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Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro Review

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro Review

by WilliamNovember 18, 2015

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro Review

As a rule developers of modern operating system provide users with a lot of useful utilities for optimizing the performance of the computer hardware and software; for example, utilities for defragmenting, diagnosing or cleaning the hard drive, and so on. Of course, the Windows operating system has got plenty of good tools which help to keep the system clean and easy to use.

But it is a well-known fact that not all utilities included in the Windows operating system meet the requirement of all users. Therefore, very often PC owners try to find such third party applications which allow them to extend the basic functionality of the operating system.

Of course, Windows contains tools for managing hard drives and partitions, for example, tools for formatting, creating, etc., drives, but if you want to have got a comprehensive, advanced and safe application that offers everything for reliable maintenance of your hard drive and partitions, you need to pay attention to Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro.

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro is a universal program for management disks and partitions. It is very difficult to imagine a task that it cannot accomplish. With the help of the program you can perform any operations with your hard drive and partitions, for example, create and format partitions, merge and split partitions, back up the contents of the disk, and a lot of others.

The program comes in three different versions- Free, Home and Professional. The free version includes only basic features, for example, with the help of it you have the possibility to create, format partition, convert file system, and some others; Home version offers more advanced possibilities such as bootable recovery, backup wizard, boot management, and so on. The professional version includes everything for thorough and in-depth management of disks and partitions.

The interface of the program is very convenient and easy to navigate. It is offered in two viewing modes- Express Launcher and Full Scale Launcher.

The Express Launcher is designed in the Windows metro style and contains several tiles which provide access to the main tools of the program, for example, with the help of it you can easily access different tools for creating or resizing partitions, converting file system, building recovery media, and so on.

Interface- Express

The Full Scale Launcher is designed in the Windows ribbon style and it is divided into four tabs- Backup and Restore, Partitioning, Copy and Migration and Volume Explorer.

The Backup and Restore tab allows you to back up your system to the virtual drive and restore it in the event of any failure.

Partitioning tab contains different tools for managing drive partitions.

Copy and Migration tab allows you to copy the contents of the disk and migrate it to another disk.

Volume Explorer tab provides you with info about each virtual and physical drive of the system.

The main window of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro is divided into three panes- Disk Map (it displays a full list of all physical, virtual and removable drives of the computer), Context Menu (it includes different commands for managing drives and partitions) and Properties (it displays info about the drive and partition, for example, its type, file system, and so on).

Interface- Backup and Restore Tab

Backup and Restore- everybody knows that it is very important to back up the operating system and files in order to protect them against unexpected hardware failure or virus attack. With the help of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro you have the possibility to back up the entire hard drive or separate partitions to a virtual disk container. Backup to VD Wizard will guide you through all steps and help to perform all actions easily. Simply specify backup options, i.e. those disks or partitions you want to back up and select the backup location and some image details, i.e. backup name and description.

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro also allows you to define some advanced settings and options, namely, VD Container options (by default the program uses its own virtual container type- Paragon Image, but you can select other virtual container types too, for example, VMWare Image, MS Virtual PC Image and Microsoft Hyper-V Image), Backup Image options (i.e. Compression level, for example, no, fast, normal or best compression; and Image split, i.e. you can split your backup into several parts) and Password Protection (i.e. you can protect your backup with a password).

The backup can be stored on the internal hard drive on the one hand and on any removable media, optical media and network.

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro allows you to restore backups easily; just specify a VD container to restore and the program will display all files which can be restored; after checking all desired files and selecting a location to restore, the program will recover them.

Backup 2

Backup 3

Options 1

Options 3

Restore 2

Connect a Virtual Disk- Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro offers a very useful feature which allows you to connect any virtual disk type supported by the program and use it as an ordinary physical disk. After connecting the virtual disk you can perform a lot of different operations with it, for example, transfer files from it to the physical disk, accomplish drive partitioning, modify partition attributes, and so on.

Connect 1

Recovery Media Builder- Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro comes with a bootable recovery feature called Recovery Builder 3.0 based on Linux or WinPE; it allows you to prepare and create a special emergency bootable environment both on a USB drive and in an ISO format. It will help you to boot the operating system in case of its failure or, at least, recover some valuable information from the damaged hard drive and deploy the system on a computer without the pre-installed operating system.

