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72% OFF Panda Dome Discount Coupon

72% OFF Panda Dome Discount Coupon

by FileCriticJune 19, 2019

Panda Dome Advanced is an excellent all-round security solution for your computer. That’s because the application comprises of an antivirus, a firewall, and a few extra tools, to secure your online and offline experience. Up to 72% OFF.

And in addition to protecting your Windows computer, you can also use it on your Mac system, and on Android and iOS devices.

Panda Dome Advanced Discount Coupon

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Panda Dome Essential Discount Coupon

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Panda Dome Vpn Premium

The PC version of Panda Dome Advanced blocks all kinds of malware which includes viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, etc and also prevents more recent threats such as ransomware attacks, before your computer is impacted.

The cloud-powered antivirus runs continuously actively checking running programs for malware, and ensures that zero-day threats are identified quickly. And the firewall included in the suite blocks malicious servers to prevent malware attacks originating from the web, and can be used to stop your applications from going online too.

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Similarly, the Wi-Fi protection in Panda scans your wireless network, to keep out unauthorized people from piggybacking on your internet. You can keep the system safe for kids to use, with the Parental Controls, which can block websites which have dangerous content. You won’t forget your logins anymore, when you use the Password Manager available in the program.

The built-in USB blocker is another handy tool, in case you have a USB device which could be infected by malware, the antivirus blocks and quarantines the threat, to prevent infection auto-run.

You can secure your important files by storing them in the Vault, which helps keep malware away from the data. Want to back up the files on the cloud? You can using the built-in Backup option, which can also save data on to local drives.

Despite boasting all these features, Panda Dome Advanced is easy on the computer’s memory usage, which is almost not-noticeable during regular usage.

The Panda Android app can be used for scanning your device for malware, and for locking the phone remotely if it gets lost or stolen, or even to wipe all the data on it. There is a theftie setting, which captures a selfie of the thief and sends it to you. The iPhone app can similarly be used to track down use a stolen phone.