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NXPowerLite Desktop 7 Review

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 Review

by November 14, 2015

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 Review

There are a lot of reasons why you want to reduce the size of your files, for example, for freeing up space on your hard or sending them by email, and so on. Of course, you can use any compression application such as WinRar or 7Zip, etc., but, unfortunately, they are not able to compress PDF or graphic files significantly.

If you have got a lot of text, graphic, PDF and zipped files on your hard drive and you want to reduce their size significantly without losing the original quality, you can take full advantage of the program called NXPowerLite Desktop 7.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 is a powerful and easy to use application that is specially designed to give you a professional solution for reducing and optimizing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and images.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 greatly reduces the size of Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and graphic files. Optimized and reduced files are left in their original form without noticeable loss of quality. You do not need to unpack them before use.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 is incredibly easy to use; all you need is to select a file, choose one of optimization profiles and click “Optimize.”

The new updated an improved version (released on 30 Oct 2015) can be downloaded from the official Neuxpower website. The setup file is not large; just about 25 MB in size and it is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. The program currently supports twelve languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Turkish.

The trial version of the program is fully functional but you can use it only for two weeks.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

The interface of the program is extremely simple and easy to use. You will not see any drop-down menus and many buttons; everything is compactly designed and sorted out for the convenience of users. Simply run the program, select one of conversion profiles offered by NXPowerLite Desktop 7 and enjoy performed results.

At the top of the program there is a Menu Bar which consists of six buttons:

Add Files- with the help of this button you can add all supported file formats to the program for reducing and optimizing.

Add Folder- via this button you have the possibility to add the entire folder with supported files to the program.

Settings- with this button you can access the program settings and configure some options and profiles.

About- this button provides you with info about the current version of the program. Here you can also enter the license key and activate the program or buy it via the official website.

The main window of the program contains six icons for those applications which it supports, i.e. PDF, Word, etc.

At the bottom of NXPowerLite Desktop 7 there is a dialog box for saving optimized files and drop down menu dialog for selecting profiles.

Interface 1

With the help of NXPowerLite Desktop 7 you can optimize and reduce the following file formats:

PowerPoint Presentations- PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, POTM, PPSM, POTX, PPA and PPAM.


Word Documents- DOC, DOCX, DOT and DOTM.



NXPowerLite Desktop 7 also optimizes email attachments in the following email clients:

Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007 (only 32-bit versions).

Microsoft Outlook 2010-2016 (both 32 and 64-bit versions).

Lotus (from version 6 through 9).

Outlook Express (only 32-bit version).

Windows Mail (version 6.0 and above).

It should be noted that the program integrates itself into Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, so you have the possibility to optimize and reduce files in those applications without opening the program and adding files manually.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 offers five different optimizing and reducing profiles for compressing files; they are as follows- Screen, Print, screen (no “flattening”), Print (no flattening”) and Mobile.

Screen- it is a default profile of the program. It is specially designed for computer screens and the quality is very good.

Print- it is required when you want to print your documents or pictures. The file quality is specially optimized for high-quality printing.

Mobile- if you have got a smartphone or PDA (i.e. personal digital assistant), you can take full advantage of this profile because it allows you to optimize photos and documents for these mobile devices. The quality of files is good on mobile devices but poor on larger screens.

Screen (no “flattening”) – it has got practically the same features as the Print profile. The main difference between these two profiles is that the office documents will not be flatten, i.e. in other words, embedded objects will not be optimized in them and they will remain fully editable but not reduced in size.

Print (no “flattening”)- the same as the Print profile but embedded objects of the office documents will not be optimized.

In addition, NXPowerLite Desktop 7 also allows you to customize your own profile and apply the desired settings manually. For example, you have the possibility to optimize the quality of PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files, for example, you can resize images for display at 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, etc. (for all types of files), delete private application data and subset embedded fonts (for PDF files), delete cropped areas of pictures and flatten embedded objects (for Microsoft Office files) and remove EXIF data (for JPEG files).

Settings- Custom

You can also customize save and file naming profiles; NXPowerLite Desktop 7 allows you to replace original and create backup in the same folder or in another one and add text to the backup file names and optimized copies after or before the name.

Save Profile

File Naming profile

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express and Windows Mail email clients, you can take full advantage of the program because it integrates itself into these applications and allows you to automatically optimize PDF, PowerPoint, Word and JPEG attachments.

Another great advantage of the program is that it integrates itself into the Windows Explorer; so you can optimize and reduce files without opening NXPowerLite Desktop 7 just using the right click of the mouse. The program allows you to create optimized copies of your files on the one hand and optimize and send files to zipped folder or email client.

What is new in NXPowerLite Desktop 7?

Optimized and reduced PDF files are now much smaller.

Support for Windows 10, Office 2016 and IBM Notes 9.

Now you can process 10,000 files simultaneously.

Faster JPEG processing.

Reduce received attachments in Microsoft Outlook.

Improved Explorer integration.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP 3- Windows 10.

No other additional requirements.


NXPowerLite Desktop 7 allows you to perform efficient reduction and optimization of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on the one hand and PDF, JPEG and ZIP files on the other hand. The main advantage of the program is that the quality of optimized files is not worse than the original ones. I really liked the program.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7 allows you to optimize and reduce the size of files up to 90 % per cent, on the average, up to 58 % per cent. The program is very simple; just select desired files using the Windows Explorer or drag-and-drop method, choose one of five optimization profiles (or create your own profile) and click “Optimize”. That is all; the original files will be replaced with the optimized ones and a copy of the original will be stored in the same location.

Among the key features of the program, I want to note the following:

Simple user interface- NXPowerLite Desktop 7 is fast, effective and extremely easy to use. I will become accustomed to the program instantly and optimized files supported by the program in seconds.

Email Integration- NXPowerLite Desktop 7 integrates into your email client and it allows you to optimize email attachments automatically.

ZIP Archive Optimization- NXPowerLite Desktop 7 allows you to optimize even files contained in the ZIP archive, i.e. you have the possibility to optimize Microsoft Office, ZIP, and JPEG files without unzipping the archive.

Different Optimization Profiles- You can optimize files for screen, print and mobile devices.

Batch File Processing- with the help of NXPowerLite Desktop 7 you can optimize multiple files in the batch mode. The program is able to process 10,000 files at the same time.

Microsoft Office Integration- NXPowerLite Desktop 7 is fully integrated into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel; so you can optimize and reduce files within these applications.


Very convenient and easy to use interface
Batch processing
Five different optimization profiles
Integration into Microsoft Office applications and Windows Explorer
Supports for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express and Windows Mail email clients
Optimization of ZIP archives.


Only JPEG graphic files are supported
The program does not support very well-known email clients.

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“Refreshingly simple software to compress PDF, JPEG and Microsoft Office files.”

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