Now Reading gets support for Clutter, new themes and more
0 gets support for Clutter, new themes and more

by AshwinMay 21, 2015

Microsoft is rolling out a plethora of new features for its email service,

The 18 year old service, formerly called Hotmail, is receiving the changes on an opt-in basis. gets support for Clutter:

The first change is the addition of Clutter. We reported about this feature, in the article about Office 2016 Preview. Clutter, as the name suggests deals with non-important emails. Outlook will learn your email patterns, and notify you only when an important mail arrives. The rest of the emails will be placed in a folder called Clutter.

Microsoft says Clutter will get better, the more you use, but you can also manually drag messages to and from the Clutter folder, to train Clutter. If you dislike the feature, you can turn it off, and back again from preferences.

Search and Suggestions, Themes:’s search capabilities have been improved, and now supports suggestions. This will help you find what you need quickly. It also includes highlighting, allowing you to spot the search terms easily in the results. It only gets better with Refiners, which helps you filter your search results with options like the date received, sender, folder and attachments. is also gaining a makeover, with 13 new themes to choose from. It is unclear if the themes will be customizable.

Link Previews, Inline Images:

Pasting a link in your email, will generate a rich preview of the webpage (in the link), giving your recipient a look at the contents of the destination page. We reported about a similar feature in Skype, recently. Link previews are not limited to webpages, and also works with video links from YouTube and Vimeo, as well.

You no longer have to drag images and wait to upload them and then insert it into an email. Simply copy and paste images directly to the email, wherever you want to for Inline images to work.

Pop-ups, Pins and Flags:

If you are a Gmail user you will be familiar with this concept. The Compose message option, now pop-ups a new window, allowing you to multi-task with ease.

Ever wanted to pin an important email on top of your inbox? You will be able to do so with The option will be available for each folder, so you can pin important messages in each folder.

Flags can be used to mark emails, as a follow-up, and can be managed with the help of a new Task module, which will be available from the app launcher.


If you think the name is similar to add-ons, you aren’t wrong. Add-ins are third party tools, which will be available when you are reading or composing an email. Add-ins are available from Uber, Boomerang and PayPal, and also include Microsoft’s own Bing Maps, My Templates and Suggested Meetings. Microsoft says more add-ins from other partners are on the way.

Windows Central says that users will be able to switch to the “Preview” features. There is no word on when Microsoft will make the options available though.

Skype, OneDrive sharing, Side-by-side Attachments:

Skype integration in has been improved and now lets you shift between an email and Skype easily. OneDrive sharing becomes easier, with a drag and drop option, and a file picker, either of the two will allow you to convert the file to a shared OneDrive link.

Attachments will be opened side-by-side with the email, and can even be edited, while you reply to the email, and any changes made to the attachment are saved automatically, eliminating the need to download, edit and re-upload the file. This also works with photos. calendar:

The calendar in Outlook gets improved navigation and now allows you to manage shared calendars, and find events quickly by name, invitees, location or the description. It also supports over 100 Country and Religious Calendars.

We also reported about the new Outlook Mail UI recently, but we are not sure when it will be rolled out.