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PDF Impress 10 Review

PDF Impress 10 Review

by January 1, 2016

PDF Impress 10 Review

Interface- the first thing you will see after opening the program is its very modern-looking and impressive user interface. Every detail is designed very originally and intuitively. PDF Impress 10 cardinally differs from interfaces of other similar programs. You will not wind so familiar for you drop-down menus and buttons; all tools and features are conveniently placed into ten colored tiles; six tiles are located at the top of the program and the remaining four ones on the right side.

The main window of the program is designed in the Windows style and it is divided into two parts- Navigation Bar (or pane; it provides quick access to various folders or files of the computer) and Files / Folders List (it displays all local or external hard drives or removable media on the one hand and files and folders on the other hand). Like Microsoft Windows, the program also has got forward and back buttons, an address bar and a drop-down button for changing viewing mode, for example, large icons, small icons, detail, and so on.

At the bottom of the window there is a file name and file type bar.


Tools- PDF Impress 10 offers a lot of advanced tools for performing various operations with PDF documents. You have the possibility to add attachments, insert or remove pages, etc. There are 14 different useful and handy tools at your disposal; they are as follows:

Watermark- watermarks are a very essential and important way to protect your PDF documents against unauthorized use and distribution because they prove the identity of an author. With the help of the program you can specify the name of your PDF document (for example, your company name, and so on), select the desired font and the font size, color and style (for example, bold or italic).

In addition, you have the possibility to insert the watermark on any page (i.e. on the first or last page, on the even or odd pages, etc.), specify the layer (i.e. top or bottom layer), placement (i.e. top left, bottom tight, and so on; or manually place the watermark wherever you want) and apply the desired opacity and rotation (up to 3600).

It is very useful that the program displays all changes in the special preview window, so you can see all performed operations in real time.


Stamp- stamps provide you with another way to protect your PDF documents; for example, you can add to your PDF file a stamp with your company or firm logo, and so on.

PDF Impress 10 offers several ways to add stamps to the PDF document, i.e. you can add any image stored on the computer (the program supports the following image formats- BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, MNG, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, TIF, TIFF, XBM, XPM, SVG and TGA) or manually create them using your webcam or typing your signature. In addition, you have the possibility to add social media websites logos to your PDF document, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

The program allows you to insert stamps on any page of the PDF document (for example, on the last page or on all pages, etc.), and specify the layer, placement, size, rotation and opacity of the stamp. Of course, all operations and changes can be viewed via the preview window.

Stamp 1

Stamp 3

Attachments- the main advantage of PDF documents is that you can add any file to them as attachments and these attachments can be opened while viewing the PDF document. With the help of PDF Impress 10 you can add or attach other files to your PDF document, for example, another PDF file, image or other multimedia files, and so on.


Insert Pages- you need to insert some additional pages to your PDF document? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this tool. It will help you to add any number of pages to your PDF file. All you need is to specify a source PDF file and source range (i.e. first page, last page, even pages, and so on). In addition, you have the possibility to specify where to insert pages, i.e. before the first page, after the last page or manually select the desired page.

Insert Pages

Remove Pages- everything is very easy and clear for this tool. It allows you to remove unneeded pages from the PDF document. Simply select range to be removed (for example, first page or last page, and so on) and all selected pages will be removed from the PDF file.

Remove Pages

Rotate Pages- with the help of this tool you can rotate any page in your PDF document. PDF Impress 10 allows you to select the page range (i.e. first page, even pages, etc.), page type (i.e. all pages, only portrait or landscape) and the degree of rotation (i.e. 900, 1800 or 2700).

Rotate Pages

Extract Pages- with this tool you can extract some necessary pages from the PDF document and use them, for example, for inserting into another PDF document, and so on. All you need to extract pages is to select the desired page range and a folder to store extracted pages. In addition, PDF Impress 10 allows you to remove extracted pages from the original PDF document entirely or split to multiple files.

Extract Pages

Document Information- it is needless to say that every PDF file must be protected with some useful information; this tool is just created for this purpose. With the help of it you can add the title, author and subject to your PDF document and optionally write some additional comments and keywords.

