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OneDrive users take to UserVoice forums and to protest against the cut down on storage space

OneDrive users take to UserVoice forums and to protest against the cut down on storage space

by AshwinNovember 5, 2015

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced, in what is possibly one of the worst news of the year, that it is cutting down the storage space it offers on OneDrive.

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According to the reason that the Redmond Company gave for this highly controversial move, is that some Office 365 users were using its service.

The premium online productivity suite, used to offer unlimited storage space, on Microsoft’s Cloud Storage service, OneDrive. Some users apparently exploited this to backup their entire harddrives which included movies, music, etc, and this apparently ate up huge chunks of server storage.

So, Microsoft cut down the storage space down to 1TB for Office 365 users, and to a measly 5GB for free users, down from the 15GB space they had prior to the change.

Where is the logic in this Microsoft? Why do you have to punish free users for something that premium users did? This is only going to drive away users from the service. (pun intended).

Frustrated users took to the Microsoft Uservoice forums to slam the move. This is what one of the feedback comment reads,

Recently, a blog post was announced detailing that you would be reducing our free and paid storage. Only 1TB for Office 365 customers, and only 5 GB for free customers. I have been a long-time OneDrive fan, but after this upgrade I can no longer recommend it as my promised storage has been taken away. Some of us actually store a normal amount of stuff in OneDrive. Why makes us pay for those who went over the top?

That particular comment has garnered a whopping 46544 votes, at the time of writing this post.

And it doesn’t end here. We also came across a petition on, which criticizes Microsoft’s decision to cut down on OneDrive’s storage.

The petition which demands Microsoft to “Give OneDrive users back their storage options”, has managed to get 4296 supporters to sign it, and needs 704 needed to reach 5,000. Do everyone a favour and sign it to will you?

Here’s the highlight of the request, the petition asks Microsoft to retain its premium 100GB and 200GB plans, and also increase the storage for Office 365 users from 1TB to at least 2TB. It also points out to Microsoft that it is unfair to cut the free 15GB storage space it offered as a camera bonus, for free users who enabled auto camera uploads on their smartphones.

Windows 10 comes with OneDrive built-in, and if users make use of the service, they will surely be needing a lot more storage space than the ridiculous 5GB. Honestly there are tons of free alternatives out there, and the Redmond company should think back and re-enable its free offering, before it really hurts its business.