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Opera 35 beta brings Duplicate Bookmark Cleaning, New Noisy Tab indicator and more

Opera 35 beta brings Duplicate Bookmark Cleaning, New Noisy Tab indicator and more

by AshwinDecember 15, 2015

Last week, Opera slightly annoyed users by stating it will skip the technical details about the Opera 35 version. This essentially meant that a detailed change log was not being provided.

Opera 35 Noisy Tabs

Naturally, tech-savvy Opera users took to the announcement page, and asked the browser developers to provide more information. Hey, we really like the technical bits you know.

And Opera has obliged to the request, with a full and detailed list of changes, some of which are actually rather impressive. Let’s analyse it, shall we?

Duplicate Bookmarks Cleaning:

Opera 35 beta adds a new algorithm to the browse’s built-in synchronization feature (Opera Sync), which helps in detecting your bookmarks for duplicates. When it finds a duplicate bookmark, it will not be synced, i.e it kind of removes it from the sync queue. This only happens when Sync is not currently running.

Search Box (not on by default):

Opera is adding a Search Box, which users can enable from the settings page. This move adds the box next to the Address Bar, which coincidentally can also be used to search the web. We already reported about this feature, so you can read more in our previous coverage.

Basic Settings page:

Opera has added in a basic Settings page in version 35 of the browser, which allows the user to change the download folder, the theme of the app, etc. Technically speaking, Opera seems to have dumbed down the Settings page for new users. But there is an Advanced Settings page (from Basic Settings) for those who wish to tinker with the more complicated options.

More User Friendly changes:

Opera recently changed the browser’s menu from Opera to Menu, to help new users understand the UI. Similarly, it has renamed the Discover tab to News. The first impression is the best impression, and so will Opera’s first run which will start the browser in a maximized window, and also display a heart pop-up prompting the user to enable the bookmarks bar.

The browser will display a warning when the user tries to close the app, when a download is in progress.

Muting Tabs:

Opera has made some changes to the way the mute button appears on noisy tabs. Now, the option will no longer appear in every tab, but only on the tab which you hover on. But don’t worry, the browser will still indicate noisy tabs, by placing a volume level icon on it. This icon will change to a mute (speaker) icon when you move the cursor over it.

You can also right click on the tab to mute it, or to mute all the other tabs.

Download Opera 35 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the official announcement page.