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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite Review

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite Review

by April 24, 2015

Our latest Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite Review

HDDs (and to some extent SSDs) require an in-depth and particular care because over time they are getting more and more worn-out but, unfortunately. it is very expensive to keep them in good state. A lot of different programs are needed for their maintenance, for example, programs for defragmentation, wiping sensitive and confidential data, disk partitioning, backup and restoring, etc. Not everyone can afford that.

But, fortunately, thanks to Paragon Disk Manager 15 Suite developed by Paragon Software Group you can perform all those above mentioned operations with disks easily and effortlessly.

Paragon Hard Disk manager 15 Suite is a universal set of utilities for managing HDD and SSD drives which allows you to perform all necessary actions. With the help of the program you can easily create and restore backups, create, format, delete or merge disk partitions, wipe confidential information, migrate the operating system to a new HDD and SSD disks, defragment disk, and so on.

Download and Installation

The trial version of Paragon Disk Manager 15 can be obtained only through the official website after filling out registration data. It is functional for 30 days but it has got some operational limitations. The download links for both 32 and 64-bit versions will come to the mailbox within 15 minutes (in my case, it took only a minute).

The program comes in four different versions – two of them (Suite – $49.95 and Professional – $99.95) are intended for home use, one for small business (Business – $299.00) and one for medium and large businesses (Premium – $599.00). The full comparison list and the main differences between them can be found on the official Paragon website.

We have decided to review the Suite version of the program despite the fact that it lacks some features as compared with the Professional one because, firstly, these differences are insignificant and, secondly, it is much cheaper and more than enough for performing any actions which are necessary for reliable management of hard disks. Shortly saying, it is an ideal choice for those who want to keep disks in good order.

The installation procedure of the program does not require any professional skills, just follow the Install Wizard and it will guide you through every step of the installation.

Only six simple steps are required for the complete installation of the program, they are as follows:

The First Step – After clicking on the setup file, the program offers you to download and install Visual C++ which is required for the proper functionality of the application.

Installation 1

The Second Step – you will be greeted by the Welcome Page, just click Next.

Installation 2

The Third Step – in this step you have to accept the license agreement, you can proceed further by clicking on Next button if the terms of the license are acceptable or cancel if they do not meet your requirements.

Installation 3

The Fourth Step – here you have to fill out your information, i.e. User Name and Organization and specify who will use the application – anyone or only you.

Installation 4

The Fifth Step – in this step you have the possibility to select and install some additional program features, for example, HotCore driver and change the default installation location of the program.

Installation 5

The Sixth Step – the last step, after copying all necessary files (this process takes less than a minute), the program will be ready for use.

Installation 9

Installation 10

The Interface of the Program

The interface of the program is available in two viewing modes – Express Launcher and Full Scale Launcher. Express Launcher mode is designed in the Windows metro style and contains different tiles which provide quick and easy access to the main tools of the program, i.e. backup, restore, wipe, and so on.

Interfaca- Metro- Express

Full Scale Launcher mode is accessible through Express Launcher and opens the full program window which offers complete features in details.

The program has got a so-called Ribbon interface and consists of six tabs:

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore Tab


Partitioning Tab

Copy and Migration

Copy Tab


Achives Tab


Schedule Tab


Volume Explorer

Volume Explorer Tab

Below the ribbon panel is located Operations Bar through which you can access the most common tools, for example, Apply, Discard, Undo, Redo buttons, etc.

The main window of the program is divided into three panes:

Disk Map – it displays info on every HDD and SSD disks which are on the system.

Context Menu – it contains various commands, for instance, you can format, delete or move partitions; convert file system; change volume label, and so on. (It should be noted that these commands are also accessible through the right-click of the mouse on the Disk Map pane.

Properties – here you can view detailed information on the selected disk, i.e. its volume letter, label, file system, etc.


The Main Features of the Program

Backup and Restore

The program allows you to create backup copies of partitions or the entire disk, etc. and restore them in the case of failure of the hard drive or computer crash. The entire backup operations are performed with the help of Smart Wizard, just follow its recommendations.

By the means of the program you can backup:

Disk and Partitions, i.e. the entire hard disk or a separate partition

Email Messages – the program supports the following email clients- Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail

Media Files – i.e. photos, videos, and music. The program supports all well-known file formats, for example, WAV, AVI, JPG, GIF, TIFF, etc.

Documents – a lot of file formats are supported by the program, i.e. RTF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF, ETC.

Other Files and Folders – if you want to backup specific files and folders, you can take full advantage of this backup method. The program allows you to specify any desired files and folders. In addition, you can include masks to manage files and folders that will be added to the backup or exclude them from the backup. You have the possibility to create a new category by specifying its name and applying filters which will be included in the backup process or excluded from it.


You have the possibility to Schedule backups, just specify how often and when the task must be performed (for example, at system startup, daily, weekly, etc.) and run time.


The Backups may be protected with the password,; if you want to secure the created backups, the program gives you this opportunity. Just enter a strong password and the backup files will be protected.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 15 allows you to back up the entire operating system, too. Only two simple steps are required for its completion. In the first step you have to choose the backup location, specify some backup details, i.e. its name and add some description.

