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Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home Review

Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home Review

by May 17, 2015

The latest Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home Review

Nowadays one of the main challenges facing any computer user is secure and reliable storage of valuable and important information stored on hard disks from a variety of threats, viruses, hardware or operating system failure, etc., which may destroy both individual files and entire system for good. But, fortunately, there is a special program which can protect the files and folders by creating their backups – Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home.

Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home is one of the leaders on the backup software market and it provides all the tools necessary to restore functionality of the computer in the event of data loss, accidental deletion of important files and folders or complete failure of the system drive. The program allows you to create the exact copy of the operating system, applications, user settings, and all available data. The program supports various methods of backups and allows you to store them on the local or external drives, USBs, optical media, etc.

Download and Installation

The setup file can be easily obtained and downloaded from the official Paragon website after providing some registration data, i.e. name, email, etc. The download links for both 32 (about 150 MB) and 64-bit versions (about 250 MB) will come to the mail box in minutes. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days with the only limitation that no Paragon Recovery Media Builder is included in the installation package. The price of the full version is $39.95 for a single-user license and $69.95 for home license (for using up to 3 PCs in one household).

The installation of the program takes less than five minutes and it does not differ much from any other software. All you need is to accept the license agreement, provide user name and organization (optional), customize some installation features (i.e. additional components to be installed together with the program and install location). That is all. The program will be installed according to your chosen settings and ready for use.

Installation 3

Installation 5

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

The interface of Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home is similar to other Paragon programs and available in two viewing modes – Express Mode and Full Scale Launcher Mode.

Express Mode is designed in Windows metro style and consists of ten tiles which provide quick access to main tools of the program. Using this mode, you can, for example, quickly and easily create or restore backups, copy hard disks or partitions, etc.

Interface- Metro

You can switch to Full Scale Launcher mode through Express mode; it offers a complete set of tools which are conveniently arranged in six tabs and designed in so-called Ribbon style.

Backup and Restore


Copy and Migration



Volume Explorer

Below the ribbon panel, there is an Operations Bar which provides you with the most common commands. With the help of this you can apply or discard and undo or redo changes.

The main window of the program is divided into three parts:

Disk Map – it displays all available physical and logical disks of the computer.

Context Menu – in this menu, are collected various commands for working with disks and partitions. The program allows you to perform a lot of actions, for example, you can change volume label, serial number or partition ID, remove drive letter, hide partition or test the surface of the disk, check file system integrity or edit and view disk sectors.

Properties – in this part of the program’s window you can find and view information about disks and partitions of the system, you have the possibility to view details on file system, available free space, sectors, etc.

Interface- Full

The Main Features of the Program

Backup and Restore

Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home offers three different methods of backup creation – Full (the program will back up everything that is in the system), Incremental (i.e. only that data that has changed since the last backup) and Differential (i.e. only those changes that have occurred since the last full backup).

Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home provides three different options for data backup. Firstly, the program can create a backup copy of any individual files and folders specified by the user, thanks to very comfortable built-in filters you can specify the desired files for backup, for example, video, music, documents, pictures, and so on. Secondly, Paragon can create a backup image of the entire hard drive to any storage media. And, finally, the program allows you to backup entire partitions using which it is very easy to restore the operating system with all installed programs, drivers, settings, and documents. Additionally, you have the possibility to backup all data of mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail, i.e. letters, accounts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

Before starting the backup process, you have to answer three simple questions – What, Where and How often. In other words, What kind of data you want to backup – the entire system or individual files and folders. Where you want to store the backup – on local or network drives, physical partitions or FTP and simply burn the data to optical media or transfer it to any removable media such as USB sticks or external hard drives. How often you want to create backups, i.e. what kind of backups you wish to create Full, Incremental or Differential.

Creating a backup with the help of Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home is extremely easy because the program will guide every step of you during creation, only three simple steps are required for its completion.

The First Step – you have the possibility to choose what to back up. The program offers five different options:

Disk and Partitions – i.e. the entire hard disk or a separate partition.

E-mail – the program currently supports the following email clients – Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail. Using this backup option you can backup all your email messages, accounts, and the address books.

Media Files – i.e. all you photo, video and music files.

