF files is quite unprecedented for an application that markets itself as a PDF editor. Use the default Continuous Viewing Mode to effortlessly scroll down to view the contents within a document, or use other modes such as Single Page, Facing Pages, Continuous Facing, etc., for alternate viewing experiences. All these options, plus a zoom bar, are conveniently located to the lower-right corner of the user interface.

Editing Content

Nitro Productivity Suite, as a full-fledged PDF editing application, provides numerous ways to edit PDF files. Use a range of tools to correct, replace, or add text, and use built-in OCR functionality to turn scanned text to editable formats — you can also choose to highlight, cross-out, white-out, and underline text. The PDF editor even lets you work with images included in documents, where you can manipulate image sizes or have them replaced in their entirety.

Creating Documents

In addition to editing PDFs, Nitro Productivity Suite also features unprecedented PDF-creation capabilities. Use multiple intuitive toolsets to insert text, images, and form data with complete control over the entire document-creation process. Modify page layouts, add headers and footers, re-arrange pages, and perform a host of other tasks to ensure that your work is the best. Also choose to protect your document with document certifications, security, and identification tools.

Collaborating with Others

Nitro Productivity Suite, due to one of its core functionalities as a PDF editor, also features an array of collaborative tools that let you easily work with others. Choose to highlight text to mark out important phrases, add notes to paragraph reflecting on inputs, and use call outs to point out errors or modifications. To make collaborating even easier, choose to email PDFs directly from the application itself, or share you work directly over the cloud with Nitro Cloud functionality.

Converting Files

Nitro Productivity Suite also doubles up as a file conversion utility, allowing you to save, open, edit, and create PDF documents in multiple alternate formats. The PDF editor fully supports saving Microsoft Office-related formats, meaning that you can convert you documents to the DOCX, XLMX, and PPTX formats for seamless compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. Alternately, you can export PDFs to image-based formats — an image per page — as well as to rich and plain text-based documents.

Should I Buy It?

With numerous tools to handle all things PDF, Nitro Productivity Suite brings unprecedented functionality at just a fraction of the cost when compared to heavyweights such as Adobe Acrobat. Viewing, editing, and creating PDFs are made extremely trivial thanks to the inclusion of numerous intuitive toolsets, where you can effortlessly open, perform modifications, and design PDFs from scratch with practically no issues. Nitro Pro doesn’t stop at just that; also choose to perform an array of collaborative actions with multiple markup tools, and share your work directly via Nitro Cloud technology. The PDF editor neatly wraps things up with unparalleled conversion tools that let you save your work to various other formats, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of applications and devices.