Backup Operating system 1

In addition, the program offers some advanced backup settings for experienced users, they are four in number:

VD Container Options, i.e. you can specify unknown partition policy for processing each unknown and unformatted partition (the user has got three options – Ask User, Process as RAW and Skip) and virtual container type (the program offers four image types – Paragon Image, VMWare Image, MS Virtual PC Image and Microsoft Hyper -V Image).

Options 1

Backup Image Options – in this section you have the possibility to configure the compression level of images (i.e. select one of four compression levels offered by the program – No Compression, Fast Compression, Normal compression and Best Compression) and enable image splitting which allows you to split one image into several parts.

Options 2

Exclude from Copy / Backup – this section allows you to exclude some types of files from backup operations with the help of filters.

Password Protection – here you can protect the image with a strong password.

Options 3

The program offers several ways for backup storing. They are as follows:

Backup Capsule, i.e. you can save backups to the special hidden partition created by the program. It is the most reliable place to store the created backups on the hard drive. You can easily create it with the help of step by step Wizard Guide and allocate the desired size for it, all created backups stored in this capsule are safe from viruses and any other malware and they will be restored without any efforts in the case of system crash or virus attack.

Local and Network Drives

FTP Location

Burn to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray 


The program offers complex and advanced possibilities for file restoring. You can choose from three different types, i.e. restore files and the operating system using Linux / DOS or WinPE  from optical disks (i.e. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays) and other removable media (for example, flash drives or external hard drives), and from the special secured container called Capsule.

In the Settings Menu of the program you can configure some options of creating and saving backups, namely,

Backup Image Options, for example, compression level, image splitting, etc.

Copy and Backup Options

Hot Processing Options

VD Container Options

Exclude from Copy / Backup, i.e. specify the list of files which will be excluded from backup operations

CD / DVD / BD Recording Options

FTP Site Options 



Backup Options


The program provides unique opportunities for working with disk partitions, the number of operations which you can perform with them is simply boundless. With the help of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite you have the possibility to carry out basic and professional operations with partitions, i.e. you can create, format, delete and undelete partitions, hide or unhide partitions, change the status of partitions (i.e. make them active or inactive), change a drive letter and volume label, convert the file system of partitions, check file system integrity, test surface of partitions, edit and view sectors and some others.

Create a New Partition – the program allows you to specify the desired size manually, select a partition type (i.e. FAT 32, NTFS, etc.) and assign a drive letter.

Create a new partition 1

Create a new partition 2

Format Partition – just choose a partition you want to format, specify a partition type, volume label and assign a drive letter. Paragon allows advanced users to change some format options, i.e. use or not use OS built-in format routine and select sectors for cluster.

Format partition 1

Format partition 2

Delete Partition – i.e. remove the specified partition from the hard drive.

Delete partition 1

Undelete Partition – i.e. restore previously deleted partition.

Resize Partition – i.e. move free space from one partition to another.

Redistribute Partition Free Space – i.e. you can increase the amount of free space of one partition by taking unused space from other partitions.

Merge Partitions – i.e. combine two adjacent partitions to create a single and larger partition.

Split Partition – this function allows you to split the operating system and different kinds of data into two sections of the same file system type.

Wipe Disk and Partition – if you have got any confidential data on the hard disk and would like to get rid of it easily and safely, you can take full advantage of this tool. The program offers two wiping modes for permanent data deletion – Wipe out all data (if you choose this mode all data will be permanently removed from the hard drive without any possibility of restoring it) and Wipe free space (in this case only data left after an ordinary delete operation will be cleared). The program uses an advanced algorithm for erasing data called US DoD 5220.22-M, with help you can overwrite the disk three times with random data.

Wipe Disk 2

Wipe Disk 3

Wipe Disk 5

Additionally, the program allows you to create own Data Sanitization method. By means of masks you can configure the desired parameters for data deletion.

Copy and Migrate

Copy Hard Disk and Partition – the program allows you to create an exact copy of the hard disk or partition and then transfer it to another computer or virtual machine.

Migrate OS – you have just bought a new SSD drive and want to transfer the operating system and files to it from the old HDD drive? The program will help you to perform this difficult task easily and without any effort.

P2 V Copy – with the help of this tool you can copy the entire hard disk to a new virtual machine. The program greatly facilitates the migration of physical machines to virtual environments. All existing software – system, programs and data will be converted and saved in the virtual disk format which can be used in the virtual machine. The program supports all popular virtual machines, i.e. Oracle VirtualBox, VMware and VMware Fusion.

P2 V Adjust – here you can adjust the Windows operating system inside your virtual disk to a new virtual machine. Besides the basic functions, the program allows you to create and configure virtual machines on the basis of supported virtual disks and backups in virtual disk format.

What is supported 

What is supported 1

What is supported 2

What is supported 3


Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite is the best solution for performing any operations with HDD and SSD disks. With the help of the program you can do practically everything, i.e. backup, partitioning, migration, virtualization, wiping, etc. The program includes a whole range of tools for effective management of physical and virtual disks running the Windows operating system.

The program has got everything what you need for professional management of disks and I definitely recommend it.


You can perform any operations with disk partitions, i.e. backup, partitioning, cloning, migration, etc.


The help file is only available as a PDF document and it is not inbuilt in the program. I think it is very inconvenient.

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