Recovery 1

Recovery 2

Partitioning- Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro offers multi-functional and essential tools for performing basic, express and advanced operations with disk partitions. It should be noted that all partitioning operations are performed and executed in so called Virtual mode, so you can avoid any errors and be sure that all operations are carried out safely in the correct sequence; only after your confirmation, the program will apply all changes made with partitions.

With the help of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro you can perform the following operations with the disk partitions:

Create Partition- there are a lot of reasons why you need a new partition on the hard disk, for example, for storing similar files separately (i.e. audio, video or text files, etc.) or placing backups of other partitions or disks, and so on. Paragon New Partition Wizard will help you to create a new partition of any type (i.e. logical, primary or extended), select a file system and assign a label or a drive letter.

If you want to create a new partition, you can make use of two different methods- Full and Express; you just need to select an appropriate command on the Partition tab. The process of creation of a new partition is very easy and requires only three easy steps.

In the first step you can select the hard disk and the place where to create a new partition; in the second step you must specify the desired size of the partition; and, finally, in the third step configure some additional options, namely, partition type (for example, NTFS, FAT 32, and so on), volume label and drive letter.




Format Partition- if you want to change a partition type, i.e. format partition, you can take full advantage of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro and easily and securely do that. All you need is to choose a volume you want to format and select the desired format options, i.e. partition type (the program supports the following file systems- FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Linux Ext3, Linux Ext4, Linux Swap and Apple HFS), volume label and drive letter.

In addition, you can specify the number of sectors per cluster.


Delete Partition- if you do not need any partition any longer for some reasons, for example, you want to use it for other specific needs, you have the possibility to delete it securely and create a new one from unallocated space. All you need is to select a volume to delete.

In addition, you can specify some merge free block options, for example, merge free blocks at the end or at the beginning of the disk.

Delete 3

Undelete Partition- if you simply delete a partition without wiping its contents, you can undelete, i.e. recover it with the help of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro. The program allows you to use three different search methods (quick search, conventional search and thorough search) and specify a file system to search (for example, FAT 32, Linux file system, etc.). After finding the deleted partition, the program will recover it and you will get a fully functional partition back.

Merge Partitions- Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro allows you to merge together two adjacent partitions and make one larger partition. Currently the program supports only NTFS, FAT 16 and FAT 32 file systems to merge. All you need is to select those partitions which you would like to merge and the program will do the rest.

Split Partition- the program also allows you to split the partition and create a new one by moving files to it.

Split 2

Split 4

Other Partition tasks- with the help of Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro you can perform a lot of other operations with partitions, for example, you have the possibility to change volume label, cluster size, serial number and partition ID, convert file system, defragment MTF, remove drive letter, test surface, check file system integrity, edit sectors and view properties of partitions.

Commands pane

Install New OS- you want to install another operating system on your hard drive, for example, try all its features? If it is so, Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro will help you to perform this complicated task easily and without any effort. At first you have to select space allocation for your new operating system (there are two options at your disposal; you can create a new primary partition to install OS or use an existing one); secondly, specify the size for a new partition; and, thirdly, configure some options, for example, partition type, drive letter and OS label. After inserting CD or DVD disk with the operating system, you will be able to begin the installation process.

What is new in Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro?

Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0

System Requirements

Windows XP SP3- Windows 10

CPU- minimum 300 MHz or higher

512 MB of RAM

250 MB of free hard disk space


If you want an advanced and universal application that will perform any operations with your hard disk and partitions, Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro is just that application which you need. Features included in this program allow you to completely control your hard disk. With the help of step by step convenient wizards you can easily do any operations, for example, you have the possibility to create or format disks, merge or split partitions, resize or reallocate disk space, and so on.

Thanks to a lot of additional functions, you can also back up disk or partitions to the virtual disk, install a new operating system, create an emergency disks, etc.

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Pro is simply that application that is useful and needful for everybody who wants to keep their disk and partitions in good order.



Full and reliable management of hard disks
A lot of different tools for performing various operations with partitions
Embedded recovery media builder
And so on.