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Opera browser version 32 adds Password Sync, Animated Themes and bundles built-in SurfEasy VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux

Opera browser version 32 adds Password Sync, Animated Themes and bundles built-in SurfEasy VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux

by AshwinSeptember 16, 2015

Opera browser has received a major update today, to add support for two new features.

Opera 32

The update bumps the browser to version 32, and brings support for Chromium/Blink 45.

The first new feature is called Password Sync, and yes this is a basic feature already offered by the major browsers out there. Now you will be able to sync your passwords, bookmarks, tabs, etc with the native syncing option in Opera. It is good to see a built-in sync feature, than a third-party addon, and the bonus is of course you won’t need multiple extensions to sync each type of content. Though personally I rely on LastPass/Xmarks to do the job for cross-browser syncing, in addition to my browsers’ built-in sync options.

Oh, and Password Sync is currently only available for Desktops.

Opera 32 adds support for tree view in the bookmark menu (heart menu), which displays your bookmark folders in a rather neat way. To use this click on the heart icon and then on the dropdown menu, to view the folders.

Opera 32 bookmark tree menu

Opera’s famous speed dial, is now even better. The beloved feature now has animated themes, and you can download them from this page. You can preview a theme by visiting its page. Be warned though, the themes are a hefty download, but look really cool.

Opera 32 animated themes speed dial

Opera 32 animated theme snow speed dial

Now why did Opera bundle SurfEasy VPN into the browser?

The answer is simple, it wants to monetize from the service. Back in March 2015, Opera acquired the company behind SurfEasy VPN to provide a layer of security to its browser, and its users. Now it wants to advertise its product, by providing a limited amount of free usage (upto 500MB), after which users can opt for a premium subscription for $3.99, says a report by Techcrunch. The browser will prompt the user to download the VPN app, only when the browser is run in Private Mode.

I haven’t been a big fan of Opera since it abandoned the development of its browser’s engine, and jump shipped to Webkit, and later went on to follow Google Chrome’s footsteps, when the Mountain View Company ditched Webkit in favour of Blink. What intrigues me however is the Vivaldi browser, which is coincidentally, made by Opera co-founder, John von Tetzchner, and hopefully will outdo his former company’s browser.

The latest version of Opera browser for desktop is 32.0.1948.25. You can download the online or offline installer of Opera browser from the official website. The update also adds some miscellaneous stability enhancements and bug fixes, and also improves the design for toolbars in Mac.