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Open Live Writer update adds support for Google Blogger labels

Open Live Writer update adds support for Google Blogger labels

by AshwinDecember 24, 2015

Earlier this month, we reported that a group of developers from the .NET Foundation, led by Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman, had open sourced the Redmond company’s blogging tool, Windows Live Writer.

Open Live Writer

It was given a new life in the form of a new app, Open Live Writer.

The idea behind this project, is to offer bug fixes, and support for the latest web blogging services. This is because the older (read obsolete) Windows Live Writer app, is being used by a lot of authors.

Speaking of which, I myself am one of those proud users, and use it quite frequently for posting articles, thanks to its plethora of built in options, and offline writing options.

The .NET foundation received strong support from other developers, including engineers from Google.

The Mountain View company has a free blogging service, called Blogger, which is used by many a budding writer, established authors, and even by some companies. Google will be changing to a new API for authorising logins, to support Open Auth2.

That change was actually going to happen this year, but was pushed back to 2016, because the developers involved in Open Live Writer wanted the app to work before the transition

When Open Live Writer was released, the first version did not offer Blogger support. This is one issue which was also being worked upon by both the developers of the app, and the team from Google.

Open Live Writer received its first major update yesterday, which patches the version number to The latest version brings in many big fixes which prevented the app from working with Google Blogger. The blogging tool, now supports tags (aka labels), and enables support for Split Posts in Blogger. The offline writing options in the app, which allows writers to save posts as drafts weren’t working well with the prior version, as they wouldn’t open, and throw up an error. The same issue impacted published posts as well. This has now been fixed in the latest update.

Version, a bug fixing update, has been released to fix issues with Blogger Labels, Save didalog which came up (even when the content hasn’t been changed).

Download Open Live Writer from the official website. There is a different way to update your app, as reported by Win Beta. If you already have the app (older version) installed on your PC, you can open it and leave it running for a while (a minute or two). Now, close the app, and restart it to get the new version updated automatically.