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Outlook on the web to add support for Smarter Address Book and Flight Confirmations in January

Outlook on the web to add support for Smarter Address Book and Flight Confirmations in January

by AshwinDecember 19, 2015

Microsoft has announced that it will be making some important changes to its email service, Suggest contacts feature

The first of the changes is a Smarter Address Book.

The Redmond company says that it is adding new people and calendar features, which will help people to avoid spelling errors when using Outlook on the web. The company says that users often mispell names, or omit someone from a group email and this is what the new feature will fix.

And as this obviously suggests, will be learning from your usage. When you are composing a new message, and place the mouse cursor type in the recipient options (To: or Cc:), the email service will display a list of Suggested Contacts, from which you can choose to whom you might want to send the mail to.

The list of recipients that Outlook suggests, is based on the pople whom you have been corresponding recently and frequently. The Suggested Contacts option is smart in that, it can recognize misspelled names, and still offer the correct recipient’s name automatically.

In the case of Group Emails, say you have been writing mails to a group of three people (e.g: X, Y and Z), and you forget to include the third recipient in a new message and just enter X and Y, Outlook on the web will prompt you with a message like: Do you also want to include Z ?

Flight Confirmation: will soon gain the ability to analyze emails for Flight Information, and add it to your calendar, without the user needing to click anything. This will only work with select providers. Flight information

Outlook will also add the time, flight number, destination and airport information to your calendar, and block the time of your flight (so you don’t schedule anything else during the time period). And that’s not all, it will send an email three hours before the flight with the calendar event + the original email.

Microsoft says it will add support for more events in the future. Users can disable the option from Settings > Options > Calendar. The option is enabled by default.

The Redmond Company says it will roll out the Flight Confirmation feature in January, for Office 365 subscribers first, as usual. After which, it will be enabling these on a wider scale to the masses, probably in a phased roll outm sometime in March.

Suggested Contacts will be rolling out in February to Office 365 users, and in March for all users.

It will also bring these features to iOS and Android in the first half of next year, while Outlook for Mac is under evaluation to receive the feature.