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ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review

ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review

by September 10, 2015

ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review.

Installation and Download

PC Reviver is a creation of a software development company ReviverSoft that produces a wide range of applications intended to reliable and safe maintenance of the Windows operating system, for example, Registry Reviver, Driver Reviver, etc.

PC Reviver is their best product which offers all in one PC maintenance.

The program can be downloaded from the official ReviverSoft website; the installer is not big, just about 25 MB in size and available in ten languages- German, English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Japanese.

The trial version of the program can be tested without any restrictions as long as you want, but it has got some limitations, for example, you cannot clean found errors or delete junk and temporary files, etc. All these limitations will be eliminated after purchasing the program.

The installation procedure is very straightforward and it does not require much time or any advanced computer skills. All you need after starting the installer is to read the license agreement. After that PC Reviver will start extracting and installing all necessary components and in a minute everything will be done; now the program is at your disposal and service.

Installation 1

Installation 2

The Interface of the Program

Main Interface after scanning

PC Reviver is designed in so called tabbed style and it is conveniently divided into three main tabs; they are as follows:

Home– it consists of four differently coloured tiles- Repair, Maintain, Answers and Alerts.

Repair– in this tab there are four different tools which help you to scan your system for errors and safely fix them. You have the possibility to scan the computer for obsolete drivers and Windows updates on the one hand and clean the registry and hard disk on the other hand.

Repair Tab

Maintain– this tab offers a lot of different and essential tools to back up system drivers, defrag the Windows registry, manage startup applications, uninstall unneeded programs, and so on.

Maintain Tab

Restore– PC Reviver creates a backup copy of any performed changes, so you can easily restore the previous state of the system using this tab in the event of failure or crash.

Answers– in this tab you will find different articles related to the program; do not forget that you need an active Internet connection to use this feature.

Alerts- through this tab you can access the community of PC Reviver’s users and get quick and direct answers about how to use the program or maintain and repair the system, and many others.

At the bottom of the program you can find three different tabs which will provide you with information about the current state of the system (i.e. about drivers, found errors, junk and unnecessary files and Windows updates) and details of installed hardware (i.e. CPU, Graphics, hard drive, etc.)

The Main Features of the Program

Repair– your drivers are outdated and work improperly? Your Windows registry needs to be cleaned? Your hard drive is overfilled with unnecessary files? Do not worry! PC Reviver will fix all these problems quickly and reliably.

Driver Updater– drivers are very important part of the system; without them the computer is unstable and prone to crashes. Just for avoiding these unpleasant problems, PC Reviver has got a special tool which helps you to keep all drivers in an updated and perfect state. With the help of the program you have the possibility to scan your computer for corrupted and obsolete drivers and safely update all of them. Thanks to the huge driver database, the program will install only the newest and the most reliable drivers.

In the settings menu you can define what drivers you need to be downloaded and installed, i.e. only recommended or all drivers.

This feature of the program is very useful because you will always have only the best and the most reliable drivers; so your system will be stable and highly functional.

Driver updater Settings

Registry Cleaner– the Windows registry is a central part of the system; it keeps all necessary information for proper functioning of the computer, so you need to take constant care of it. PC Reviver allows you to scan the system and fix all registry errors. With the help of the program you can get rid of COM errors, invalid shared DLLs, file associations and entries on the one hand and obsolete startup items, applications paths, fonts, help files, shortcuts, etc., on the other hand. PC Reviver allows you to view all found errors, so you have the possibility to select what to remove from the system and what to keep.

The constant cleaning of the registry will significantly increase the system performance and its speed.

registry Cleaner Results

Registry Cleaner settings

Disk Cleaner– you do not know why your hard disk is so overfilled? Do not worry! PC Reviver will solve this problem easily. The program thoroughly scans your disk for remnant and temporary files and removes them from the system. With the help of the program you can clean your disk from temporary system files, thumbnails and Windows error reporting system queue files with just one click of the mouse; all found junk files will be permanently destroyed and eliminated.

