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25% OFF Panda VPN Premium Discount Coupon

25% OFF Panda VPN Premium Discount Coupon

by FileCriticJune 19, 2019

Why is a VPN important? Isn’t using an antivirus enough to protect your computer? That question answers itself, it protects the computer, but not your data. You need to use Panda Dome VPN Premium to secure your privacy too.

Let us ask you this. Have you heard about GDPR? What about the data collection scandal which rocked Facebook? What do all these tell you?

Get 25% OFF Panda VPN Premium Discount Coupon

Websites and services which you use store your data, and use them to serve ads, and some websites do this in a nefarious manner, and actually collect a lot more information, such as what website you were on previously before you visited their page, what you shop for, what you search for, etc.

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This is a serious breach of user privacy. That is why we recommend Panda Dome Premium VPN to take control of your privacy. It hides your network’s real IP address from websites, effectively blocking them from creating a profile of your browsing habits. So, you gain a whole new level of anonymity on the internet, when you use Panda Dome VPN.

The VPN blocks ads too, so you aren’t followed by creepy advertisement banners on every website, which are relevant to a product you searched for.

Many people rely on VPNs to unblock news websites and social networks that are not available in their region or blocked by their internet service provider. You can do the same with Panda’s VPN too, and even use it to access video streaming and music streaming services which are not available in your Country.

This is especially useful if you are traveling overseas, and find that the service is not available there. Also, if a streaming service determines the content available to the user, based on the geo-location of the network’s IP address. You can bypass this restriction and watch videos or listen to music from your own Country, or from any other region. How? It is easy, you just need to select the location of the virtual server that you wish to connect to, and that’s it.

Easy isn’t it? You can also play games which are region restricted using Panda Dome VPN. And because the VPN allows unlimited data usage, so you can use it on an always-on basis, and not just when you want to download files, or to unblock a website or service. You can set the VPN to auto-connect to a server which you want, when the computer restarts.

What else can Panda Dome VPN Premium do? The VPN encrypts your internet connection with a strong 256-bit encryption key that nobody but you can access. This means no hackers or malware can attack your network connection or steal the data. This allows you to use the VPN anywhere you go, even on public Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, cafes, airports, etc. You can browse the internet, connect to social networks, use online banking and even shop online, without the fear of data or ID theft.

Panda Dome VPN does not collect your information, nor does it store any logs of your usage, to protect your privacy.

There is another major reason, why we recommend using Panda Dome VPN Premium over other services. Care to take a guess? Panda’s VPN comes with antivirus security for your devices, included as part of the package. Yes, you don’t have to worry about your computer’s security either.

Panda Dome antivirus and the VPN are managed from a single interface, which is very user-friendly.

To access the VPN’s interface, you can click on the icon which has a Globe and a padlock. This simple screen allows you to select the virtual server location that you can select, which will be used for securing your internet connection when you hit the Connect button.

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You can run a Critical Areas scan in Panda Dome, which quickly scans the memory, running processes, cookies, for malware. The Full Scan checks all the files on your PC, while the custom scan can be used to pick only the folders that wish to scan for threats.

You can use the Rescue Kit option to create a rescue USB drive, which can be used to boot an infected PC, and disinfect any threats on it. If the PC you are using is infected, you can scan it using the Panda Cloud Cleaner, which can detect more advanced malware that the regular scanner cannot.

Panda’s antivirus scanner uses two methods for detecting threats in real-time. The primary method is the cloud-powered scanning which analyzes applications, processes, and other files for threats. In addition to this, Panda uses a behavioral blocking and analysis method to check running processes for malicious activity, and prevents them from infecting your computer.

This allows Panda Dome Antivirus to block ransomware threats, from encrypting your files. So, your important documents, pictures, videos are secured from these modern malware. The antivirus can also block spyware, adware, trojans, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) which are bundled in the installers of popular applications.

The Process Monitor in Panda’s antivirus, monitors all network connections made by programs on your computer, to get the URL’s that the applications are connecting to. This allows you to eliminate suspicious and malicious connections, to prevent your data from being stolen.

The USB Protection feature in Panda’s antivirus prevents infections from USB storage devices like flash drives (memory sticks), external hard drives, etc., from attacking your PC. The module can be used to vaccinate every USB drive plugged to the PC, and can set to suggest a scan when you plug in a USB drive.

There is a free version of Panda Dome VPN that you can try, but it has limited features compared to the premium one.

Panda Dome VPN Premium can be used on up to 5 devices at the same time. The application is available for Windows, and Android devices. So, you can mix and match the number of devices as you please. If you need help with the service or the application, you can contact Panda’s technical support directly from the program’s interface, and they will assist you 24/7.