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O&O DiskImage Pro 9 Review
by April 3, 2015

O&O DiskImage Pro 9 Review

Every user must have a good and reliable backup software program. O&O DiskImage 9, developed by German company O&O Group, is just that program. It has got everything what you need for performing, editing and creating high-quality backups and restoring them in the event of the system failure.

Download and Installation

O&O DiskImage 9 can be downloaded from the official O&O software website. There are three different versions of the program- Professional ($29.00), Workstation ($39.00) and Server ($299.00). The Pro version is the most suitable for the home users so we have chosen it for our review. It includes all necessary features which are more than enough for performing the basic backup and restore actions. (the full comparison list and principal differences between versions can be found on the official site).

The installation file has got separate versions for 32 and 64-bit and it is rather small, only about 40 MB.

The installation process is straight forward. All you need is to accept the license agreement and choose the desired setup type (Typical, Complete or Custom). That is all. Do not forget to restart your operating system after installation to enable the full functionality of the program.

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 7

The Interface of the Program

The interface of O&O DiskImage 9 is very intuitive and easy to use. It is designed, as many other modern software programs, in so-called metro style.

The Menu Bar consists of five tabs:

Start – it includes all main tools of the program which allows you to perform the basic operations such as backup, restore, etc.


Drive Operation – here are collected tools for creating, cloning and restoring the backup files.

Drive Operation

File Operation – it includes tools for backing up files and folders.

File Operation

Tools – here you can find some additional tools of the program, for instance, conversion of backups, burning of images, drive checking, and so on.


Jobs and Reports – it contains detailed reports of created backups. Here you can also edit and schedule your backup files, etc.


The Main Features of the Program


O&O allows you to create and perform the following backup types:

Full Backup, i.e. you can create a backup of entire partition, drives or computer, all files are backed up which are specified by the user.

Incremental Backup, i.e. such kind of backup when not all files are backed up, but only those that have changed since the last backup. This type of backup is very good when you want greatly reduce the backup size and access the different versions of the same backup file created at different times.

Differential Backup, i.e. such kind of backup when only new files are added the earlier created full backup.

Clone the drive, i.e. make an exact copy of entire drive or disk. It is very essential because 1:1 copy of your disk or drive will be always at your disposal.

Backup Files and Folders – the program allows you to backup individual files and folders and save them in OBK format. The main advantage of this format lies in that it can be opened with the help of any decompression program such as WinRar or WinZip.

File Backup


O&O DiskImage contains some additional features which greatly increase the program functionality and usefulness. They are as follows:

Compression – during the disk image creation you can take full advantage of some advanced features of the program. The first of them is data compression. You can either turn it on or off. In the first case, the backup file will take less space but the process of its creation will be longer. In the second case, the backup file will be bigger, but the data copying will be faster. The program offers two compression methods- LZNT 1 Standard and BZIP 2. Using this feature is very essential if you want to save valuable hard disk space.


Image Splitting – the second additional feature of O&O DiskImage is an image splitting. It is very useful if you want, for instance, to transfer the backup to any removable storage or over the Internet. You have got two options, namely, to choose offered by the program sizes (from 5 MB through 25 MB) or define the desired size manually.

Encryption – the third additional of the program is an encryption of the created backups. This feature allows you to protect the backups from unauthorized access and use. The program offers the most advanced and secure encryption methods based on the well-known AES (i.e. Advanced Encryption Standard) technology. You can use one of three offered by the O&O DiskImage 9 encryption methods- AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256.


Merge Incremental Images – the program has got a very useful tool which allows the user to select several incremental backups, join them together and create one base backup file. You have got the possibility to compress this file, encrypt it with one of three encryption methods, split it into several smaller parts and even add personal comments.


Convert Image File – all backup files created by the O&O DiskImage are saved in the default program format called OMG, but you can convert them to VHD (i.e. Virtual Hard Disk) format and vice versa. During the conversion, you can also specify and configure some options such as compression, encryption, and splitting.


Bootable Disk – is more than essential and needful to have a bootable disk at hand. It is very necessary in many cases, for example, in the event of the failure in the operating system, and so on. O&O DiskImage includes the tool for creating a bootable disk. The process of creating is very fast and simple. It takes just a few minutes. After finishing it you have got the possibility to burn it to CD or DVD disks, transfer to a USB drive or save as an ISO file.

Bootable disk 1

Bootable Disk 2

Burn Backup files – O&O DiskImage has got a special inbuilt tool called DiskImage Writer which allows you to create ISO files and then burn them onto CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks. This tool offers four options:

Burn image files (it allows you to name a backup file, select disk type, i.e. CD, DVD or Blu-Ray and notes to it.

Burn Backup Files 1

Create an ISO file (it contains the same options as above mentioned)

Burn Backup Files 2

Burn an ISO file (it allows you to select the desired write speed- from 5540 KB/s through 22160 KB/s, writing method, for example, track at once, and some other additional settings.

Burn Backup Files 3

Delete rewritable disk (it offers two deletion method – Quick and Complete).


Check Drive – the integrity and health of hard disk partitions are very important that is why the program contains a special tool for checking drives for errors. With the programs help you can perform thorough analyses of your disk partitions. The process is rather fast and takes several minutes to complete. The program gives you detailed information about disk health and performance. You have got the possibility to save these results as a text file.

Check drive 1

Check Drive 3

Image Information – the program allows you to get thorough info about created backup files, i.e. path, imaging method, backup type, etc.

Image information

Validate Image File – all backup files can be validated after creation. The program checks them and gives a report about their integrity and health.

Validate Image File 1

Validate Image File 2

Mount Drive – O&O DiskImage 9 allows you to mount created backups and ISO files as a virtual drive and perform some actions with them, for instance, copy files, and so on.

Mount 2

Jobs and Reports (Schedule) – in this section you can view, edit and schedule the created backup files, namely,

Name and add notes to them

Schedule backups, i.e. select the backup execution time, for example, daily or weekly at a certain time, etc.

Get email notification in the case of a successful job run, and so on.

Job 1

Job 2

Job 5

System Requirements

Windows Vista – Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 – 2012

30 MB of free hard disk space

1 GB of RAM


O&O DiskImage 9 is a powerful backup program. Using it you can quickly and easily create a full system image or simply back up individual files and folders. The program has got a special scheduler which helps you to execute automatic backups at a specified time. If something goes wrong with your operating system, you can easily recover it from the created backup with just a few clicks. Additionally, it contains several useful tools which greatly enhance the program functionality.

O&O DiskImage is just that program that you need.



1. Creating full, differential and incremental backups
2. Compression and encryption of backups
3. Backup schedule
and many others



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O&O DiskImage is just that program that you need.

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