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O&O ShutUp10 is a free app to secure your privacy in Windows 10

O&O ShutUp10 is a free app to secure your privacy in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 27, 2016

Windows 10 is inching towards being the most popular operating system in the World.

OO Shutup 10 Windows

While it may take a year or two, or perhaps more to achieve the landmark, more and more people are upgrading to the new operating system.

Many are worried however, that Windows 10 sends many error logs to Microsoft’s servers to improve the quality of the operating system. And then there is the issue with personal infromation like Calendar info, and contact info, being shared by apps like Cortana, to remind you about your appointments, travelling route, etc.

These telemetry practices, are unpopular amongst those who value their privacy. Fortunately most of these location services, and data sharing can be disabled. But some of these settings aren’t even available as toggles from the Settings app, and as a result the process is not user friendly. This is where O&O ShutUp10 helps.

It is a free application which offers complete control of the privacy settings in Windows 10. And it does so impeccably from one single Window. You don’t even have to install the application. Simply download the zip archive, extract the contents to any folder.

O&O ShutUp10 allows to tweak the following settings in Windows 10: (we are only listing a few here)

Security – Telemetry, WiFi sense
Windows Defender
Privacy – App access to Camera, Mic, Calendar, etc
Synchronization of Windows Settings – Browser, Accessibility, Credentials, etc
Cortana – Search related
Location Services
User Behavior – App Telemetry
Windows Update
Miscellaneous – Windows Feedback, OneDrive

Each and every toggle has a nice description, which lets the user know which setting disables what. And each toggle is marked with a symbol, denoting whether it is a recommened one or not. Should you be confused by the list, hit the Actions menu, and you will find some one-click settings for easily disabling every recommended settings, along with some limited settings.

OO Shutup 10 Windows one-click

It also lets you undo changes with a full reset with one click. And when you try to change a setting the application prompts you to create a System Restore point, which it can. So the application is quite safe to use as well.

Download O&O ShutUp10 for free from the official website.


Free (and ad-free)
Good interface
One-click setting for easily disabling every privacy setting


Might be a little confusing for novice users. But you have a one-click setting to deal with it.

Oh, and you can read our exclusive interview with Olaf Kehrer, the Managing Director of O&O Software, for some interesting insights.