In addition, PC Reviver allows you to select only those drives you want to scan and clean.

Disk Cleaner Results

Windows Updater– it is very important for the Windows operating system when all critical updates are available via Windows update service. PC Reviver will help you to keep the system updated and will always check if any updates are available.

It should be noted that, unfortunately, the program does not allow you to fix all problems in the trial version; you need to purchase a full version to clean the system. I think it is a main disadvantage of the program.

Maintenance– PC Reviver contains a lot of different tools for reliable and safe maintenance of the system; they are as follows:

Crash Helper– your computer constantly crashes and you cannot identify reasons why it is so unstable? This very useful feature of the program will help you to solve all problems related to performance instability. All you need is to enter the error code of the problem and the program will find out the solution of this problem and ways to fix it. Do not forget that you need an active Internet connection to access ReviverSoft Crash Helper center.

Driver Backup– PC Reviver allows you not only to update all your drivers but also back up them. With the help of the program you can create a complete backup of all your drivers or specific ones, for example, disk drives, display adapters, and so on. Thanks to this feature of PC Reviver, all necessary drivers will be always at your disposal.

Driver Backup 1

Driver Backup 2

File Extensions– with File Extension manager you can manage and fix all problems related to file extensions. PC Reviver allows you to associate any extension with a specific program and make it default for opening certain types of files.

File Extensions

Process Library– a lot of different processes runs on the computer, and, unfortunately, you do not know anything about them. With the help of this tool you can find out everything about each process running on your system. Just click on the Process Library tile and enter the name of the process; the program will provide you with detailed info about it and you will become familiar with it.

Registry Defrag– registry fragmentation leads to the system instability and poor performance of the computer; but, fortunately, PC Reviver contains a special tool which allows you to analyze the level of fragmentation of the registry and defragment it.

After analyzing the registry, the program will display a thorough report and let you know about the fragmentation level. All you need is to click the Optimize button and all fragmented files will be optimized.

Registry Defrag 1

Startup Manager– a lot of different services and applications are started together with the Windows operating system; some of them are very needful and required for stable performance of the system, but some are of a little importance and may be safely turned off. This tool allows you to manage and control all startup items; you can easily add a new startup item or remove an unneeded one.

Startup Manager 1

System Info– do you want to know everything about your PC? So, you can take full advantage of this tool because it will give you a thorough and detailed report about every part of the computer. PC Reviver allows you to get information about installed operating system, monitors (i.e. its resolution, frequency, etc.), processor (i.e. cache, state, parameters, etc.), motherboard (its manufacturer, parameters, BIOS version, etc.), memory (i.e. its capacity, speed, etc.), video card (version, type, etc.), CD-ROMs (media type, size, etc.), hard drive (i.e. its size, total sectors, etc.).

System Info 1

Uninstall Manager– with the help of this tool you have the possibility to repair or remove installed applications from the system. It does not have any advanced features and it does not differ much from an inbuilt Windows tool.

Restore– PC Reviver allows you to restore all performed changes done by the program; you can do that by accessing the Restore tab; there you will find all backups created by PC Reviver before applying any changes to the system and undo them. Simply select the desired backup and click the Restore button; all changes will be immediately restored.

Schedule– PC Reviver allows you to perform a scan of the system for problems not only manually but also automatically. All you need is to schedule an automatic maintenance of the system by selecting one of options, i.e. every day, every week, etc.


System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1


There is no need to say that PC Reviver is a very good program, but not the best. Of course, it includes a lot of useful and essential tools such as cleaning, optimization, etc., which help you to keep the operating system clean and optimized, but it lacks other tools which are necessary for the programs of such a class. I think that the main disadvantage of the program is that you cannot fix found errors in the trial version; you need to buy a full version.


1. A lot of useful tools for maintaining the system
2. A very intuitive and easy to use interface


You cannot fix found errors without buying the program

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