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Opera 34 with improved Opera Turbo data saver mode released

Opera 34 with improved Opera Turbo data saver mode released

by AshwinDecember 8, 2015

Opera has released version 34 of its browser to the stable channel.

Opera 34 stable version

The update brings in an improved version of the data saving mode, Opera Turbo.

In case you aren’t aware, Opera Turbo is the browser’s built-in technology which compresess all web data in the brower, thus helping the user save some bandwidth. This may not be much of a concern for some, but there are users around the World, who have an internet connection, with limited badnwidth (aka data cap).

And it is for such low bandwidth and high latency networks,that the new upgrade to Opera Turbo is touted to be more faster and reliable.

This isn’t the only change which Opera 34 brings. The latest version of the browser also adds some changes under the hood. The ost notable one is the News feed feature, which has been renamed as Discover, but that doesn’t change the way it works.

Opera has added support for MSE audio formats including audio/mpeg and audio/aac mimetypes,. The browser now supports Google Play Music playback, and similar services, though Opera didn’t name which ones.

Downloading files has been made more easier, thanks to a new option in the pop-up which appears when you hit a link. This pop-up now has a cancel option, which you can make use of should you wish to stop an in-progress download. Resuming file downloads is also simpler, in case you accidentally closed the browser.

Mac users have one exclusive feature that Opera 34 brings. The browser has a share button to share pages from other apps on the machine ( for e.g Twitter, Mail).

Download Opera 34 for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website. Opera 34 is based on Chromium version 47.

Personally, we prefer the next iteration of the browser, which has added several new features. This includes some UI improvements for Windows 10, a new context menu option to Mute Other Tabs which replaces Mute All Tabs. A new simpler settings menu has been added for accessing the most popular features of the browser in one place.

It also has better support for downloading files, in that it displays a warning, if the user tries to close the browserm when a file download is in progress.

The Search Box also makes a comeback in Opera 35 (not enabled by default).  Should these additions interest you, Opera 35 a try by downloading the developer version from the official website. This should install alongside the stable version.