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O&O Defrag Pro 19 Review

O&O Defrag Pro 19 Review

by September 23, 2015

O&O Defrag Pro 19 Review.

The trial version of O&O Defrag Pro 19 can be downloaded from the official O&O software website (it is available in both online and off-line versions). The size of the off-line version is not big, just about 25 MB. You can test the program for 30 days without any restriction; all features are fully functional and operational. Unfortunately, currently the program is offered in only two languages- German and English.

It should be noted that the developers offer other versions too, namely, Free (it has got a lot of limitations, but, I think, it is a good choice for those who want a reliable and basic defragmentation application), Workstation and Server 9they are of use for computer professionals and provide them with additional network functions).

The installation procedure is very easy and it does not require much time. After accepting the End-User license agreement, you should just select a Setup type- Complete (all program’s components will be fully installed without your intervention) or Custom (you have the possibility to choose those features which you want to be installed, for example, defrag tray icon, screensaver, etc.).

In addition, you can grant access to the program to all computer users (or restrict it) and use the program as a default defragmentation tool (i.e. you can disable Windows in-built tool).

That is all; in a minute, after extracting all necessary components, O&O Defrag Pro 19 will be installed and ready to use.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

The main interface of O&O Defrag Pro 19 does not change much as compared with the previous version; it practically remains the same. Only some new features have been added to it by the developers.

Interface- Start

The main window of the program consists of several parts; they are as follows:

Ribbon Bar– it is located at the top of the window and includes three tabs- Start (it has got several tools for configuring Quick Start options, analyzing and defragmenting drives, cleaning the disk from unused files and creating a defragmentation job.

Start Tab

Extras– it contains some extra tools such as Check drives, cluster Inspector, etc.

extras tab

Options– different options can be enabled and configured here, for example, free space wiping, etc.

Options Tab

A little below there is a Drive List which displays info about every drive, i.e. size, file system, degree of defragmentation, etc.

At the bottom of the program there is a Cluster View which displays small blocks called clusters and each block has got certain colors, for example, fragmented blocks are colored in red, compressed in light blue, etc. If you want to change colors of the blocks, just click on color explanation; a new small window will be opened where you can customize or add the desired colors according to your taste.

Below this Cluster view at the very bottom there are some buttons, i.e.

History– it contains information on every running task performed by the user, namely, the number of accelerated files, reduced fragments, etc.

Drive Status– in this tab is shown the status of the selected disk chosen for analysis, for example, its size, the number of files or folders, fragmentation level, etc.

Job– in this tab is collected info about every job run by the user.

Reports– it contains detailed reports on every action carried out by the user.

File Status– here you can view the list of fragmented files which can be sorted out by categories, for example, large and system files, fragmented locked files, etc.

The Main Features of the Program

Quick Start– Before starting the defragmentation of your hard drive (or drives, if you have got more than one hard drive), O&O Defrag Pro 19 allows you to configure some settings and options. You have the possibility to Schedule automatic defragmentation (you have got three options, namely, automatically optimize hard disks in the background, optimize when the computer is not in use or defragment drives at a specified time, i.e. schedule defragmentation and specify the desired recurrence-weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks or monthly; the day of the week from Monday through Sunday and the exact hour of defragmentation), perform Additional automatic optimizations (i.e. optimize SSDs with TRIM, wipe free space on drives and optimize thin provisioned drives regularly) and Additional optimization steps after defragmentation (i.e. wipe free space, etc.).

Configuring these settings are very essential because they allow you set up the program according to your preferences and needs.

Quick Start

Analysis– if you want to analyze the level of fragmentation of the hard drive before starting defragmentation, you can take full advantage of the Analysis button. It will display a detailed report about the status and fragmentation level after completion of the analysis, i.e. the total number of fragmented files and the degree of fragmentation, etc. Thus, you can select the most appropriate defragmentation methods offered by the program.

Defragmentation– O&O Defrag Pro 19 is one of the best defragmentation applications on the software market. With the help of it you can easily and reliably defragment single drives or an entire computer on the one hand and individual files and folders on the other hand. The program offers three main and five standard defragmentation methods.

Three main defragmentation methods are as follows:

Optimize– it is a default method of the program. With the help of it you can thoroughly defragment the drive and significantly maximize free disk space by arranging all fragmented files in good order. This method is of high use when you perform occasional or repeated defragmentation, after installing very large programs or games, defragmenting system or data drives, and so on. The time of defragmentation is relatively fast and not require hard disk usage.

Optimize / Quick– it is the fastest method and it requires very little system resources. With the help of it you can quickly move wrongly located files to the right zone. The main advantage of this method is, on the one hand, rapidity, and, on the other hand, thorough and speedy defragmentation of heavily fragmented files without analyzing the entire file system. This method is good when you frequently defragment files or if you have got a lot of files on the hard drive, for example, more than 5 million. Thanks to this method, you have the possibility quickly defragment them and significantly increase the computer performance and speed.

Optimize / Complete– it is the most complete and thorough defragmentation method of the program. Using it you can achieve very good defragmentation results and fully rearrange fragmented files. This method is lengthier than above mentioned ones, but it allows you to get more significant defragmentation degree. It is very useful for the first-time defragmentation, system drive defragmentation and rearrangement of relatively small number of files, for example, 100,000.

