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Opera 36 initial developer release brings a revamped Navigation Bar to the Speed Dial tab

Opera 36 initial developer release brings a revamped Navigation Bar to the Speed Dial tab

by AshwinDecember 10, 2015

Opera is on a roll today and has released several new versions of its browser.

Opera 36 developer release

This includes Opera 33 Stable, a new version of Opera 34Beta, a new build of Opera 35 Developer.

But those aren’t the ones we are going to discuss here today, as the changes in them are quite trivial. Instead what we are featuring here, is the Opera 36 initial developer release version.

The latest cycle of the browser will see some major changes in the UI, some of which are described below.

Revamped Speed Dial Tab:

Opera’s most popular feature, its built-in speed dial, is receiving a makeover. The new tab page, which used to feature a navigation bar on the bottom, has been redone to take the bar and place it on the left hand side.

This is not enabled by default though, but you can try it from the flags options. Sadly though, this is the only new feature you can try at the moment. To do so, open the following local URL in the browser.


And click on the drop-down menu and select “enabled” from the options, and restart the browser. As you can see from the screenshot comparison below, the new side-bar makes the speed dial page look more organized and less cluttered.

Opera 35 old speed dial tab:

Opera 35 old speed dial navigation bar

Opera 36 new speed dial tab:

Opera 36 new speed dial navigation bar

The speed dials have their titles placed outside the tiles, which also looks nice, and improves the readability. Oh, and clicking on the bookmarks icon makes the browser blink, in a white flash, this is a known issue and should be fixed soon.

News Tab to be more customizable:

The News Tab will be made more customizable, and will gain the option to add RSS Feeds. Currently it’s just bland and lets you choose a bunch of available topics, and select the region (Country) you wish to see the news articles from. So, this is a welcome change.

Opera Sync icon to be removed:

Opera’s built-in synchronization feature, Opera Sync, has an icon in the upper right corner. This icon will soon be removed from Opera 36, to make the UI look cleaner.

Opera 36 news

Just to be clear the feature isn’t being removed, only the icon is. The option is already available from the Opera menu, so we are guessing that it will be the only way to access Sync. Opera says that Sync’s reliability will also be improved.

Extensions on the toolbar:

Are all the extensions on the toolbar making it look cluttered? Don’t have room for more? You soon will, as Opera 36 will be updated with the expander.

Opera 36 addons

If you’re on the Opera developer release cycle, your browser will automatically be updated to version 36. Else you can download Opera 36 from the official website.