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O&O SafeErase Pro 15 Review

O&O SafeErase Pro 15 Review

by December 12, 2015

O&O SafeErase Pro 15 Review

It is very important to choose a reliable and advanced application for protecting your sensitive and confidential information. It is needless to say that there are a lot of reasons why you have to do that, for example, when you want to buy a new hard drive and sell an old one. Fortunately, you can find plenty of handy and useful applications on the software market which offers a wide range of advanced features and allow you to erase confidential data permanently and unrecoverably. O&O SafeErase  Pro 10 is one of those applications. It has just been upgraded to the new tenth version (on 2nd of December) with a lot of enhancements, improvements and new features. With the help of this excellent program you can perform a lot of operations; it allows you to delete separate files and folders, entire disks or partitions, Internet files or Windows and program files using six different deletion methods. It completely eliminates the possibility of recovering deleted data even with the most advanced applications.

If you have a wish to give the program a try and make yourself familiar with all its new features and functions, you can easily do that by downloading it from the official website. The program is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows and it currently supports only two interface languages- English and German. The trial version can be tested for 30 days but, unfortunately, it has got some restrictions, namely, O&O SafeErase  Pro 10 does not allow you to erase free space on the hard drive and the entire computer.

As usual the program is offered in three different versions- Professional (it is a version for home users intended for use only on a single computer), Workstation (for use within a small company) and Server (for servers).

The Professional version is an ideal option for home use; it includes practically everything for secure and unrecoverable deletion of any sensitive data from the computer.

The installation procedure is very straightforward and easy. After accepting the terms of the license agreement, you have to choose one of three setup types offered by the program, i.e. Typical (only the most common features of the program will be installed), Custom (during this setup type you are allowed to customize some features and choose what program features will be installed) and Complete (all program features will be installed).

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 5

Installation 8

The user interface of O&O SafeErase  Pro 10 is very easy to navigate and use. Every function of the program is conveniently arranged and usable. The main window is divided into two parts- Sidebar and Control Center.

The Sidebar includes four buttons, namely, Control Center (all main tools can be found here, i.e. tools for erasing files and folders, hard disks and partitions, Internet files, and so on. In this section you have the possibility to scan your computer for files which pose a security risk and delete all of them); Deletion Lists (it contains tools for permanent deletion of Internet and Windows files; here you can also manage your deletion lists, for example, save or delete them, etc.); Reports (this section provides you with info about each performed action of the program, for example, you can get thorough reports about used deletion method, status, date, and so on; in addition, O&O SafeErase  Pro 10 also allows you to print reports or save them as a text file)) and Settings (here you can specify some program options, for example, default deletion method, storage location for reports, and some others).

Interface- Control Center

The main features of the program

The first thing you have to do after starting the program is to run the system analysis and discover those elements that contain sensitive and personal data and can be easily recovered and used by evil-doers. After completing the scan, O&O SafeErase Pro 10 will give you a detailed report about each vulnerability, for example, cookies and website data, browsing history and temporary Windows files, shortcuts of recently accessed documents and image cache, and so on. All you need is to click on the button “Clean” and all unsafe elements will be permanently erased from the hard drive and inaccessible for others.


Permanent Data erasure- with the help of O&O SafeErase Pro 10 you can remove any sensitive data from the hard drive. The program allows you to delete separate files and folders on the one hand and the entire hard disk or individual partitions on the other hand. The process of erasing is very easy. All you need is to select files and folders or check hard disk and partitions to erase and select a preferable deletion method. That is all; after clicking on the button “SafeErase now”, all files will be removed from the hard drive and nobody will be able to restore them.

For those computer users which have got SSD disks the program offers a special advanced SSD trim technology which allows them to delete data securely and without damaging the disk.

O&O SafeErase Pro 10 also allows you to perform other operations which are not available in the trial version, i.e. you can erase free space on the hard drive or delete all volumes on the computer.

SafeErase files and folders 1

Safe erase files and folders 2

SafeErase Internet, Windows and program files- O&O SafeErase Pro 10 is a great application for permanent erasing files and folders but it offers much more. With the help of the program you have the possibility to erase Internet files (i.e. cookies, bookmarks, download history, saved website data, browsing history, passwords, entered URLs and some others; the program supports all well-known and popular browsers, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on) and Windows and program files (i.e. shortcuts of recently accessed documents, temporary Windows files, image preview cache, Windows Recycle Bin, kernel dump files, etc.).

Internet Files

Windows Files

Deletion Methods- the main advantage of O&O SafeErase Pro 10 is that it offers only the most reliable, secure and advanced deletion methods for permanent erasing data from the hard drive. The program includes six different deletion methods- Overwrite with zeros, Lowest security, Low security, Medium security, High security and Highest security. Each method has got its benefits and differs from each other in the number of overwriting cycles for performing complete disk erasure; so, you have the possibility to choose the most suitable method which meets your requirements and needs. If your data does not contain any sensitive info, you can simply overwrite it with zeros; but if your documents are extremely confidential and they contain a lot of private details, you can take full advantage of the most secure deletion method of the program and overwrite them 35 times. Of course, the erasure time significantly depends on the number of selected files to erase and the chosen deletion method. The more secure is a deletion method, the more time it takes to erase the disk.

Overwrite data with zeros- this is the quickest and simplest method for data erasing; the files will be simply overwritten with zeros. This method is acceptable for you if you want to get rid of non-confidential data.

Lowest Security- this deletion method is fast enough and it allows you to overwrite data with random values only one; so it does not provide you with everything you need to feel secure about your private documents.

Low Security- this method is based on NISPOM DoD 5220.22 M (short for National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual) developed in 1995 and offers reliable protection against data theft. All files are overwritten three times with fixed and random values and they are practically unrecoverable after erasing.

Medium Security- with this method which is based on German BSI deletion algorithm you have the possibility to overwrite files six times. It is lengthier than above-described three methods but more reliable and secure.

High Security- if you want your files to be totally unrecoverable, you can take full advantage of this excellent deletion method based on well-known DoD 5220.22-M deletion algorithm. Files erased with the help of this method are impossible to recover because they are overwritten seven times with fixed and random values.

Highest Security- it is the most advanced and reliable deletion method offered by O&O SafeErase Pro 10. It is based on a so-called Gutmann method and allows you to overwrite files 35 times.

What is new in O&O SafeErase Pro 10?

Full support for Windows 10

Support for the new Edge browser.

In addition, this new version has got a lot of improvements and enhancements.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

20 MB of free hard disk space.


O&O SafeErase Pro 10 is a great program for those users who want to protect their confidential and sensitive documents from unauthorized distribution and theft. Thanks to advanced deletion algorithms and six powerful erasing methods, it allows you to delete files, folders, disks, partitions and even the entire computer. Data deleted with the help of the program is impossible to recover. It will be permanently removed from the system and nobody will be able to use it.

If you wish to have a program which secures your files against evil-doers and hackers, you have to choose O&O SafeErase Pro 10 as a default application for permanent and unrecoverable deletion of files.


1. A very user-friendly interface.
2. Six advanced and reliable methods for permanent file deletion.
3. Additional tools to deletion of Internet and Windows files.


Only two languages supported by the program.

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