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Opera 35.0.2064.0 developer version brings UI improvements for Windows 10

Opera 35.0.2064.0 developer version brings UI improvements for Windows 10

by AshwinDecember 6, 2015

Opera has released a new developer version of its browser, focused on UI improvements for PCs running on Windows 10.

Opera 35 developer version frame

Recently we reported that Opera removed the “Mute all tabs” option (due to some negative feedback) and replaced it with a context menu entry to “Mute other Tabs”, to keep the sound in the active tab running.

Speaking of negative feedback, many users had criticized the ad-blocking section, which was added to the Simple Settings menu of the browser. The browser maker after taking this into consideration, has now removed  the section from the latest  developer build of Opera 35.

Remember the recently added frame color awareness feature? It can be accessed from the flags section, and gives the title bar of the browser a new look. Prior to the 35.0.2064.0 update, this feature was exclusive to PCs which were running on the Threshold 2 Update of the operating system.

The browser now has a slew of Windows 10 centric eye candy features, all of which are available for all earlier builds of Windows 10 too. One of the new changes is the new Window Frame which has better contrast. Users can tweak the Window frame view options from the Personalization system settings.

The control menu items have also been improved to look better on active and hover actions.

Issues related to the Search Hint, Password manager, Themes, Search Box.  and inability to drag & drop bookmarks, crashes caused by the extension expander have all been fixed in the latest update.  For a full list of changes, read the release notes available at the page linked below.

Download Opera 35.0.2064.0 developer version for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website. 64-bit installers are available for Linux deb and RPM.

Linux users, be wary of a bug which causes the browser to crash, when a H264 video is played. Opera says it is working on a fix for the issue. The latest developer version of Opera is based on Chromium 48.0.2564.10.

Opera 34 beta “stable release candidate” :

Opera Beta users, you also have a new version to try, Opera 34.0.2036.24. This version of the browser is based on Chromium 47.0.2526.73 and is mostly just a stability update. It fixes some issues related to Speed Dial animation, Equalizer and Loading Icon on Mac OS X. Additionally, crashes in Windows 10 and 8.1 caused by web notifications have also been fixed.

Opera calls this beta release as a stable release candidate, and that it is devoid of any major bugs.