Now Reading now allows you to save emails to OneNote – And here’s how to do it
0 now allows you to save emails to OneNote – And here’s how to do it

by AshwinNovember 26, 2015

Microsoft has been polishing its email service’s website,, with a lot of new features, and it has added another one which could prove to be very useful.

Save email in in OneNote now allows you to save emails to the Redmond company’s note taking service, OneNote.

This feature is doubly useful in that it allows users to save a copy of the email to OneNote, and you can even read them in OneNote when you are offline. Additionally, you can also use this feature to keep your inbox de-cluttered and organized.

There are two ways to save an email to OneNote, the quickest way is the one below, courtesy Groovypost.

How to save an email in to OneNote:

  1. Login to your Outlook account.
  2. Right click on any email, and a context menu should appear.
  3. Select the “Save to OneNote” option by left clicking on it.
  4. Choose the Notebook you want to save it to, and the section to store it in.
  5. Hit the save button and you are good to go.

You can also save an open email to OneNote, by clicking on the “Actions” button in the top right corner of the email.

How to view a saved email from in OneNote Online:

if you do not navigate away from the tab, you can simply click the “See in OneNote” button, which appears as soon as you hit the save button. To manually view an email in the note taking service, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the box button in the top left corner of Outlook, to bring up a list of the other Microsoft services.
  2. Select OneNote Online from the list.
  3. Click on the Notebook and navigate to the section you saved the email to.
  4. You will find the email saved there, including the pictures it contianed.

View saved email in OneNote

You can also use the OneNote app to view the saved emails.

The disadvantage in Save To OneNote, is that you cannot directly create a new Notebook from, but you can still use it to create a new section in your existing Notebooks.

The added bonus in Save To OneNote, is that, since the note taking service is available across many platforms, (read Android, iOS and Windows Mobile apps) you can keep your device synced to the web version, and read the emails on your mobile on the go.

The option to Save email to OneNote is not yet available in Windows 10’s Mail and Calendar app.