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Outlook for Mac adds support for Full Screen view and Split Screen view

Outlook for Mac adds support for Full Screen view and Split Screen view

by AshwinJanuary 13, 2016

Microsoft has announced a rather cool feature for its email application, Outlook 2016 for Mac.


The new feature, is called Full Screen view, and does exactly what the name suggests.

Outlook for Mac can now optionally, occupy the entire space of your screen, using Mac OS X’s native full screen view feature, allowing you to multi-task within the app, with multiple messages.

Opening email messages will open them in their own individual windows, within the app. The email message window is opened in focus view, meaning that the foreground is highlighted, for better reading and writing.

Full-Screen-view-Outlook-for-Mac-2016 Focused Window

To return to the inbox, just click outside the focused window, which will be minimized into a tab bar, placed at the bottom of the app. Each tab will display the subject of the message as its title, for easy navigation.

You can open two new messages side by side, for multi-tasking, or editing (copy and paste) the content, by clicking on a message in the tab bar, whilst a message is open in focus view. Microsoft has hinted that it might support viewing more than two messages side by side, but that it has avoided doing so currently to kkeep it clutter free.

How to switch to Full Screen view in Outlook for Mac

Click on the green button ( which should change to a button with two arrows when you hover), in the top left corner of the title bar. This button was formerly used to maximize apps, but is now the full screen view switcher, since the days of Yosemite.


Or alternatively, press the key combo Ctrl + Command + F on your keyboard.

Both of the above methods, enable the Full Screen view in Outlook for Mac.

Split Screen view:

In addition to native support for Full Screen view, Outlook for Mac now supports El Capitan’s split screen view as well. So you can multi-task with different modules of the app on a single monitor.

Zan Chu, the program manager for Outlook for Mac, writes that Full Screen view was one of the top requested features, at the Uservoice forums (with over 300 votes), since the company released the app. And as a result, Microsoft made sure users got the option they asked for.

Full screen view in Outlook for Mac is only available for Mac OS X Yosemite and above. The Full Screen view feature is being rolled out as part of the January update.