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NovaBackup PC 17 Review

NovaBackup PC 17 Review

by July 2, 2015

NovaBackup PC 17 Review

NovaBackup PC 17 is easy to use and a full-featured solution with a rich set of functions for home users that offers all necessary tools for creating and restoring all your data.

Download and Installation

NovaBackup PC 17 can be downloaded from the official Novastor website (Novastor is a well-known software company which was founded in 1987 and currently offers a wide range of applications for data protection and recovery).

NovaBackup 17 is available in four different versions which are intended for using both on a single Desktop PC and multiple servers – NovaBackup Server (it is specially designed for small business and can be used for Windows Server 2003-20012 and the price of this version is $349.95), NovaBackup Business Essentials (it is a reliable solution for protecting and backing up business applications and virtual machines. It includes support for Microsoft SQL and Exchange, etc. and costs $599.95), NovaBackup NAS (the most advanced version for managing multiple servers costs $1499.95) and NovaBackup Pro.

NovaBackup 17 Pro is specially designed for home users and provides reliable and easy protection of any data for PC or laptop. The current price of this version is $49.95.

The installation EXE file is of medium size, just 130 MB and supports multiple languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.

The trial version of NovaBackup 17 Pro is fully functional but only for fixed period of time which lasts only 15 days. But I think that it is more than enough for getting accustomed to it and testing all its main features and functions.

The installation procedure is very easy and it does not require any extraordinary steps to complete. You will be guided step by step by the Setup Wizard. All you need to do is follow its instructions. After clicking the installer, you have to install Microsoft Net Framework and a special Backup Client which is needed for proper functionality of the application.

The next two steps are standard and they do not differ from installing other similar applications, i.e. you need to select the desired installation language and accept the terms of the license agreement (optionally, you can join NovaBackup Customer experience program and send usage statistics and reports to the developer).

NovaBackup 17 Pro allows you to choose the preferred installation method – Typical (all the most common components of the program will be installed and you do not need perform anything) and Custom (you have the possibility to choose what program components will be installed).

In the last step, you should activate the full version using previously purchased license key or evaluation one and test it for 15 days.

That is all after extracting and copying all necessary files, the program will be ready for use and backing up all your important files and folders.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 5

Installation 7

The Interface of the Program

The main interface of NovaBackup 17 Pro seems a bit outdated at first sight as compared with other similar applications which boast of their ultra-modern and up-to-date GUI designed in the Windows metro style. As for me, I like it very much because everything is conveniently grouped and sorted out and there is no difficulty to perform any task offered by the program.

At the top of NovaBackup 17 Pro there are 8 tabs which are used to access various tools as well as performing a lot of backup tasks and operations.

Home Tab – it is a main place of the program through which you have the possibility to backup or restore your data, upload created backups to the Cloud servers, etc. It is divided into three panes, on the left you can see a list of recent and next scheduled jobs on the one hand and ask a question to the NovaBackup support team using a small help window or get the latest info about the program on the other hand.

In the center of the window the program displays all the main tools which allow you to perform common tasks offered by the program, for example, start a new backup job or restore earlier created backups, and so on.

At the bottom, you can view common utilities of the program which allow you to run a new job, import media into your media catalog, etc.

Home Tab

Copy Tab – it is divided into two panes and for convenience’s sake designed like Windows Explorer. You can copy the files and folders from one location to another and create a new backup job. The left pane shows different areas of the computer and any storage devices connected to it. You can browse for something that you need and after selecting the desired folder and file, it will be displayed on the right pane.

Copy Tab

Backup Tab – it is also designed in the Windows Explorer style and it allows you to select files and folders for the backup. Everything is very easy, just choose the desired files and folders to backup, select the backup destination (for example, local or external hard drive) and click Backup button.

Backup Tab

Restore Tab – all previously created backups are listed here and they may be easily restored just with one click of the mouse. The program offers two viewing modes- Device Mode (i.e. backups which are in a specific device, for example, in your local hard drive or in any other removable and optical media) and Time Mode (i.e. you can select any backups and easily restore them using a special slider and specifying the backup creation time, for example, the latest backups). There is no need to search for them and import from other locations).

Restore Tab

Logs Tab – it contains a list of all previously created backups and operations done by the user, for example, the program displays info about operation type, job name, date and time, and so on.

Logs Tab

Scheduled Jobs Tab – through this tab you have the possibility to schedule backups and configure some options, for example, delete, edit or add backups, and so on.

schedule Tab 1

Device Tab – all available storage devices are listed in this tab.

Device Tab

Status Tab – it shows the current running job and its status.

Status Tab

The Main Features of the Program

Backup and Restore

Backup – NovaBackup 17 Pro provides several options for data backup; firstly, the program creates a backup of any user-specified folders and individual files, for example, pictures, music, videos, documents and so on; secondly, it can back up any settings of your installed software and, thirdly, it can create a full image of entire partition using which it is easy to restore the operating system with all installed programs, drivers, settings, and documents. This option allows you to roll back the system to the previous stable state.

NovaBackup 17 Pro offers three different modes for creating backups – Full (i.e. all files and folders which are on the system), Incremental (i.e. only those data is backed up that has changed since the last backup) and Differential (i.e. only those changes are backed up that have occurred since the full backup). The second and third methods are very useful because they help you greatly reduce the time of making backup copies.

