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Office 2016 Preview update 2 brings Real-time Typing in Word, Convert Hand Written Equations to Text and more

Office 2016 Preview update 2 brings Real-time Typing in Word, Convert Hand Written Equations to Text and more

by AshwinJuly 2, 2015

Microsoft had launched the first version of Office 2016 Preview in May 2015.


Let us take a look at what’s new in Office 2016 Preview update 2

Excel gets new charts:

Microsoft is rolling out six new charts for Excel in Office 2016. The new charts are:
Waterfall (shown), Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, Treemap (shown) and Sunburst.

You can see the new Waterfall (above) and the Treemap (below) charts.


Word gets Real Time Typing:

One of the highlights of Office 2016, is Collaboration. This feature allows multiple authors to work on one document at the same time. Microsoft had said that this co-authoring feature, will also allow users to see in which part of the document, another user is working on. This feature is called Real-Time Presence, and was rolled out to OneDrive for Business subscribers last month.

And now, the Redmond Company has announced that Real-time typing is now available. A user can save a document to OneDrive for Business and invite others to join in a simultaneous authoring session


The contextual information service, Insights, which is powered by Bing, was rolled out in last month’s Office Preview Update 1, for Word and Outlook. It helps by finding relevant information from the web, for keywords which you select, and displays them in the Task Pane. Microsoft has enabled Insights for Excel and Powerpoint.


To search for a key word, just right click on any word or phrase and select “smart lookup.”

Tell Me

This was also announced back in may, but has only just been made available to users. Tell Me allows you find the commands you need. A new Tell Me box is now available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Typing for a function, will display some results, from which you can take the needed action directly.

Insert Equation: (Convert Hand Written Equations to Text)

There is now an easy way to insert equations in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Use any of the following tools: a digital pen, a mouse, or  your finger, and write the equation. Office will automatically convert the handwritten equation in to a “typed” format.


Microsoft says that it will continue adding more features to Office.

Office 2016 has several useful tools like Smart Applications, which uses adaptive learning. These applications will learn how you work, and help you by making your tasks easier.

Outlook has a new feature called Clutter, which only displays important emails in your inbox, and filters all other emails to a Clutter folder. Clutter also uses adaptive learning, which analyzes your email patterns.

Office also comes with Data analysis tools like Power Query and Power Pivot to help you gather data,  and also build data models.