Document Information

Page Layout- of course, your PDF document must be good-looking, i.e. in other words, it must have a page layout. This tool allows you to specify the page display (for example, page only, bookmarks panel and page, thumbnails, full screen, and so on); page layout (I.e. one column, two columns, etc.) and zoom (for example, fit page, fit width, 10%, 100%, and so on). With the help of this tool you have the possibility to perform all these operations.

Page Layout

Convert To- this is a very useful feature of the program; this tool allows you to export any page from your PDF document and convert it to the image format. PDF Impress 10 supports the following image formats- BMP, JPEG, WMF, EMF, EPS, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EMF+, HTMLS and G4 TIFF. The conversion process is very easy; just select the desired PDSF document and output format and then specify the page range to be extracted (for example, even pages, and so on) and resolution (for example, 300 DPI, 1200 DPI, and so on).

Convert To

Security- I think that it is simply necessary to protect your PDF document with a strong password and powerful encryption if it contains confidential info. Fortunately, PDF Impress 10 includes practically everything to perform this useful task. The program allows you to encrypt your PDF document with strong encryption algorithms (it offers five different encryption methods- 40-bit, 128-bit PC4, 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES and 256-bit AES encryption) and use a password to open your documents.

In addition, you have the possibility to grant or restrict access to some features of the program; for example, you can allow printing, changing the document, adding or changing comments, and so on.


E-mail- if you want to send your created PDF document via email, for example, to your friends or partners, you can easily do that with the help of PDF Impress 10 without opening your default e-mail client or online services. All you need is to specify a method (currently the program supports Microsoft Outlook). You can also send your PDF documents by specifying SMTP server parameters, for example, server, port, login, password, etc.

e-mail 1

Print- created PDF documents can be immediately printed using either a physical or a virtual printer; simply specify one of available printers, the desired page range and some additional options, i.e. page scaling (i.e. actual size, fit or shrink oversized pages), rotation and number of copies.


Digital Signature- the program allows you to add a digital signature to any PDF document to ensure its authenticity; you can select them from the Windows certificate store or create own ones by specifying some details, i.e. your name and email address, organization name, etc. In addition, you have the possibility to create a digital signature image selecting it from your own images, using a webcam or typing it manually.

The digital signature image can be inserted on any page of the PDF document and placed everywhere on the page, i.e. in the center, on the left or right, at the bottom or top, etc. You can even control its size by dragging the slider.

Watchers- it is a very interesting and necessary feature of the program. With the help of this tool you can automate the process of PDF converting and editing. After creating the folder to watch, you can add any task (for example, image conversion, watermark, etc.) and the program will automatically perform chosen operations.

Watcher 1

Profiles- this tab contains five profiles for PDF creation; they are as follows:

Standard- it is suitable for printing of business documents.

High Quality Print- it is used for printing high quality PDF documents.

Smallest File Size- for printing PDF documents which suit computer displays.

Confidential- all pages of the PDF documents will be watermarked with the text “Confidential”.

Archive- it is used for long-term preservation of electronic documents.

In addition, the program allows you to create as many new profiles as you want and configure them according to your needs and requirements.


What is new in PDF Impress 10?

Scan your documents and images directly into PDF Impress Tools.

Improve your PDF files with Fast Web View.

Convert scan to text with optical character recognition (OCR).

Import graphics format into PDF Impress Tools.

Export to TXT from PDF Impress Tools.

Extract selected text in PDF Impress Tools.

Windows 10 support.

Developer Guide.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10.

1 GB of RAM.

250 MB of free hard disk space.


PDF format is one of the most popular office formats for the computer use, so it is very important to have an advanced and useful application for working with PDF documents. PDF Impress 10 is really such an application. Thanks to a lot of handy and comprehensive tools it offers a wide range of features which satisfy the needs every computer user. With the help of the program you have the possibility to perform tons of various actions, for example, apply watermarks, protect with powerful encryption algorithms, convert to images, extract or remove pages, and so on.

PDF Impress 10 is a very powerful and advanced application which is useful for those users that want to create high-quality PDF documents.


1. Very convenient Windows 10 style interface.
2. Multi-language support.
3. A lot of advanced tools for working with PDF documents.



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