The process of creating backups is very intuitive and simple, all the main operations are guided by the step by step Express Wizard which greatly facilitates working with the program.

Only several easy steps are required for successful completion of the backup operation. Firstly, select the type of backup you want to run, i.e. Local Backup, System Image Backup (in NovaBackup 17 Pro it is called Disaster Recovery), Cloud Backup or Copy. Now let’s describe them separately.

Local Backup – this type of backup offers three different options, namely, backup all files which are located on the system drive, backup all files which are in My Documents folder and, finally, manually select files to backup.

Disaster Recovery option allows you to create an image of your system drive.

Cloud Backup lets you select two online cloud servers for uploading your created backups.

Copy – with the help of this tool you can copy your files and folders to a local and Network drive.

Backup 1

Backup 2

Backup 3

Backup 4

Cloud Backup – unfortunately, keeping backup files on the local hard disk, external or optical media is not enough for protecting all your important data because your hard disk may become completely unusable and unrecoverable and external or optical devices may be stolen or lost. But, fortunately, there is a solution and NovaBackup 17 Pro provides you with it. The name of this solution is Cloud Backup that is currently the most effective and efficient way to save all the data securely and it gives you an additional layer of protection.

NovaBackup 17 Pro offers two cloud-based services which are integrated into the program- American FirstBackup and German SITaaS and provides you with 2 GB of free online storage. All you need is to create a free account on these services and start using them.

In addition, you also have the possibility to backup your data to Amazon S3, FTP and xSP cloud network services. The program also supports such well-known services such GoogleDrive, SafeSync, Dropbox, OneDrive and iDriveSync.

Cloud Backup

Compression – you created backup file is too big and you do not have enough space for saving it? The developers of NovaBackup 17 Pro have taken into account that! The program allows you to compress backup files and greatly reduce their size.

Notification – the program allows you to configure notification options by sending alerts or log files to your mailbox, for example, if the performed by the program operation has errors and warnings. All you need is to set up some email configuration by specifying your name, email address and SMTP server.

Notification 1

Notification 2

Boot Disk – it is more than probable that your Windows operating system will become unbootable due to virus infection or hardware failure, etc. Just for these emergency cases the developers of NovaBackup 17 Pro has created a special tool called Boot Disk which allows you to make a bootable CD or flash disk and load the system.

The program offers two different boot media types for creating bootable media – Simple and Advanced.

The simple boot media method is very easy and it does not require any additional applications. NovaBackup 17 Pro will configure all your computer settings by itself and create a bootable ISO image which can be immediately burned to a CD disk or written to a flash drive. Optionally you can simply save the created ISO image and use it later.

The advanced boot media method is more complicated and requires downloading and installing Windows automated installation kit or Assessment and deployment kit for creating so-called Windows PE boot disk. Both can be easily obtained from a Microsoft website.

Boot Disk- Simple 1

Boot Disk- Simple 2

boot Disk- advanced 1

Tools – NovaBackup 17 Pro contains three useful tools which help you to perform some specialized tasks, namely, mount backup image as a virtual drive to check its integrity, mount ISO file as a virtual drive to access its content and convert an image created by the program to a VHD (i.e. to Virtual Hard Disk).


Encryption – backup files created by you may contain some sensitive and confidential information, that is why NovaBackup 17 Pro provides you with a very necessary tool which helps you to encrypt backups by applying a strong and unbreakable password.

The program offers four safe and reliable encryption types, namely, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 and Blowfish. It is recommended to use this feature because it adds a strong layer of protection to your backups and prevents others from restoring and accessing them.


Filters – NovaBackup 17 Pro includes special filters which allow you to manage backups. For example, you can include some files in the backup process or, on the contrary, exclude them from the backup.

In addition, you can also include those files which are created, modified and accessed at specified time on the one hand and specify file size on the other hand.


Schedule – the program allows you to schedule backup creation process and specify its execution time. All you need is to define a type of schedule (for example, hourly, daily, monthly, etc.) and execution date and time.

Schedule 1

Logs – all performed operations are listed in the logs tab which you have the possibility to view information about executed jobs, their date and time, the number and size of backups, and so on.

Restore – restoring created backups is as easy as their creation. NovaBackup 17 Pro offers two different modes for backup restoring – Device Mode (simply import backup from any device both local or external and click Restore button) and Time Mode (it is a proprietary NovaBackup method which allows you to restore backups without selecting any source device. Just use a special time slider and specify the creation date of the backup, for example, Latest Backups) and they will immediately appear in the list.

Restore 1


Restore time mode

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8.1

Pentium 4 or better

1 GB of RAM

300 MB of free hard disk space


In conclusion I would say that NovaBackup 17 Pro is one of the popular and best products today for creating backups. With this program you will completely forget problems related to backup creation and restoration; so I advise you to download and install it immediately.

Working with the program is very comfortable and it offers all necessary functions and utilities which are more than enough for reliable and easy management of all basic backup and restoration jobs. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and comprehensive step by step wizard, you can perform any task easily and without effort.



1. Easy backup and restoration with the help of comprehensive step by step wizard
2. It supports all types of backups- full, incremental and differential
3. Compression and encryption of backups
And many others


Cloud storage is very limited; only 2 GB

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