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NXPowerLite Desktop 6 Review

NXPowerLite Desktop 6 Review

by May 11, 2015

Have a look at this NXPowerLite Desktop 6 Review to make your Office jobs easier.

You have got a lot of PDF, Microsoft Office and Zip files which occupy the most part of your hard drive? You cannot send those files by email because of they are too big? You do not see any solution for solving these problems? Do not worry! There is a very easy way to solve all these problems which offers the software company called Neuxpower with its application NXPowerLite Desktop 6.

NXPowerLite Desktop 6 allows you to compress and optimize Excel, PowerPoint, Word, JPEG and PDF files up to 95% without losing any quality and free up disk space or send them by email. Optimized and compressed files retain the original format and are fully editable. Thanks to comprehensive and advanced settings you have the possibility to define the desired balance between quality and compression ratio. Additionally, the program integrates with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word as well as email clients and automatically compress attachments when they are sent.

Download and Installation

The desktop version of the program can be obtained and downloaded from the official website which is just 21 MB. NXPowerLite Desktop 6 supports more than 10 languages including English, German, French, etc. The trial version is fully functional for two weeks, after that you must buy the full version at a price of $50.00.

The installation process is very easy with only three simple steps required for its completion. After starting EXE file, you will be greeted with the Welcome page, in the next step the program will display the text of the License agreement. If the terms meet your requirements, you can continue the installation. In the last step NXPowerLite Desktop 6 will offer you to select one of setup types – Typical (only the most common features of the program will be installed), Complete (all program features will be installed) and Custom (you can customize some add-ins, for example, integrate it with PowerPoint, Word and Excel as add-ins or not). Additionally, you can change the default installation location of the program and install it in another place of your choice.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

In my opinion the main advantage of the program’s interface is its simplicity and easiness to use; no complicated tabs and menus, just one window through which all operations are performed.

At the top, there are five menu buttons:

Add Files – with help you can add all supported files for optimization.

Settings –  contains main configurations of the program such as optimization profiles and so on.

About – includes information about the current version of the program, via this menu button you can also buy the program and enter the registration key.

Buy Now – this button contains the link to the program website where you can buy it.

Enter Key – after clicking on this button, the registration window appears for entering registration details, i.e. name, and registration key.

The main window of the program contains six icons for those applications which it supports, i.e. PDF, Word, etc.

At the bottom of NXPowerLite Desktop 6, there is a dialog box for saving optimized files and drop down menu dialog for selecting profiles.


The Main Features of the Program

Supported File Formats

NXPowerLite Desktop 6 supports the following file types:


Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, all Microsoft Office versions are supported from Office 97 through 2013)


ZIP Files (only those ZIP files which contain the mentioned formats).

File Optimization and Compression

It is extremely easy to achieve the best results in file compression, only a few steps are required for doing that optimization.

The First Step– simply choose and add the desired file into the program window; you can do that action using Add Files menu button or drag-and-drop method.

The Second Step – before starting the conversion process, you have the possibility to apply some settings, namely, customize Save Profiles (i.e. replace original and create backup in the same folder as original or in another folder, etc.) and Optimizations Profiles. The program offers five optimization profiles for saving converted files:

Screen – this is a default method of the program. It is designed for viewing on most screens and the optimized quality is great.

Print– this profile is used for printing converted files.

Mobile – is suitable for viewing files on phones and portable devices.

Screen (no “flattening”) – the same as the Screen profile but embedded objects of Office documents are not flattened and they are editable.

Print (no “flattening”) – the same as the Print profile but embedded objects of Office documents are editable.

NXPowerLite Desktop 6 lets you manually customize the quality and the conversion ratio of converted files if none of these profiles meet your requirements. You have the possibility to increase or decrease JPEG quality, resize images (from 320 x 240 through 1920 x 768), delete private application data and cropped areas of pictures, flatten embedded objects and remove EXIF data.

Additionally, the program allows you to add desired text to backup file names and optimized copies.

The Third Step – after applying desired settings you can proceed further and start the conversion process. It does not take much time.

Settings 1

Settings 2

Settings 3

The quality of converted and optimized files depends on selected optimization profiles. For testing purposes, we have chosen a PDF file (which is 10,348 KB), JPEG file (1,71 MB) and Word file (65 KB) and left the default settings of the program unchanged. Below are given results:

PDF file

Screen Profile – the file was reduced to 23%, from 10,348  to 7,962 KB.

Print Profile – the result was the same.

Screen (no “flattening”) – the same.

Print (no “flattening”) – the same.

Mobile – the same.

Results 1 PDF


Screen Profile – the photo was reduced to 71%, from 1,759 to 508 KB.

Print Profile – reduced to 59%, 724 KB.

Screen (no “flattening”) – the same as a Screen profile.

Print (no “flattening”) – the same as a Print profile.

Mobile – reduced to 95%, 94 KB.

Results 1 JPG

Results 5 JPG

Word File

Screen Profile – the reduction ratio was not significant; the file was reduced only to 2%, from 64 to 63 KB.

Print – the same result.

Screen (no “flattening”) – the same.

Print (no “flattening”) – the same.

Mobile – the same.

Results 1 Word

ZIP File

Screen Profile – reduced to 31%, from 11,849 to 8,222 KB.

Print – reduced to 29%, 8,437 KB.

Screen (no “flattening”) – the same as Screen profile.

Print (no “flattening”) – the same as Print profile.

Mobile – reduced to 34%, 7,771.


Results 1 ZIP

For achieving more optimization results, you can, of course, manually customize the quality of converted files and compression ratio.

The Fourth Step – after converting and optimizing files, the program allows you to zip them and send by email as an attachment with the help of installed email client applications. Currently, NXPowerLite Desktop 6 supports the following email clients:

Microsoft Outlook (from 2000 through 2013, only 32-bit versions are supported).

Lotus Notes (version 6.0 and later)

Outlook Express (version 6.0 and later).

Windows Mail (version 6.0 and above).


NXPowerLite Desktop 6 integrates itself as an add-in with Microsoft Office applications, i.e. Excel, PowerPoint and Word; so you can optimize and compress them without opening the program (only 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office are currently supported by the program).

Besides that, NXPowerLite Desktop 6 integrates with Window Explorer; so you have the possibility to optimize, zip or email files using the right click of the mouse.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP3- Windows 8/8.1.


NXPowerLite Desktop 6 is a very handy and useful application which lets you greatly reduce the size of Microsoft Office, PDF, JPEG and ZIP files up to 95%. The main advantage of the program is that optimized and converted files retain their original format and quality. Thanks to this great feature you can significantly free up disk space on the one hand and get the same file which is fully identical with the original but its size is much less on the other hand.


1. Very simple and easy to use interface
2. Full integration with Microsoft Office and email clients
3. Different optimization and compression profiles
and much more


1. It does not support such well-known email clients as Mozilla Thunderbird. I hope it will be added soon
2. It supports only JPEG image files

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