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Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro review

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro review

by July 27, 2015

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro review.

Are you thinking about buying a new computer and you have no idea how to migrate the operating system from the old PC to the new one? You have just purchased a brand-new SSD Disk and want to migrate your system from your old HDD disk to it? You care about your system and wish to have its exact copy in order to restore it in the event of the system crush? You want to create, delete, format, etc. the hard disk partition but you do not know how to do that? You need a recovery media to restore the system?

So many questions! How can you handle all these problems? Buy a lot of different applications and solve each problem separately one by one? Do not waste your money! Now you have got a fantastic application that can manage all above mentioned problems and much more- Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro.

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro is a multifunctional and reliable solution that includes a wide range of different tools for hard disk maintenance. With the help of this program you can do a wide range of actions, for example, you have the possibility to copy the entire hard disk or partition, migrate the whole operating system with all its drivers to a new SSD disk, create a virtual disk or P2V copy of the entire disk and transfer it to a new virtual machine, perform basic operations with partitions such as creation or deletion of partitions, etc.

Download and Installation

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro can be downloaded from the official Paragon website; it is about 95 MB in size and available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. The trial version can be tested and used for 30 days, but it has got limitations, namely, you can perform operations only virtually, i.e. none of the operations can be applied physically on the hard disk. The current price of the program is $ 39,95 and it is distributed as a digital download or box version.

The installation procedure is standard and it does not include any extraordinary requirements. Only three simple steps are needed to install the program. First of all you have to accept the terms of the license agreement, then enter your personal information (i.e. user name or organization) and, finally, choose the installation location. That is all; in just a minute the program will be installed and ready for use.

Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 8

Installation 9

The interface of the Program

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro offers two different interface modes- Express and Full Scale. The express mode is designed in Windows metro style and contains several tiles that provide quick access to the most used and frequent tools of the program such as Creation of P2 copy or virtual disk, etc.

As for the Full Scale mode, it opens the full program’s window and offers a complete set of features in details.

At the top of the program there is a Home button with a drop-down menu (it contains several tools and settings) and a Toolbar which includes four tabs:

Partitioning– in this tab are collected tools for performing basic partitioning operations.

Copy and Migration– it is divided into four sections and consists of tools that allow you to copy hard disk or partition, migrate operating system, create or connect a virtual disk, etc.

Schedule– this section allows you to schedule hard disk and partition tasks.

Volume Explorer– it displays the contents of drives and hard disks.

Below the toolbar there is a Virtual Operations Bar that allows you to manage pending operations, i.e. you can apply or discard an operation, view, undo or redo performed changes, and so on.

The main window of the program is divided into three panes- on the left there is a Disk Map which displays all external and internal disks and partitions and provides you with info about their file system, size, used and free space, and so on. On the right there are two panes- a Context-sensitive menu (it contains a lot of operations available for selected disk or partition, for example, Format or Hide partition, etc.) and Properties pane (it displays thorough information about selected disk or partition, for example, volume letter, type, etc.).


The Main features of the Program

Supported Computer Bus Interfaces

Complete uEFI support, Parallel ATA, SATA, External SATA, SCSI, iSCSI, USB, IEEE 1394, All types of RAIDS, PC or PCMCIA Card.

Supported Storages

2.2 TB+ hard disk drives, AFD, Non-512B sector size drives, SSD, HDD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, BD-R.

Supported File Systems

NTFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, Linux EXT2FS, Linux EXT3FS, Linux EXT4FS, Linux Swap, Apple HFS+.

Copy Hard Drive or Partition

With the help of Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro you can easily and quickly create an exact copy of an entire hard drive or individual partitions and perform a lot of other operations related to the hard drive.

The process of copying the hard disk or separate partitions does not require much knowledge because it is performed with the help of step by step Wizard. All you need is to select hard drive or partition to copy and then choose target location where the copy will be saved. The duration of copying process mainly depends on the capacity of the hard disk, but, as a rule, it does not take much time.

Copy Hard Disk 2

Migrate OS

Your hard drive is very small and you cannot keep in it all your necessary information? Just for this reason you have recently bought a new HDD or SSD disk. But it is a well-known fact that you have no install the operating system and transfer all files and folders to it manually and it is a very time-consuming task. But now you can avoid that thanks to Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro because it has got a special utility which helps you to create an exact copy of your hard disk and migrate it to the new HDD or SSD disk.


