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PDF Impress 2014 Review
by May 27, 2015

PDF Impress Review

PDF format (short for Portable Document Format) developed by Adobe is one of the most popular standard for reliable saving and exchanging documents in the electronic form. Therefore it is very needful to have a good program for working with it. There are a lot of great programs which offers plenty of tools for editing PDF documents and one of them is PDF Impress 2014.

Download and Installation

The owner of the program is BinaryNow that is engaged in development of high quality applications for everyday use including PDF, publishing and office suites. The company was founded in 2009 and currently it has got an office in the USA, Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The installation process of the program is standard and it does not differ much from other software; you must agree to the license agreement, enter the product key (if you have it or activate the trial version) and select the installation location. That is all; in a minute the program will be installed.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

The user interface of PDF Impress 2014 is very stylish and modern; it is designed in Windows metro style and consists of ten tiles (six of them are located at the top and remaining four tiles on the right). They are as follows:

Workroom– it is a central part of the program’s interface designed as a Windows or File Explorer for easy and comfortable navigation, i.e. you can browse any location on your computer and work with files and folders in the same way as you do using the standard Windows Explorer. By default the program offers a large icons view of files and folders, but you can easily change it and select the most suitable viewing mode (for example, medium or small icons, list or details).

Interface- Workroom

Profiles– this section includes five in-built profiles for PDF creation and printing- Standard, Confidential, etc. The program gives you the opportunity to edit any of existing profiles or create a new profile and configure it according to your specific needs.

Interface- Profiles

Watchers– it is a very interesting tool which allows you to configure automatic conversion of PDF files; just select a folder to watch, specify watched interval and as many tasks as you want. All files stored in the folder will be automatically converted into PDF documents.

Interface- Watchers

Tools– in this tile you can find 14 different tools for editing, converting and managing PDF files. PDF Impress 2014 allows you to add watermarks to PDFs, attach other files, insert or remove pages, and so on.

Interface- Tools

About– this tile contains information about the current version of the program and the text of the license agreement.

Interface- About

At the bottom of the window there are links to BinaryNow Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

The Main Features of the Program

Watermark– watermarks reliably and safely protect PDF documents from copying and unauthorized distributing over the Internet. PDF Impress 2014 is easy to use program that allows you to add watermarks to any PDF file; the program offers a lot of settings for creating such watermarks which meet your requirements and needs, namely, you can specify any font which is available on your system, their size, apply colors (the program allows you to customize hue, saturation and RGB balance), use letter styles- Bold or Italic, insert the watermark on first, last, even, odd or all pages at once, select the desired placement for the watermark (i.e. on the right or left, at the bottom of the page or at the top, etc.; more than that, you have the possibility manually place the watermark on any place of PDF document using the mouse in the preview window), control the opacity of the watermark by dragging the slider and rotate the watermark from 00 to 3600 degrees.

It is very convenient that all changes can be viewed on the small preview pane placed at the bottom of the window.

Tools-Watermark 1

Tools- Watermark- Select Color

Stamp– PDF Impress 2014 allows you to insert stamps into any PDF document, for example, a company logo, digital signature or simply an image and provide them with a hyperlink to the official site or Facebook page, etc.

The program lets you select an image file from the computer and add it to the PDFs as a stamp (currently it supports the following image formats- BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, MNG, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, TIFF, TIF, XBM, SVG and TGA) or create it using a webcam or digital signature. In addition, you can add a logo of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest and provide it with a hyperlink to the official page.

The program allows you to add as many stamp[s as you want, insert the stamp on the first, last page, etc., select the desired placement (top left or right, bottom right or left, etc.), specify the size of the stamp, rotate the stamp and add the opacity to it.

All performed actions are displayed on the small preview window, so you have the possibility to view all changes before saving the document.

Tools- Stamp 1

Attachments– with the help of PDF Impress 2014 you can insert files to PDF documents as attachments, for example, image files, Microsoft Office documents, etc.

Tools- Attachments 1

Insert Pages– by means of this tool you have the possibility to insert pages into a document from another PDF file. It is very easy; just select the source file, specify the source range (i.e. the first or last page, even or odd pages, etc. and determine their placement (for example, before the first page, after the last page or manually choose the desired page).

Tools- Insert Pages

Remove Pages– this toll of the program speaks for itself; it allows you to remove any unnecessary pages from the PDF file. All you need is to specify which pages you want to remove, for example, the first or last p[age, even or odd pages, etc.

