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Opera 33 for Windows, Mac and Linux released and here’s what’s new in the browser

Opera 33 for Windows, Mac and Linux released and here’s what’s new in the browser

by AshwinOctober 28, 2015

Opera, the popular browser just hit version 33 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Opera 33 Windows Mac Linux

And the new build of the browser focuses on performance and network issues.

Here’s the full list of changes that Opera 33 brings. First of all, the browser has a new 3D logo. The following image shows the logos of the Opera Developer, Beta and Stable versions look like. The new “O” logo can be found in the menu button, the taskbar, and the desktop.

Opera new icon developer beta stableI

The focus, as I mentioned earlier, is on providing excellent browser speed, and to achieve this, the browser uses a Turbo mode for slow networks. What this does is that it compresses data, and serves them through its servers, thus reducing the load times of the webpages. The new version of Opera includes Turbo 2, a newer improved version of the compression technology feature. You can enable this option from Opera’s menu > Opera Turbo.

You may be aware that a couple of years ago, Opera ended the development of its own browser engine, Presto, and instead shifted to use the Google’s Webkit engine. But then the Mountain View company moved on to a newer one, called Blink, and Opera went on to follow in its footsteps, once again. So, if you are wondering why Opera looks just like Chrome, it is because it is based on the Chromium Project.

Speaking of which, the newest version of Opera also improves upon the hardware performance of the browser, thanks to the company’s involvement in the Chromium project. So, the browser will now use less memory on your computer.

Opera 33 for Mac now includes a new toolbar, which the developers call “vibrant” to go with the transparent look of OS X El Capitan. Opera 33 for Linux now has a support for H264 video and MP3 audio codecs. The latest version of the browser is based on the Chromium/Blink version 46, which puts it on par with the newest build of Google Chrome.

Download Opera 33 for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website. You can get the full offline installer, from the link which can be found just below the “Download” button at the webpage linked above. Sadly, there still isn’t a 64-bit version of the browser for Windows, but there is one available for Linux.

If you’re installing Opera for the first time on your PC, you will want to uncheck the option to share usage statistics with the developers. If you want an alternative, I recommend giving Vivaldi browser a shot.