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Opera 35 brings better downloads, quieter tabs and easy customization options

Opera 35 brings better downloads, quieter tabs and easy customization options

by AshwinFebruary 2, 2016

Opera 35 has been released, and the update for the browser brings in a couple of useful new features.

Opera 35 Better Downloads

This happens to be the first update for the browser in 2016, in terms of the stable release channel.

Muting Tabs:

This feature isn’t exactly new to Opera, and has been in beta test for quite a few versions. But it has undergone quite a few changes. You can mute a tab by clicking on the speaker icon on top of the tab. To unmute it, simply click on the icon again.

Opera 35 mute tabs
Muting multiple tabs is also quite easy, simply right-click on a tab and select the option which says “Mute other tabs”. This does exactly what the name suggests. Originally the option was called “Mute All Tabs”, but users found it annoying and Opera accepted the feedback before changing it to the aforementioned option.

Opera 35 mute other tabs
Muting other tabs is in fact handy, as you can watch a video in peace without being disturbed by noise from other tabs. You can even let a tab play music and mute other tabs, which may have annoying auto-playing videos.

Better Downloads:

Downloading files in Opera has been improved over the past few versios. The browser makers added a built-in option to the program, which warns the user, when he/she tries to close Opera, while a download is in progress.

Opera 35 takes it a step further, by adding a new UI for the downloads tab. The new downloads section displays quite a bit of uselful information, like the folder the file was downloaded to (you can open the file or folder directly), the name of the file, the size of the file, the download status (completed or in progress). For in-progress downloads you see a progress bar, of course.

It also enables the user to view the download URL for a file as well, should you wish to verify where it is downloading from.  Additionally the new UI has quick links for popular file formats like documents, PDFs, images, music, videos, archives, etc.

Customization options:

Opera 35 introduces a new basic options in the Settings menu. This menu allows you to tweak the start-up options, the downloads, the bookmarks bar, cookies and more even change the themes.

Opera 35 settings

Download Opera 35 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the official website. You can get the Opera full offline installer for Windows from here.  Linux users have some good news, because 32-bit versions of Opera are now available.