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Opera 35 developer version adds support for muting tabs, in progress download warning on exit and more

Opera 35 developer version adds support for muting tabs, in progress download warning on exit and more

by AshwinNovember 18, 2015

Opera has updated its developer version of the browser to v35.

Opera 35 mute tabs

Technically it is Opera 34 with a few features thrown in, and here’s what they are.

Opera recently fixed an issue related to extensions, which prevented extension permissions from appearing during installation, and also manual installation of extensions.

The browser now has support for muting tabs, and the company calls this feature “Mute me baby”. No more noisy tabs, most of today’s browsers have it, right? Of course you can click on a tab to mute it, be it a background tab or the one you have opened. But Opera has taken it one step further, and allows you to mute the entire browser. This could actually be very handy, in case you can’t find the annoying website which has started autoplaying a video, and gives you some extra time to do spot it.

Ever closed a browser while you have ongoing downloads, only to realise you can’t resume them later? Opera 35 has an Active downloads warning, which will help you avoid this with its new feature, which warns the user about in progress downloads when closing the browser.

Opera 35 unfinished downloads

Issues related to duplicate bookmarks and sync, which occurred when an internet connection was interrupted has been fixed in Opera 35.

Remember the new icons Opera added to the various versions of the browser, which we reported in our previous write up? Well, then you must be aware that the menu of the browser has an O icon to represent the name, Opera, This main menu now has a name, and it is called Opera Menu, what else did you expect?

Opera O Menu

Opera reports that apparently many of its users do not know how to use the bookmark bar, or even enable it. To make things easier, the company has added an option when a new bookmark is created, which allows the user to show or hide the bookmarks bar.

Opera 35 Show bookmarks bar

And the browser has a new simple settings page, which can be accessed fro the flag. This allows the user to tweak the apps most popular settings from one place.

There is a bit of bad news for Mac users in that version 35 of Opera, crashes on the Apple machines, when a pop-up window is opened. This is a known issue and Opera says it is working on fixing it soon.

Download Opera browser developer version 35.0.2052.0 from the official website. Opera 35 is based on Chromium 48.0.2547.0.