Tools- Remove Pages

Rotate pages– with the help of this tool you can easily rotate any pages in the PDF document. All you need is to select a page or pages you want to rotate (for instance, the first or last page, all pages, etc.) and a page type (for example, all pages, only portrait or landscape). The program allows you to rotate pages 900, 1800 and 2700 clockwise.

Tools- Rotate pages

Extract Pages– you can easily extract any pages from the PDF documents and save them as new files in the specified folder. In addition, you have the possibility to remove extracted pages from the original file and specify the default file name.

Tools- Extract Pages

Document Information– for effective searching and organizing PDF documents, you can provide them with some useful information by specifying their titles, authors and subjects.

Tools- Document Information

Page Layout– by means of this tool you can define viewing parameters of PDF files by specifying Page Display (i.e. bookmarks panel and page, attachment panel and page, thumbnails, etc.), Page Layout (i.e. one column, two columns, etc.) and Zoom (i.e. Fit page or width, etc.). In addition, the program also allows you to apply display settings to any specific page, for example, only to the fifth page, etc.

Tools- PageLayout

Convert to– with the help of PDF Impress 2014 you can extract certain pages from the PDF document (or all) and save them as image files in the specified folder. The program currently supports the following image formats- BMP, JPEG, WMF, EMF, EPS, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EMF+, HTML5 and G4TIFF. Additionally, you can define the desired image resolution (from 72 to 2400 DPI, i.e. dots per inch).

Tools- Convert to

Security– it is important to protect your PDF documents from unauthorized printing, copying and changing. PDF Impress 2014 provides you with a powerful encryption tool which safely secures them from illegal distribution.

The program offers four different encryption levels:

40-bit encryption

128-bit RC 4 encryption

128-bit AES encryption

256-bit AES encryption

After creating a strong password, no one will be able to open, print, copy or change the PDF document without entering a correct password.

Tools- Security

E-mail– the program provides you with the possibility to attach the PDF documents to the mail and send them using Microsoft Outlook or SMPT (short for Simple mail Transfer Protocol) server.

Tools- Email 1

Print– you can directly print and PDF files from within the program using a physical or a virtual printer. You have the possibility to specify Page Range (i.e. all, current page or manually select the desired pages), Page Scaling (i.e. actual size, fit or shrink oversized pages, etc.) and the number of copies.

Tools- Print

Remove– with the help of this tool you can remove unnecessary elements from the PDF document, for example, JavaScript, bookmarks, attachments, layers, etc.

Tools- Remove

Digital Signature– the program allows you to add a digital signature to any PDF document to ensure its authenticity; you can select them from the Windows certificate store or create own ones by specifying some details, i.e. your name and email address, organization name, etc. In addition, you have the possibility to create a digital signature image selecting it from your own images, using a webcam or typing it manually.

The digital signature image can be inserted on any page of the PDF document and placed everywhere on the page, i.e. in the center, on the left or right, at the bottom or top, etc. You can even control its size by dragging the slider.

Tools- Didital Signature 1

Watchers– it is a very interesting and necessary feature of the program. With the help of this tool you can automate the process of PDF converting and editing. After creating the folder to watch, you can add any task (for example, image conversion, watermark, etc.) and the program will automatically perform chosen operations.

Profiles– this tab contains five profiles for PDF creation; they are as follows:

Standard- it is suitable for printing of business documents.

High Quality Print- it is used for printing high quality PDF documents.

Smallest File Size- for printing PDF documents which suit computer displays.

Confidential- all pages of the PDF documents will be watermarked with the text “Confidential”.

Archive- it is used for long-term preservation of electronic documents.

In addition, the program allows you to create as many new profiles as you want and configure them according to your needs and requirements.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1

512 MB of RAM

250 MB of free disk space for the installation of the program.


PDF Impress 2014 is an irreplaceable program for creating PDF documents and their easy management. This application offers a lot of advanced tools to edit, print and convert any PDF files. You can use the program for viewing, printing, adding watermarks and stamps, extracting and inserting pages, encrypting PDF documents, etc.

Thanks to a very stylish and easy to use interface and a lot of different tools you can perform any actions with PDF files.

To sum up, it may be said that PDF Impress 2014 is a program that will help you to edit PDF documents easily and without any effort. I highly recommend it.


1. Very stylish and easy to use interface.
2. A lot of different tools for PDF management
3. the program gives you the opportunity to automate PDF conversion thanks to a special module called Watchers.
And many others



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