P2 V Copy

With the help of this tool you can copy the entire hard disk to a new virtual machine. The program greatly facilitates the migration of physical machines to virtual environments. All existing software- system, programs and data will be converted and saved in the virtual disk format which can be used in the virtual machine. The program supports all popular virtual machines, i.e. Oracle VirtualBox, VMware and VMware Fusion.

P2 copy

P2 V Adjust

Here you can adjust the Windows operating system inside your virtual disk to a new virtual machine. Besides the basic functions, the program allows you to create and configure virtual machines on the basis of supported virtual disks and backups in virtual disk format.

Virtual Disk

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro can create a virtual copy of your PC including the operating system, drivers, settings, applications and files. The program is able to transfer a copy of the OS to a portable hard drive or USB stick, so you can use your system on any computer.

With the help of the program you can create an empty virtual disk, convert physical disk or archive to virtual disk; it supports all well-known virtual machines such as Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, etc.

Virtual disk

Recovery Media Builder 3.0

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro offers an inbuilt utility that helps you to create recovery media using Linux and WinPE technologies and copy it to USB stick or burn to optical media. With the help of it you can start and restore functionality of your operating system if it does not boot.


Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro offers not only effective and reliable tools for copy and migration of hard disks and partitions, but also multi-functional and essential means of performing basic and advanced operations with disk partitions.

It should be noted that all partitioning operations are performed and executed in so called Virtual mode, so you can avoid any errors and be sure that all operations are carried out safely in the correct sequence; only after your confirmation, the program will apply all changes made with partitions.

With the help of Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro you can perform the following operations with the disk partitions:

Create Partition– very often it is necessary to create a new partition on the hard disk and use it for some specific needs. The program helps you to create the new partition safely and easily by means of step by step Wizard; all you need is to follow its recommendations and instructions.

All actions are very simple and include three easy steps; in the first step you have to choose a hard disk in which you want to create a new partition; in the second step you have the possibility to adjust the desired size of the partition using a special slider; and in the third step you can select partition type (the program supports the following types- FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Linux Ext3, Linux Ext4 and Apple HFS) and name the created partition. That is all; now you have got a new partition on the hard disk.

Create Partition 1

Create Partition 3

Create Partition 4

Format Partition– this function of the program is very useful when you want to change a file system of your hard disk. Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro allows you to select the desired partition type, NTFS, FAT 32, etc., name the newly-created volume and assign a drive letter to it. In addition, advanced users can use some other format options, too.

Format partition 2

Delete Partition– if you do not need any partition located on the hard disk by some reason, you can easily delete it using this function of the program in just two steps by specifying the desired partition and applying changes.

Delete partition 3

Undelete Partition– if you have accidentally deleted any partition on the hard disk, you have the possibility to recover it using this tool. Thanks to advanced searching algorithms, Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro allows you to find and restore deleted partitions and get back their full functionality.

Edit and View Sectors– this feature of the program is of use only for advanced computer specialists and allows them to view and edit sectors on the hard disk.

Edit Sectors

Properties– with the help of Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro you can get detailed and thorough information about your hard disk properties, namely, its file system, capacity, free space, sector size, partition ID, and so on.

Among other partitioning functions that the program offers, it should be mentioned the following- using Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro you can change volume label, remove drive letter, hide or unhide partitions, mark partitions as active and check file system integrity.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of partitioning tasks (for example, partition creation, etc.) is not available in the demo version, so you have to buy a full version in order to take full advantage of all its tools. The program performs all partitioning operations in Virtual mode and none of them can be applied or done.

What’s new in 15 version
Performs any migration, no matter the source or target.
Fast migration to new hardware and virtual machines — flexible and without re-installation
Migration on hard disks with different sector size
Support for major virtual machines
New Recovery Media Builder 3.0: create your bootable recovery medium with a few clicks!
Free Update* for Windows 10 Support


Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro is a professional application for thorough disk management that allows you to perform any operation with it on your computer.

With this program you can perform a lot of actions, for example, delete, format or create partitions, change the label and drive letter, copy the entire disk and partition, create virtual disks, migrate the operating system to a new SSD disk, prepare a bootable CD or USB stick using the latest technologies, and so on.

The program is suitable for both novice and experienced users because every action and operation is performed with the help of step by step wizard.

If you want to have a reliable and advanced program that can manage your HDD and SSD disks, I recommend you to download and install it. You will not be disappointed.


1. Full backup of all data on the computer including the operating system, applications, etc.
2. Full support for all file systems and interfaces.
3. Migration of the operating system from HDD to SSD.
4. Basic and advanced operations with hard disks
And a lot of others.



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“Paragon Drive Copy 15 Pro performs any migration, no matter the source or target.”

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