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Open Live Writer breathes new life into Windows Live Writer

Open Live Writer breathes new life into Windows Live Writer

by AshwinDecember 10, 2015

Microsoft’s blogging tool, Windows Live Writer is no officially open source.

Open Live Writer
The news isn’t remotely surprising. We reported about this happening, way back in June 2015.

Several Microsoft volunteers from the the .NET Foundation, have teamed up to make this possible. They will be maintaining the app, to ensure it is patched from time to time.

Microsoft launched Live Writer in 2007, and it quickly rose to fame as a popular authoring tool, used by many top bloggers. But five years later, in 2012, the Redmond Company abandoned the app, when online editors such as Blogger and WordPress began to grow in popularity.

But despite this, stats apparently showed that most of its users were in fact using the Live Writer app to publish articles, says the announcement post at the .Net Foundation. This is what prompted the group of developers with help from Scott Hanselman, one of the creators of Live Writer, to continue supporting the app, in an open source format, so others can contribute to the project as well.

Do note that, Open Live Writer does not support Spell Checking, Blog This API, Albums, and Plugins. One of my friends wrote some plugins for the old Live Writer. He confirmed that they don’t work with the new Open Source Live Writer, and other older plugins.

But Hansleman’s article reveals that his team is working on the app promises to add support for plugins, as well as spell check (using Window 8’s built-in spell checker), and support for Google’s new OAuth 2 (which we reported about recently), and is necessary for using the Mountain View company’s Blogger platform.

Download Open Live Writer from the official website. The app’s installer is just under 5mb to download.  In terms of appearance and functionality, Open Live Writer is identical to the original Live Writer tool, as it is a direct fork of the latter.

Open Live Writer UI

You can use the app for working with WordPress, SharePoint and many other services. The app installs alongside your existing installation of Windows Live Writer so , you can safely try it without making any changes to the original app’s settings.

Should you wish to build an app or improve Open Live Writer, you can find the source code, which has been posted at the GitHub open source repository.

Microsoft recently announced that it will be open sourcing the major components of its browser engine Chakra Javascript Engine, under the name ChakraCore Engine, (which power Microsoft Edge), at GitHub in early 2016.