O&O Defrag Pro 19 also includes five standard defragmentation methods; they are as follows:

STEALTH Method– it is the fastest method and it uses a very little memory during the defragmentation process. It is not as complete as other four methods, but, thanks to the unique STEALTH technology, allows you to defragment a large number of files very quickly regardless available free space or system memory. It is a very good option for those users who have got relatively weak computers or for them who have got a very large number of files on the hard drive.

SPACE Method– this defragmentation method is of use for heavy fragmentation because it lets you greatly consolidate files by placing them into the free slots and significantly maximize free space. The defragmentation time is lengthier than in STEALTH method, but it is not very long. Using this method you have the possibility to rearrange the space of the hard drive and speed up performance and speed of the computer.

COMPLETE Method– it is the most advanced and complete method. O&O Defrag Pro 19 offers three variants- Access, Modified and Name. They provide complete defragmentation of all available files (including large, system and MTF files) and thoroughly optimize their placement. The difference between them lies in optimization strategies. Thus, using Complete / Modified the files are arranged in accordance with their modification; it is very effective and useful for those disks on which files are regularly modified. During Complete / Name method all files are organized and sorted according to alphabetical order which provide a quick launch of the operating system and libraries on the disk where the file modification is rarely made. Complete / Access method deals with lately accessed files and sorts them according to this rule at the end of the disk.

Disk Cleaner– O&O Defrag Pro 19 can proudly boast of this new feature called Disk Cleaner which allows you to get rid of unused and temporary files and significantly increase free disk space.

All you need is to click the Analysis button which will thoroughly search the drive for unnecessary files and give you a complete report about all found files, fragments and their size.

With the help of this tool you can safely remove temporary files, temporary Internet files, downloaded Windows updates, memory dumps of system errors and crashes, Windows error reports, thumbnail cache and setup log files.

In the settings you can specify those file types which you want to be excluded for and cleaned by the program.

Disk Cleaner 1

disk Cleaner 2

Add and Create Job– O&O Defrag Pro 19 allows you to create your own defragmentation jobs and specify the desired settings and options. New job window is divided into several tabs; they are as follows:

General– in this tab you should enter the name of the job, optionally add some descriptions and specify post-job task, for example, No Action or Shut Down, etc.

Schedule– here you have the possibility to schedule the job, i.e. specify the frequency of the scheduled task (for example, once, weekly, etc.), time of the job execution and some additional advanced settings.

Drives– with the help of this tab you can select the desired drive for defragmentation and specify the defragmentation method and degree of defragmentation after which the program must start defragmenting the drive.

In this tab you can also activate Boot time defragmentation and Zone Filling.

Files– O&O Defrag Pro 19 allows you to specify files which must be excluded from the defragmentation process on the one hand, and, on the contrary, add files which must be defragmented on the other hand.

In addition, you can exclude large files from defragmentation by specifying their size, for example, files larger than 300 MB, etc.

Activity Monitor– this feature is very useful for those who have got relatively weak computers; in this tab you can limit defragmentation process by specifying CPU parameters for running the job, and some others.

Settings- here you can specify how to handle storage media types and the creation of reports.

In addition, the program allows you to specify pre-job and post-job execution commands.

Job- General

Job- Schedule 1

Job- Files

Extras– O&O Defrag Pro 19 includes some extra tools; they are as follows:

Check Drives– before starting the defragmentation of the disk, it is recommended to check drives for errors. The process of checking does not take much time and a thorough report will be viewed as a HTML document in any browser; it contains detailed info on the disk status, the number of fragmented files, etc.

Cluster inspector– it is a very convenient tool which allows you to view the contents of each disk cluster. It gives you information on the number of clusters, fragments in the block, their size and file type.

Cluster Inspector

Determine file position– with the help of this tool you can view the position of any file on the disk, how many clusters they occupy, etc.

Wipe free space– by means of this tool you can optimize free space of the disk by overwriting it with zeros and clearing up from the remnants of deleted files.

SSD TRIM– SSD drives use other technology as compared with HDDs, but O&O Defrag Pro 19 allows you to work with SSDs, as well. Thanks to TRIM technology it improves the performance of SSDs and optimizes unused drive space.

Connect to computer– this feature of the program allows you to establish connection with other computers on the Network and remotely manage them.

Zone Filling– I think that it is a very great tool of the program. With the help of it you have the possibility to divide the drive into three zones during defragmentation according to their usage and importance; they are as follows:

The first zone contains Windows system files and installed programs.

The second zone contains user data, i.e. different documents, and so on.

The third zone contains rarely used data and very large files.

Thanks to this division the program will effectively manage each zone and defragment its contents based on its priority, i.e. Windows system files will be defragmented in other way than, for example, rarely used data.

The program allows you to change the default rules and configure your own rules by defining your own zones according to your preferences and needs.

Zone Filling 1

Zone Filling 2

What is new in O&O Defrag Pro 19?

Full Support for Windows 10

In-built O&O Disk Cleaner

Deleting free space on hard disk for you privacy

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 10

50 MB of free hard disk space


O&O Defrag Pro 19 is one of the well-known and best programs for defragmenting hard drives which allows you to eliminate file fragmentation and arrange them in order. It offers a wide selection of advanced and unique features to optimize the system. Thanks to five different defragmentation methods and some extra tools, O&O defrag 18 Pro helps you to achieve the maximum results and keep the computer at the peak of performance.


1. Different reliable defragmentation methods
2. Disk Cleaner for deleting unnecessary files
And so on


The program is available only in two languages- English and German

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