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Opera 35.0.2060.0 Developer version adds Search Hint, Simple settings, Search box and more

Opera 35.0.2060.0 Developer version adds Search Hint, Simple settings, Search box and more

by AshwinNovember 27, 2015

Opera has updated its browser to version 35 in the developer channel to throw in some new useful features.

Opera 35 developer version Search Hint

First up we have the Search hint, which is nothing more than a tip, which educates the user, that a web search can be made directly from the Address bar.

Simply, enter the key word you wish to query for, and hit enter to complete the search. This reminder can be dismissed by clicking on the got it button.

Recently we reported that Opera added a new option to the developer version of the browser, to kill all the noise from tabs. The browser maker called this feature, “Mute me baby”. What made this feature really unique, is the fact that it allowed the user to mute not just one tab, but all of the tabs with just one click of the mouse.
Opera says in its announcement post for Developer version 35 , that the feature was well received by users, but some of them apparently did not like the “mute all tabs” option. So with the latest developer version, the option to silence all the tabs has been disabled. But fret not, there is a new context menu option which still allows you to mute one or all tabs.

Opera 35 developer version mute other tabs

The browser now has a Simple Settings page, but you can switch from Basic to Advanced Settings with a single click.

Despite the ability to search from the Address Bar, some users prefer to use the old Search box, and it has been added in the latest developer version of Opera. This is not enabled by default, and instead can be turned on from the Opera Menu > Advanced Settings > User Interface.

Opera 35 developer version enable search bar

This will put the Search Bar, next to the address bar.

Opera 35 developer version search bar
The Search Bar is quite handy if you want auto-complete suggestions for assistance in your queries.

Opera 35 developer build also adds a new UI tweak called Frame color awareness. This feature allows you to change the colour of the titlebar, in Windows 10. More specifically, this feature is only available in Windows 10 Threshold 2 update. The Tab Bar buttons, the New Tab and the Tab Menu colours are all changed to white, similar to how Windows handles its default buttons.

Opera 35 developer version frame-color-awareness

You can access the flag for Frame color awareness from the local URL chrome://flags/#frame-color-awareness (browser restart required upon change).

Download Opera 35.0.2060.0 Developer version from the official website. The latest version of the browser is based on Chromium 48.0.2560.0.