Documents – i.e. all your office files, for example, PDF or Microsoft Office files, and so on.

Other Files and Folder s– if you want to back up specific files and folders, you can take full advantage of this backup method. The program allows you to specify any desired files and folders. In addition, you can include masks to manage files and folders that will be added to the backup or exclude them from the backup. You have the possibility to create a new category by specifying its name and applying filters which will be included in the backup process or excluded from it.

Smart backup 1

Smart backup 2

The Second Step – in this step you have to choose the backup destination (i.e. the specified location where the backup will be stored) and name it.

Smart backup 3

The Third Step – this final step allows you to a short comment to the backup and select how to perform it. You have got three options – you can run the backup immediately, schedule it or generate script.

Smart Backup 4

After performing all these three steps, the program will create the backup and store it in specified location.

The program offers four different virtual container types for creating backup images:

Paragon Image (PVHD)

VMWare Image (VMDK)

MS Virtual PC Image (VHD)

Microsoft HYPER-V Image (VHDX)

You have the possibility to Schedule backups, just specify how often and when the task must be performed (for example, at system startup, daily, weekly, etc.).


The Backups may be protected with the password, if you want to secure the created backups, the program gives you this opportunity. Just enter a strong password and the backup files will be protected.


The program offers several ways for backup storing. They are as follows:

Backup Capsule, i.e. you can save backups to the special hidden partition created by the program. It is the most reliable place to store the created backups on the hard drive. You can easily create it with the help of step by step Wizard Guide and allocate the desired size for it; all created backups stored in this capsule are safe from viruses and any other malware and they will be restored without any efforts in the case of system crash or virus attack.

Capsule 1

Capsule 2

Local and Network Drives

FTP Location

Burn to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray

Save locations

The program offers complex and advanced possibilities for file restoring. You can choose from three different types, i.e. restore files and the operating system using Linux / DOS or WinPE, from optical disks (i.e. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays) and other removable media (for example, flash drives or external hard drives), and from the special secured container called Capsule.

In the Settings Menu of the program you can configure some options of creating and saving backups, namely,

Backup Image Options, for example, compression level, image splitting, etc.

Copy and Backup Options

Hot Processing Options

VD Container Options

Exclude from Copy / Backup, i.e. specify the list of files which will be excluded from backup operations

CD / DVD / BD Recording Options

FTP Site Options

Backup image options

FTP option

Additionally it should be noted that Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home allows you to create an exact copy of the hard disk or partition and then transfer it to another computer or virtual machine.

Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home comes with a bootable recovery feature called Recovery Builder 3.0 based on Linux or WinPE, it allows you to prepare and create a special emergency bootable environment both on a USB drive and in an ISO format. It will help you to boot the operating system in case of its failure or, at least, recover some valuable information from the damaged hard drive and deploy the system on a computer without the pre-installed operating system.

Recovery Builder 1

Recovery Builder 2

Another very useful feature of the program is the possibility to use the created system backup on the computer with different hardware. Thanks to that feature called Adaptive Restore 3.0 you will be able to boot the operating system because dependence of the operating system on the hardware will be completely eliminated. Any version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 will be loaded on a new hardware platform and all required drivers will be automatically added.

Additional features

Besides the wide functionality of backing up and restoring the system and files, the program offers some other important possibilities. It is not only a product for backup and recovery. With the help of Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home you can perform a lot of operations with partitions, namely, format, delete, hide partitions, change serial number and ID, edit and test them, etc.

System Requirements

System Requirements 1

System Requirements 2

System Requirements 3


In Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home is embodied the latest trends in the fields of backing up and restoring data safely and reliably. The program provides a wide range of possibilities for effective protection and fast recovery of the system and lost information. Thanks to leading technologies used by the program, your system and files are securely protected against hardware failure and virus attack. And you are always sure that everything on the computer is in complete safety.


1. It supports all well-known and modern backup methods
2. It includes an advanced feature Adaptive restore 3.0 which allows you to boot the operating system on different hardware
3. Recovery Builder 3.0 allows you to prepare an emergency disk and boot even damaged syste.
and many others


It does not support Cloud Backup

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