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OneDrive offers 15 GB of free storage back to users, but only if you claim it before January 31st 2016

OneDrive offers 15 GB of free storage back to users, but only if you claim it before January 31st 2016

by AshwinDecember 12, 2015

About a month and a half ago, Microsoft irked the wrath of its users, when it announced that its cloud storage service, OneDrive, will be cutting down on the free storage it offers.

OneDrive get 15gb free storage back
The move came after the Redmond Company found that some its paying customers, (read Office 365 users), who were eligible for unlimited storage, were misusing the offer.

According to its findings, many Office 365 users were piling up to 75TB of their storage, to store music, movies, and other personal files, instead of documents. This resulted in free users being affected the worst, as the company reduced the free 15GB storage count to a meagre 5GB.

Users slammed Microsoft for punishing the free users of its service, for something that its paid users had done. Although Microsoft did cut down the storage for Office 365 users too, it was very harsh to cut the free service’s limits.

Now, after facing the heat of user backlash from its users, Microsoft is making amends for its massive blunder. The Redmond company is now offering the 15GB free storage back to its users, but there is a catch. There always is.

OneDrive is offering the free storage back to users, but only if you claim it before January 31st, 2016. Yes, you will actually have to log in and make a claim to get your old storage back. And users who don’t do so, will obviouslly have their free storage cut down to 5GB.

How to get 15 GB of free storage back in OneDrive:

1. Visit the special page which Microsoft has put up, for the bonus storage.
2. Login to your OneDrive account.
3. Click on the Keep Your Storage button.

You will get a confirmation message on the page, which should read:


Your account will not be affected by the upcoming storage changes.

OneDrive get 15gb free storage success

This also applies to the free 15GB Camera roll bonus which Microsoft offered a while back. Such users should have 30GB free storage for lifetime.

To verify the amount of storageĀ  you have, head over to the OneDrive website. You should see the amount of storage you have on the bottom left corner of the page.

OneDrive storage

Should you wish to view more details about it, click on the Get More storage option to see a breakdown of the plan you are on, and the additional storage bonuses you have and also when they expire.

OneDrive storage management
While Microsoft is doing a good thing by returning the storage to users, it may not be the right move. Competitive services offer much more than the 5GB OneDrive offers to new customers, which may impact the service in the long run.