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OneNote for the web adds support for audio recording and file attachments

OneNote for the web adds support for audio recording and file attachments

by AshwinNovember 16, 2015

Microsoft has added a couple of new features for its note taking service, OneNote.

OneNote audio recording

The new features are available for OneNote on the web, aka OneNote Online.

Audio Recording in OneNote on the web

The note taking service now allows you to record audio. To use this feature, click on the insert button on the ribbon interface. Click on the Record Audio button to start recording your audio content, like say a speech or a statement you want to announce at your next meeting.

Once you’re done, hit the Stop button, and a new Play button will appear, using which you can playback the audio.

This feature is only available in three browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will need to allow the browser to access the microphone on your computer, for this to work.

File attachments in OneNote on the web

OneNote Online now lets you insert files to your notes. Click on the Insert tab, and then on the File Attachments button. This will allow you to browse your computer for files which you want to upload to the service. Once uploaded, they will be inserted in the Note you were working on.

OneNote Online File Attachment

These work similar to email attachments, and you will still need to click on it to download and view it.

Embedded Video in OneNote 2016

Microsoft has added a new feature to OneNote 2016, its desktop app for the note taking service. The app now supports embedded videos. This will allow users to insert any online video into your notes. The feature currently supports YouTube, Vimeo and Office Mix, but the Redmond Company will add support for more video services soon.

OneNote embedded video

To insert a video in OneNote 2016, click on the insert button, and select the “Online Video” option. Now jusy copy and paste a video’s URL into the dialog, and this will directly insert the video into the note.

OneNote 2016 is not a free app, and only comes with the premium Office 2016 package. So you’re better off using the OneNote Online experience, as you can use it for free.

The Audio File Recording and the Insert File Attachment features, are available for all users. The Embedded video feature has not been released yet, and will be rolled out to Office 365 Home and Personal users in the coming weeks. The feature will make its official debut in OneNote Online, Windows 10, Mac, iOS and Android platforms next month.