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Nitro Productivity Suite Review

Nitro Productivity Suite Review

by March 13, 2019

What is Nitro Productivity Suite? It is a new package from Nitro Software Inc. for individuals and business users. It comprises of the following elements:

  • Nitro Analytics
  • Nitro Cloud
  • Nitro Pro
  • Nitro Admin
  • Customer Success

The elements of the Suite (Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud, Nitro Admin, Nitro Analytics, Customer Success) are only available for business users at specific license thresholds.

There are 3 types of licenses options: individual (Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud), Business (Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud, Nitro Admin & 4 hour first response time), Enterprise (all elements available plus 2 hours response time).

Nitro Analytics

Nitro Analytics is like a benchmarking tool, which you can use to gather rich insights about the productivity and document workflow of your employees. Did you know that only one out of 10 knowledge workers have access to a PDF Editor, despite the fact that over 70% of attachments in email are in the PDF format?

So, you can imagine how much time will be wasted by a single employee, if they don’t have immediate access to the software they need. With Nitro Analytics, you will be able to understand the daily workflow of your organization’s document needs, including paper-based processes which are not necessary.  You can instead, go digital, which saves paper, costs next to nothing, and is more reliable. Using the collected results, you can eliminate inefficiencies by making use of features which are overlooked, to create a more efficient and smarter workflow.

Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is a cloud sharing service, using which your employees can share documents securely. They can also use it to work on the same document at the same time, regardless of where they are. This collaborative tool allows commenting, tracking the workflows with the help of real-time notifications and viewing analytics.

The Nitro Cloud is highly secure thanks to the various protocols it provides including SSL AES, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield. So, it comes as no surprise that a lot of Fortune 500 companies rely on Nitro, for their business documentation work.

The primary feature of Nitro Cloud, is its support for eSignatures. Yes, you can sign documents digitally to authenticate them, which as you may know is legally accepted. You can also use the cloud to request a contact to sign a document too. And the best part? Your signers don’t even need a Nitro account for signing the document. And because eSignatures work with any web browser on the desktop or smartphones, it makes the job even easier.

Nitro Cloud is included in Nitro Pro, which means you can use all of its features online, including converting documents, combine PDFs, etc. PDFs which you create or edit using Nitro Pro can be saved in several locations including the Nitro Cloud, Alfresco, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 365 and SharePoint 2013, or locally on your computer or shared over email.

Nitro Pro

This is the PDF editor and viewer which we have known for years, and it is available as a standalone program. The difference between the regular version and the one you get as part of the Nitro Productivity Suite, is that it comes with the rest of the features which we have mentioned in this review.

Nitro Pro is hands down the best PDF editor for Windows. There is simply no other application, which manages to bundle in so many features. The GUI of the program is by the company’s own definition designed to be an, “intuitive Microsoft Office–style interface”. This allows users who are familiar with Word (or Excel and PowerPoint) to learn how to use Nitro Pro in just a glance, which in turn lets them get productive almost instantly.

The Quick Access toolbar which you can find on the top corner, can be customized to include your own shortcuts. The default ones can be used to open, save, print PDFs, undo and redo the last modification and for switching to the mouse or touch modes. If you want more options, you will find the File tab very useful. This is the only tab which is not a part of the ribbon interface, because the view changes to a different screen.

Apart from the usual file operations, you can also add your own information to a selected PDF such as the author of the PDF you can add your name, give the document a title, subject, assign keywords, and include a base URL. You can use the application to optimize your PDF, process documents in batches, and you even attach files to the PDF.

Nitro Pro allows you to select, copy, paste content anywhere in the PDF, and this isn’t limited to text, yu can also use it to add/edit images. What else can Nitro Pro do? You can use it to capture screenshots, customize the font type, formatting, etc.

You can create a PDF from scratch, but you should also know there is a way to quickly import existing documents. The built-in document converter in Nitro Pro allows to convert Microsoft Office documents like DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, other common formats such as VSD, PUB, WPD, HTML, HTM, TXT or even other PDFs, and pictures in the MP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, WMF formats to create a PDF. You can use this option to merge multiple documents into one PDF file, or batch convert several files at the same time.

What about the other wat around? Can you convert PDFs? Yes, you can use Nitro Pro to convert PDF to Word and Excel editable formats, which you can then modify in the respective editor applications. The application also has options to convert PDFs in to PDF/A (1a, 1b, 2u) or even save pages in to images.

There is an Optical Character Recognition tool which you can use to scan a picture, and extract the text content from and save it in an editable format.  The reviewing tools in Nitro Pro can be used for annotation like highlighting text, and for adding notes to pages, add comments in a text box or call out, cross out text or underline sentences. The stamp, draw, shapes, images, attach files tools can also be useful in case you are collaborating with other authors, and want to point out content which needs to be edited or added to the PDF.  Another invaluable tool in the program is the Compare tool, which you can use to find the differences between two versions of a document.

You can prevent unauthorized access to your PDF with various levels of security such as a Password. The QuickSign and Request Signature options allow you to authenticate documents, and you can also use a digital Certificate to verify the PDFs.  The whiteout and redact options can be useful for masking content in the PDF, and this is even easier if you use the search and redact or mark pages for redaction tools.

You can restrict other users from modifying the document in specific levels like allowing or disallowing Printing, editing, copying or extracting the content or pages, comments, digital signatures, and more. The program can be used for editing, adding, deleting, rotating, cropping, replacing, splitting or extracting specific pages from a PDF. You can also add bates numbering for pages, and add/edit headers and watermarks for each page. If you are creating a user manual or an eBook, you can add bookmarks to link to pages in the PDF, or even a clickable URL to your website.

You can use Nitro Pro to make PDF application or registration forms complete with fields like text box, check box, combo box, list box, and even radio buttons or barcodes. The Javascript option allows you to use your custom code in the form. You can import or export form fields from the document for editing. What we liked best about the interface of the application, is the “Add Tools” option. This allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite tools and stick them to the Home ribbon. Imagine how much time this will save, instead of you searching the GUI for the particular tool you wanted to use.

Nitro Admin

How do you use Nitro Analytics? With Nitro Admin of course. This tool helps your organization’s IT team. This allows you them to handle identity-based access to individual users. Using the dashboard provided in Nitro Admin, your IT guys can activate, manage and reassign Nitro licenses to your users easily. You can also use it to set up new users, check how many licenses are in use or owned by your business, and even see which license is assigned to specific users.

Customer Success

This is not actually a feature, instead it is the support process which is provided to you by Nitro Software Inc Customer Success Team. You see, transitioning from one application which you are familiar with to a new one, is not easy. After all, it takes time to learn anything, right?

Despite the user friendliness of Nitro Pro, there is something which you need to consider. Work waits for none. You cannot just hope that your employees will get accustomed to the features in the application. It is not a professional way. That’s why Nitro works with your business to provide support from scratch. The Customer Success Team trains users how to use the product and educates them about every feature. Then, the team evaluates the situation according to the progress made. And finally, they assist your organization with the onboard and rollout process, to replace your old setup with Nitro Pro on the Cloud, which saves your business a ton of time and money.

Nitro Productivity Suite is the perfect example of taking an already brilliant product like Nitro Pro and making it even better.

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