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Office for Mac 2011 update fixes the Outlook sync bug in Mac OS X El Capitan

Office for Mac 2011 update fixes the Outlook sync bug in Mac OS X El Capitan

by AshwinOctober 8, 2015

Microsoft has released a new update for its Office for Mac 2011 software suite.

Office 2011 for Mac Outlook

The 5 year old productivity app package, still continues to boast a lot of users, and some of them were affected by a rather annoying bug in machines running on the Apple’s El Capitan operating system.

In case you weren’t aware, the Cupertino company released the latest version of its Mac OS X El Capitan update to its devices, recently.

The issue in question is related to Microsoft’s email application, Outlook 2011 for Mac. This bug prevented users from getting their email on their Macs.The app would freeze every time it tried to sync the mail with Microsoft’s servers. Mac Rumors reports that a few El Capitan users experienced the issue, with a wait cursor spinning while the Outlook 2011 tried syncing, after which the app would just hang.

Microsoft had earlier acknowledged the issue, but El Capitan users were left to be annoyed, when the company proposed a workaround for the problem. What it suggested users was to use the previous version of the operating system, Apple Mac OS X Yosemite. This was far from a decent solution, but chances are Perhaps the Mountain View company intended to ask users to be patient, while it fixed the bug.

But that changed today, when the Redmond based software giant, rolled out the update which for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, which has the version number 14.5.6 update. For more information regarding the update, you can read the Microsoft Knowledgebase article.

The patch does seem to have fixed the issue, as users who were previously affected by utm now say that their Outlook app syncs just fine.

Office 2016 for Mac was launched about two months ago, but it was only recently made available for purchase (as a standalone suite), when Microsoft released Office 2016 for Windows in September. Speaking of which, Office 2016 for Mac is also suffering from a major bug too. The latest iteration of the app suite crashes on OS X El Capitan, and this issue doesn’t affect just the Outlook app alone. The bug also impacts the other apps in the suite, namely Word, Excel,and PowerPoint 2016 apps which are also crashing up.

You could attribute it to being a new suite, or also on Apple’s new OS, but nevertheless there is no workaround for the issue yet. The good news however, is that the Redmond company has reportedly promised a fix for it, although it has not given an ETA as to when the fix will be released.